The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love

Jenny Kutner ambushed me in her piece and Jess returns to the podcast tamed from her wild ways. If you remember, Jess was one of my first episodes back in the day and the inspiration for one of the infamous Manwhore Podcast condoms! We catch up about her stable of fellas, going to weddings and settling down.

Jenny Kutner interviewed me for, something I was thrilled about and excited to share with the fanwhores. However, the article is not at all what I expected. Kutner and I had a very pleasant two-hour conversation and through some liberal editing and cherry picking she forced an agenda about male privilege into a piece that was supposed to be about my podcast. So you can hear my thoughts on this disappointing bit of news on this week's episode.

Jess is back and she is taken! Hear about how this slutty lady finally got tied down. We talk about how she met her boyfriend and how she ended things with her f*ck buddies. However, she's confident that if she were single again, she could get them all back. "If I build the stable, they will come."

It's summer which means it is wedding season. Listen to Jess's tips on how to get laid at your next wedding! Note: dry weddings are not cute! Plus, I ask Jess if she could ever see herself slipping a ring on her finger and shutting down "the network" for good.

One listener is frustrated that her boyfriend won't try anything kinky with her. This amateur dominatrix has a question about long distance relationships and having a sub on the side.

Read the Salon article by Jenny Kutner about The Manwhore Podcast and male privilege. Click here to read it!

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Sex education expert Kate McCombs is on the podcast this week. I am so excited to share her with you all! I admit to her that being a sex educator is my not-so-secret dream day job. Kate and I talk about being sex geeks, where we learned the birds and the bees, and common tropes in sexual misinformation. It's seriously one of my new favorite Manwhore Podcasts!

Kate McCombs is a master of sex! No, seriously. She has a Master's degree. She describes how she got started teaching sex ed on the jungle gym when she was 10! If you've ever wanted to be a sex educator, you should listen up about how she went from a peer educator in college to running her own sexual communication workshops around the country. Plus, are you a sex geek? Then you should be a part of the Sex Geekdom!

Same-sex marriage is finally legal nationwide! Friday was a historic day for our nation and LGBT rights. The landmark Supreme Court ruling in the case of Obergefell vs. Hodges will go down in history as a momentous civil rights milestone. I share my thoughts on the Supreme Court decision and read some excerpts from Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority ruling that made me realize the how important marriage is to so many Americans, whether they love men or women or both!

Kate got her Master's in Public Health while in Melbourne, so I asked her about the different sensibilities in Australia vs. the United States. What's their sex education like? What are their attitudes towards sexuality? She tells us all about it!

One of the big parts of being a sex educator is knowing about STIs. We cover plenty of those including social stigma and getting tested. I share a recent gonorrhea scare and Kate reminds us that you've already been exposed to herpes—probably.

Check out Kate McCombs all over the place!

Twitter: @KateCom
Instagram: @KateAnswers

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Comedian and former sex worker Kaytlin Bailey is this week's special guest on The Manwhore Podcast! Kaytlin was a teenaged escort and is now a hilarious stand-up comic and self-proclaimed c*nt. This episode features two comedians talking about sex work and gender in the funniest way possible!

Kaytlin Bailey made enough money doing sex work that at 17 she opened a Roth IRA! Her and I share the same fetish of being paid for sex. She has just gotten to live her fantasy way more times than I have. We discuss how a whore fantasy turned into a job. Plus, am I allowed to "appropriate" the word whore by calling myself a manwhore? (duh, of course)

Hear Kaytlin's reasons for faking orgasms on this week's episode. Of course, faking orgasms would not be necessary if we lived in a society where a man's masculinity wasn't so caught up in him "giving" a woman an orgasm. We've become so goal-oriented that we forgot that sex is about feeling good during your sexual encounter, not getting to the finish line as fast as you can. "We've stopped listening to our bodies. We've stopped listening to each other's bodies. We've stopped being able to authentically connect because we're running through a To Do list in our head."

Not all sex worker stories are about crazy, kinky sex. Some are sweet. Some are sad. Some involve intimacy and some involve watersports. Kaytlin has had diferent types of clients. Plus, we go over Billy's various close encounters with being paid for sex!

Soft penises? Kaytlin's all about them. Let's talk about it!

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We're talking BDSM impact play and polyamory on this week's Manwhore Podcast with Anastasia. My kinky friend Anastasia is a Twitter hook-up that turned into a friendship where we share the finer parts of our sexual exploits. It's a kinky, sexy, loving poly episode!

The hardest part about polyamory isn't jealousy or hurt feelings. It's scheduling! Anastasia and I discuss #polyproblems. I attempt to diagram her poly family of relationships. It's not very easy. We also learn about her polyamorous origins with her current long-distance primary partner.

We're learning all about impact play and BDSM this week. Anastasia talks about whipping, flogging, hitting, caning and being tied down. "Your kink is not my kink—and it's okay." Just remember that consent is key!

How do you find your sex toys? Listen to my guest's story about buying her first pair of handcuffs at a Ren Faire!

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No matter how hard we tried, Andrea Allan and I could not seem to have sex with each other. This week's episode is with my friend and fellow comedian Andrea Allan, an "off-putting babe" who likes rough sex and funny men. Hear the story of two people wanting to bang each other who just…couldn't.

