The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love

Betty Dodson is the infamous Mother of Masturbation. She's the Victor of Vulvas, the Master of Manual Labor, the Sultan of Sexuality, the Captain of Clitorises and the Leader of Labia: Betty Dodson. This 86-year-old feminist icon has been teaching women how to obtain orgasms since the 70s! Not without her controversies with second wave feminists, she has remained a leader in the sexual revolution. It was a damned delight having her on The Manwhore Podcast!

Dodson first began teaching her bodysex workshops in the 1970s after attending sex parties and noticing that all of the women were faking their orgasms. So she took it upon herself to teach them how to cum. "Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexual activity." The octogenarian talks about her own sexual awakening after a lackluster marriage and shares how even she still masturbates in her old age. Plus, she just cannot stop gushing about sex with younger men!

"Incest is best," Dodson insists. As a young girl in Kansas in the late 30s and early 40s, she often experimented with her brothers. The Orgasms for Two author advocates for childhood sexual experimentation. And she wouldn't mind teaching a few of them herself! This episode has some controversial, edgy statements but she's not hear to play nice. The bodysex workshop leader also talks about her incest fantasy and the sex games she played as a young girl. You can read more about it in her recent memoir, My Romantic Love Wars: A Sexual Memoir.

I walked into Betty Dodson's infamous Madison Avenue apartment and saw a big basket of Hitachi wands and glass penises everywhere. We discuss our favorite sex toys, from her "Big Brother" to cock rings to the Pulse by Hot Octopuss. Fellas, take some tips from us on edging and the power of the strokeless orgasm.

How old can you go? She asks me if I'm brave enough to bang a famous woman in her eighties who's an expert on sex. =breathes in and finds the courage= Hear about my oldest and her youngest sexual encounters!

Agree with her or not, she's been changing the world and she's never needed anyone else's approval. "U.S. government, Board of Education, AASECT certification—go fuck yourselves! Because I'm doing it my way and I'm batting nearly 100% success rate!" Now she's teaching other people how to teach her infamous bodysex workshops. "I know what I'm doing," she firmly states.

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It's that time of the month again. We're getting messy with another comedian: Alison Klemp! This hilarious New York comedian and actress has some wild stories to share on The Manwhore Podcast. From lying to men on the Internet to her issues with feminism extremists, Alison proved to be a phenomenal guest and a talent you should be watching! 

Alison never hides that she's a feminist. But like me, she takes issue with some of the more absurd and extremist factions of feminism. We discuss the damage that infighting can have on a movement.

I modeled for New York Body Painting Day over the weekend and it was awesome! Andy Golub's body painting event was a beautiful demonstration of body positivity and I was thrilled to have been a part of it. Public nudity was another important part of the festivities, as it challenged the laws on female toplessness in this country. It was a phenomenal experience. Plus, it gives a lot of you fanwhores the opportunity to see my dick.

Alison had some pretty crazy stories. She's lied to men on Reddit, puked on dicks and gone to sex parties "just for the massage." This sexually-liberated woman tells all and explains how it fits into her current long distance open relationship. Her stories will also challenge some of you men to ponder, "How laid back am I really?"

Be sure to watch Alison Klemp's new TV show Questionable Choices on the Music Choice channel every Thursday night! And follow her on Twitter at @AlisonKlemp!

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Welcome back, fanwhores! Ashley is on the show this week's Manwhore Podcast! Four years after lying naked in bed together, we reconnect with our clothes on. We catch up with each other, including how to react when you meet the man who's already fucked your man!

Ashley and I go over first date etiquette. Her views on gender norms are a bit antiquated. Splitting the check "is just weird" to Ashley but I think it's werid for someone to assume their meal is paid for by a stranger. But if you need a cheap date we both highly recommend McSorley's!

Horror movies used to mean striped sweaters and hockey masks. The modern day scary movie for men are now ultimate tales of female revenge. Gone Girl and Teeth are great movies to petrify your boyfriend into behaving well! Also, one nervous listener writes in wondering if a woman he met at an art show is interested in him.

I don't know if it's the piece, my grandmother passing or residuals from the break-up but I've been feeling pretty funky. Hear why my recent haze has been effecting my dating life.

Everyone's heard about eskimo brothers but you ladies should always get to know your eskimo sister! Ashley tells a funny story about how one of her eskimo sisters was not who she thought she'd be. Plus we discuss my age limits for sex and dating!

Congrats to Kaytlin Bailey on her one-woman show Cuntagious! Go tell her congrats yourselves!

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Jenny Kutner ambushed me in her piece and Jess returns to the podcast tamed from her wild ways. If you remember, Jess was one of my first episodes back in the day and the inspiration for one of the infamous Manwhore Podcast condoms! We catch up about her stable of fellas, going to weddings and settling down.

Jenny Kutner interviewed me for, something I was thrilled about and excited to share with the fanwhores. However, the article is not at all what I expected. Kutner and I had a very pleasant two-hour conversation and through some liberal editing and cherry picking she forced an agenda about male privilege into a piece that was supposed to be about my podcast. So you can hear my thoughts on this disappointing bit of news on this week's episode.

Jess is back and she is taken! Hear about how this slutty lady finally got tied down. We talk about how she met her boyfriend and how she ended things with her fuck buddies. However, she's confident that if she were single again, she could get them all back. "If I build the stable, they will come."

It's summer which means it is wedding season. Listen to Jess's tips on how to get laid at your next wedding! Note: dry weddings are not cute! Plus, I ask Jess if she could ever see herself slipping a ring on her finger and shutting down "the network" for good.

One listener is frustrated that her boyfriend won't try anything kinky with her. This amateur dominatrix has a question about long distance relationships and having a sub on the side.

Read the Salon article by Jenny Kutner about The Manwhore Podcast and male privilege. Click here to read it!

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Sex education expert Kate McCombs is on the podcast this week. I am so excited to share her with you all! I admit to her that being a sex educator is my not-so-secret dream day job. Kate and I talk about being sex geeks, where we learned the birds and the bees, and common tropes in sexual misinformation. It's seriously one of my new favorite Manwhore Podcasts!

Kate McCombs is a master of sex! No, seriously. She has a Master's degree. She describes how she got started teaching sex ed on the jungle gym when she was 10! If you've ever wanted to be a sex educator, you should listen up about how she went from a peer educator in college to running her own sexual communication workshops around the country. Plus, are you a sex geek? Then you should be a part of the Sex Geekdom!

Same-sex marriage is finally legal nationwide! Friday was a historic day for our nation and LGBT rights. The landmark Supreme Court ruling in the case of Obergefell vs. Hodges will go down in history as a momentous civil rights milestone. I share my thoughts on the Supreme Court decision and read some excerpts from Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority ruling that made me realize the how important marriage is to so many Americans, whether they love men or women or both!

Kate got her Master's in Public Health while in Melbourne, so I asked her about the different sensibilities in Australia vs. the United States. What's their sex education like? What are their attitudes towards sexuality? She tells us all about it!

One of the big parts of being a sex educator is knowing about STIs. We cover plenty of those including social stigma and getting tested. I share a recent gonorrhea scare and Kate reminds us that you've already been exposed to herpes—probably.

Check out Kate McCombs all over the place!

Twitter: @KateCom
Instagram: @KateAnswers

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