The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

There once was a virgin named Dillon,
Who could not seem to bag any women.
So he filmed a cool doc
About his lonely c*ck.
And now he's real famous in Sweden!

Dillon Birdsall is the man behind (and in front of) V Card: The Film. I'm not sure about his fame status in Sweden, but it rhymed. Not unlike me and my dating dilemma, this twentysomething filmed a documentary to figure out why he's still a virgin. Of course, it becomes about much more than that as he discovers our country's attitude towards virginity, relationships, and sex education. PLUS: go check out Jillian Keenan's book Sex with Shakespeare!

PLUS: penis size, dating, Terence Crutcher, the joys of being alone, open relationships, and girlfriends!

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