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Dr. Timaree knew she was bisexual at a very young age. “Sometimes Barbies would date other Barbies. And sometimes they’d date Kens,” she shares on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. “It didn’t occur to me that that wouldn’t make sense.” The Sex With Timaree host discusses growing up queer in Nebraska and how she became a ‘doctor of sex’ (she holds a PhD in human sexuality from Widener University). ALSO: men fearing false rape allegations might be a good thing!

PLUS: Esquire’s Best Sex Podcasts, TERFs, intersex, squirting, gender theory, feminism, and monosexuals!


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Fact Checking Fun: Here’s an article about the rising opposition to abortion amongst millennials and then here is the study showing that young millennials are having less sex than previous generations.

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Netflix’s hit series 13 Reasons Why brings me back to darker times of my life. I can’t say I never thought about the painlessness of not existing. But I can say that I made it out of the pack. I made it through where I maybe wasn’t supposed to. Take that, Darwin! This week’s Manwhore Podcast starts on a somber note as I share raw emotions, the final credits rolling down my television screen.

Things pick up when I get to my guest Melanie, a fellow alumnus of Reddit’s infamous /r/RandomActsOfMuffdive. We discuss what it’s like asking a stranger on the internet to come to a coffee shop and lick your bean! After a literally well-reviewed encounter (she actually wrote a Yelp-style customer feedback post), I ask her why we only hooked up that one time. Closure! Tears! Weird stuff about fetishes! Don’t miss this one and download today (although you can totally download whenever…it’s the internet so it’s not like you have to operate on my schedule).

PLUS: BDSM, hot guys, pet play, the Women’s March, Mark Reiss, advice, sex party custody!

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Roller derby is the coolest sport you didn’t know you love. I attended my first bout via New York City’s Gotham Girls league last month and fell in love—with both the sport and its players. This week you’ll hear me chat with veteran skater Whiskey Lullabye about the state of women sports. “What do they say when a man is great at a sport? ‘Oh, he could go pro!’ What do they say to a great female athlete? ‘Well, I guess you can coach.’” I want to thank Miss USlay and Gotham Girls Roller Derby for exposing me to the wonders of their sport. I hope you all enjoy this week’s slamming episode!

PLUS: Whip It, gender equality, sports, lesbians, online dating, selfies, and transgender athletes!

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