The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Self-Love

Kimi has called off her engagement, so Billy educates her on the current online dating scene. Kimi's worried about her sexting skills and Billy recalls their cousin-kissing mutual acquaintance. Should incest be a "to each their own" issue? The two also ponder why finding a healthy relationship is so difficult.


Billy's high school reunion went well, even if he did use 94 Weight Watchers points. Fasting ensues!


This week's episode is sponsored by Ikea, because relationships are a lot of hard work and the instructions don't make sense.


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The sexting study mentioned is titled <a href="" target="_blank">"Love the Way You Lie: Sexting deception in romantic relationships"</a> by Drouin, Tobin and Wygant.

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