The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Sex expert Tyomi (America’s Next Top Model, Tosh.0) knows there aren’t a lot of sex-positive black voices in the sex education world. She would think to herself, “There isn’t anybody I can relate to. Well, I guess I’ll be that person!” The self-taught sex coach has taken YouTube by storm with viral videos such as Riding The North Face. Tyomi joins me to discuss black sexuality and our country’s lack of sex education. Don’t wanna end up with that Nebraska Gonorrhea!

PLUS: celibacy, female orgasm, dick size, dirty rooms, low libido, and that EE p*ssy!


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Here are those folks that got shoutouts this episode:
Jet Setting Jasmine
Aunt Angel
Eb the Celeb

Here is the CDC’s webpage regarding HIV.

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