The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Brett Druck is a fellow single New York comedian and all-around nice guy. The Laughs comedian came by The Manwhore Podcast to talk about a bevy of topics including butt stuff, doggy style, and the state of modern dating. Also, Belgian waffles is my new favorite sex position!

Brett Druck was a hit at the speed dating podcast. One girl told me, "If I was going to see anyone again, it would have been Brett." That's because he shares my crazy dating philosophy of treating women like people. But the current state of dating depresses him. He discusses the fake online dating profile he made of a serial killer trying to date—and the woman who was totally into it!

"I love butt cheeks—I don't like the hole." Brett has several opinions on all things anal. Do women who like anal sex just have Stockholm Syndrome? How many fingers are you allowed to stick up Brett's ass? Also, Brett opines, "We need to rename doggy style." Hear our recommendation!

Brett and I are both so tired of the current state of dating. Some men are out being douchebags. Some women respond by being extra more skeptical than necessary when it comes to dating. This then causes some of us other men to get fed up and contemplate life as either a douchebag or a monk, because being a decent human being seems pretty difficult sometimes!

I was on a fantastic sex-meets-journalism podcast called Sex With Strangers. I, along with many sex party promoters, discuss New York City sex parties. Listen to Episode 23 at! I am also on episode PWAP 208 of It's Saul Good, Man! discussing the hit AMC show Better Call Saul!

Check out Brett Druck all over the place!

LA WHORES: Come meet me at The Dark Room on Melrose Ave. on Wednesday, April 6 @ 7pm! I'll hang around there for a couple hours. Let's have some fun!

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