The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest


The Tina Horn is in Brooklyn to tell Billy what's what. This Manwhore Podcast covers everything from sex work, to politcal correctness, to vore. This badass author/sex worker/educator/podcaster engages in a fun, smart, and sexy conversation from the legendary Couch of Marginalization. This show's so hot it produced an additional bonus episode because we couldn't fit it all in one hour!

Tina Horn hosts one of my new favorite podcasts, Why Are People Into That?. This episode gets two of iTunes's dopest sex podcasters in the same room to talk about intimacy and butt stuff. We both ponder the important question every sex podcaster asks him or herself: have I gotten laid from the podcast???

This week's show discusses the difference between romantic love and platonic love and how the fear of one can make sexual relationships difficult to navigate. The Sexting author also used to be a fulltime pro domme and she shares what got her into it—and what made her leave the field.

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Why Are People Into That? podcast
Buy her book! Sexting: The Grownup's Little Book of Sex Tips for Getting Dirty Digitally

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