The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Anna recalls a time when Billy was not such a nice, good guy. Sometimes, good guys can be jerks. Listen to Anna dish about Billy not walking her home after she blew him in a bar bathroom…in the afternoon. What a jerk, right?!

Do you enjoy sex in public? Where's your favorite place to do the deed? Billy explains how he scouts for public sex locations around New York City in case he finds himself in a pinch. Plus, are you back on the Tinder again yet?

Body image and body acceptance comes up again on The Manwhore Podcast. Both Billy and his guest talk about growing into their bodies and revelling in their newfound sexiness when they go home around former bullies.

Billy will be in San Francisco performing on Monday, 1/19:
Cafe Melt @ 8pm
Rite Spot @ 9pm.

Come to The Blue Room Lounge in Secaucus, NJ for some fun Hip Hop and Comedy! Tickets are only $10 when you say Billy Procida at the door. Or if you just hand them $10 and bumrush the door. 8pm show.

This week's episode is sponsored by barstools. Barstools: helping short people feel tall since 1817.

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