The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Hillary has one pressing question for me: Where is my erection?! I stripped down fully nude with a total stranger to talk about sex and dating as I resurrect the not-really-that-infamous Naked Podcast series! Turns out the only way to get my d*ck hard was to say its name three times. Kinda like Beetlejuice, but less entertaining.

PLUS: pegging, rape, Leonard Nimoy, advice, Barack Obama, Costa Rica, a desperate Canadian, nonmonogamy, and naked painting!

SAVE THE DATE: March 29th, 3pm EST. Hang out with me on Facebook Live on the Manwhore Podcast fan page!

PLEASE F*CK SARAH! If you’re a man in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area and reasonably attractive, email me. You are needed.

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