The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

“Everyone wants to steal your mind space,” says Daniel Saynt, the Chief Conspirator and Founder of New York City’s hot new sex club NSFW—the New Society For Wellness. “Everyone wants to steal your attention. Especially if you’re doing something that’s pushing something forward.” Saynt is not without his haters, but he pays them no mind. The bisexual sex party mischief-maker hopes to help his members realize sexual enlightenment through kink demos, consent workshops, and cannabis cooking classes. Hear how he went from a bi-closeted married man to running a house of ill repute (and dank weed) on an all-new Manwhore Podcast!

PLUS: religious orgies, stigma, comprehensive sex education, bukkake car wash, enthusiastic consent, and polyamory!

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