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I’m not sure if Nick Hawk is a gigolo or a life guru after chatting with the Showtime star. “The ego is part of you. Embrace it,” he says on an all new Manwhore Podcast. “We confuse confidence with arrogance a lot.” I walked into his midtown hotel room convinced we would discuss the ins and outs of selling sex, but we entered a higher plane discussing creativity, confidence, and anxiety. What do those topics have to do with being one of America’s leading male escorts? Apparently everything! The 100 Kicks in the Ass author wants you to get a little cocky as you elevate your life. “F*ck humility. I hate it!” ALSO: a trans man gets a lot of unqualified advice from a cissy boy!

PLUS: stripping, comedy, listener feedback, alcoholism, MeToo movement, and Craigslist Chronicles!

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