The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

This week's guest Caroline is a Lover Without Borders. The new Manwhore Podcast is all about love and the different ways we experience it. "Any chance to fall in love expands your horizons," says my hippie dippie guest. But there's a dark side to this podcast: Caroline is guilty of chronic ghosting! Don't worry. I got over it. Check it out!

We all know what ghosting is. Ghosting is a more abrupt fade away. It's rude to inexplicably cease all communication with someone immediately after an otherwise fun encounter. Sure, some guys don't take no for an answer. And some will. Do you really want to go through life assuming the worst of everyone?

Caroline has many boyfriends but she is not about that poly life. She is for all intents and purposes nonmonogamous but doesn't enjoy acknowledging monogamy as a cultural norm (even though it is). We discuss her various partners and how relationships morph and change. She also walks us through a recent break-up with a lover, telling us how they remain friends. Plus, I sit inside the Princess Palace!

I divulge the results of the first round of playoffs in the Manwhore Podcast Fantasy Football League! I know a lot of you don't understand pointyball, let alone fantasy pointyball, but it's pretty exciting. Also, cold sores suck. More also, not havinga cold sore but thinking you do sucks too.

One listener asks how to get a happy ending. I walk him through the various ways to contact sex workers to rub your back and tug on your junk.

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This week's episode is sponsored by Star Wars spoilers. Don't know how to break-up with your boyfriend? Give him some Star Wars spoilers and let his nerd rage do the rest!

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