The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Jenny Kutner ambushed me in her piece and Jess returns to the podcast tamed from her wild ways. If you remember, Jess was one of my first episodes back in the day and the inspiration for one of the infamous Manwhore Podcast condoms! We catch up about her stable of fellas, going to weddings and settling down.

Jenny Kutner interviewed me for, something I was thrilled about and excited to share with the fanwhores. However, the article is not at all what I expected. Kutner and I had a very pleasant two-hour conversation and through some liberal editing and cherry picking she forced an agenda about male privilege into a piece that was supposed to be about my podcast. So you can hear my thoughts on this disappointing bit of news on this week's episode.

Jess is back and she is taken! Hear about how this slutty lady finally got tied down. We talk about how she met her boyfriend and how she ended things with her f*ck buddies. However, she's confident that if she were single again, she could get them all back. "If I build the stable, they will come."

It's summer which means it is wedding season. Listen to Jess's tips on how to get laid at your next wedding! Note: dry weddings are not cute! Plus, I ask Jess if she could ever see herself slipping a ring on her finger and shutting down "the network" for good.

One listener is frustrated that her boyfriend won't try anything kinky with her. This amateur dominatrix has a question about long distance relationships and having a sub on the side.

Read the Salon article by Jenny Kutner about The Manwhore Podcast and male privilege. Click here to read it!

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This week's episode is sponsored by male privilege. Male privilege: the privilege your parents can't take away from you.

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