The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Dating guru Hayley Quinn is one of Britain's top dating coaches. The former pick-up artist expert talks about rediscovering what love means on this week's Manwhore Podcast! From PUAs to break-ups to awkward first kisses, this episode will surely resonate with anyone who struggles to find love. As I've been learning recently, you need look no further than a mirror!

Hayley Quinn is, as I describe her, a "former British pick-up coach who grew a conscience." She spent the better part of the last decade helping men master the "art form" of the pick-up game. She has since moved away from the typical PUA philosophy of obtaining sex and now focuses on emotional self-improvement. She now coaches both men and women on how to make better connections.

Hayley and I both grew up a tad awkward, so it's almost surprising that we're both confident, attractive people helping others examine sex and dating. We share our awkward first kiss stories and Hayley shares why her British accent made her the talk of the town during her American high school student exchange.

Nothing makes you reexamine life like some grown up sh*t. Hayley has been through the ringer during 2015. It made her change both her personal and professional perspectives on love. She gave an incredible TEDx Talk about searching for love to escape ourselves. Click here to watch it!

I was interviewed by the motherf*cking Washington Post!

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