The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Here's a tip for sleeping with older women: don't call them "older women." Whitney reminds me how what a young Billy saw as a novelty was just immature and annoying. We talk about strip clubs, marriage, and Whitney's unfortunate dry spell. Plus, I share a lot of fee-fees regarding my weekend. Another great episode in the books! (there are no books, this is the Internet)

Flashing for beads during Mardi Gras makes so much sense to me. Everyone staring at you for the sole purpose of objectifying your body? Ah! A dream (for me). Being the attention whore that I am, it's no surprise I tried to get my own beads. But I don't think I wanted the beads—I think I just wanted old women in balconies to tell me to whip out my dick! Of course, I indulged. Whitney took me to my first strip club and bought me my first lap dance. This was the night when I realized that strip clubs are not my thing!

This week's episode has #AllTheFeels! I had a wonderful weekend with some lovely ladies who make me feel on top of the world. Consider this an update on not just Billy's d*ck but also Billy's heart. It involves a make-out party, aftercare, and tears.

F*ck. Marry. Kill: The Republican Edition! Who would you bone, wed, or end using Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich? Whitney and I share our very different answers. Plus, we discuss her year-plus-long dry spell and what her ultimate relationship goals are. For some people, sex isn't everything (weird, right?).

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