Comedian Andrea Allan has dated—f*cked— a lot of stand-up comedians. We discuss the common question amongst the comedy community: should comics date other comics? Even if you do, could you f*ck a bad comic? Comedian sex has the same major rule as stand-up comedy: Always Be Funny.

Andrea likes rough sex that sounds like a homicide. Hear about the time her roommate had to decide to either c*ckblock Andrea or potentially let her be murdered. The fellow podcaster is so intense in bed—not bad, just intense—that she scared my d*ck into submission. How should a woman react to a guy's sexual dysfunction?

Congratulations to Caitlyn Jenner on her Vanity Fair reveal! Congratulations, also, to Ramon F. on winning the free Autoblow 2 giveaway!

Listen to a hilarious story about a prank I pulled involving women's panties on Andrea's podcast The Hot Mess Comedy Hour! Follow her on Twitter @AndreaComedy. Also, you probably have herpes.

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Burlesque veteran Peekaboo Pointe joins me on this week's Manwhore Podcast to talk about dancing, dating and getting naked. Peekaboo has a storied past as rich as the history of burlesque itself! I enjoyed talking to the "Lazy Stripper" about this fun, sexy art form and getting to know what it's like being, well, Peekaboo!

Peekaboo Pointe is "The Fastest Tassle Twirler from East to West"! With well over ten years of experience under her belt, Peek has been around since the early days of New York City's burlesque revival. She tells me about how she transitioned from modern dance to stripping down to pasties. "Can't we all just get naked and make some art?!"

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed, tweeted and shouted their kind words after hearing last week's break-up pre-intro. It means so much to me to have such amazing strangers who care about me. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all. Except Jim.

Peekaboo schooled me on the history of burlesque and its recent resurgence in the new millenium. We also compare the many similiarities between burlesque dancing and stand-up comedy. Because how can you not sleep with at least one auience member? Plus, we tear down Tinder and thoughtless pick-up lines.

Read my quotes in Vanessa Golembewski's Refinery29 piece, "How Do New Yorkers Respond to Rape Jokes?"

Check out Peekaboo Pointe being fabulous!

Transition song: "Night Train" by Jason Aldean

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Comedian Mike Cannon makes a special appearance on The Manwhore Podcast this week. Holy sh*t! What didn't we talk about?! Love. Dating. Craigslist. Hairy assh*les. Mike and I covered it all!

We start this week's episode off on a super sad note. I had a rough weekend and I explain why. Don't worry: the show gets better when I start talking about rimjobs.

Congratulations to Ireland for proving that even Catholics can be loving human beings! The Republic of Ireland voted to legalize same-sex marriages in their country by public referendum. How did the f*cking Catholics beat us to marriage equality?!

It's probably responsible to check-in about your sexuality once in awhile and make sure you're not missing out on something that you want. Right? No? We enter that heteroman world of, "Well if you were gay…" I also blow his mind when I tell him about my naked podcast episodes.

We discuss his decades-long relationship and how they manage the very different work schedules of a fashion girl and a stand-up comedian. Of course, at this point they've faced the marriage question many times. Is it necessary? Hear why these 30-year-olds aren't getting married anytime soon.

Mike Cannon is just a super f*cking funny comedian and you really need to check him out. If you like me, he's way better.

Twitter: @IAmMikeCannon
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Watch The Weed News with Mike Cannon!

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Crystal was my annual NYU tradition. We met Welcome Week during our freshman year at New York University and made it a point to hook-up each year. Lots of not-sex with Crystal back then. Now she's in an adorable long-term long distance relationship. I'm still sad and alone.

NYU was a casual sex fest for me. Crystal shared a similar amount of adventures, including a pair of hot threesomes! Despite our busy dance cards, we somehow made time for getting naked with each other once a year. But we have no idea how it started! How do you think we hooked up? Email your guesses to!

Manscaping: it's finally come up! One hairy listener wants to know how he can trim up his pubes to his wife's liking. They're both about to enter the swinger scene so he wants a pube 'do that pleases a wide audience.

Crystal has been dating her first love for five years. They have recently begun a hopeful long distance relationship. After years together, she still struggles with opening up emotionally but knows this guy could be the one. We discuss how best to express one's love for their significant other. One way not to do it? Text message.

Long distance relationships require quite a bit of sexting to keep the flame burning strong. But sexting has its own struggles. I mean, what's the best angle to make your c*ck look impressive? Is a selfie stick the cure to getting a great shot of your ass?

The following people played a huge role for me in starting and keeping up this show. Please go check out their projects and ventures. They're all awesome-as-f*ck, talented people!
How To: Keith and the Girl's Ultimate Podcasting Guide
Art: Branson Belchie
Intro Music: "The Voice" is Evan Williams. The music is Kevin MacLeod.
Encouragement: Comedian Nick Callas and writer AJ Marechal.

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The third and final (?) naked podcast is upon us! Mary completes my first series of naked podcast episodes talking about casual sex, being vanilla and losing her virginity. The dad bod craze makes an appearance in this week's show and one listener wants to know how to be a responsible unicorn. What happens when two Tinder right swipes get naked and talk about sex? Well…sexy things!

Mary challenged herself to step outside of her comfort zone and got naked with a total stranger. We discussed how natural the nudity eventually felt. It was pretty cool. The dynamic was different than my previous nude episodes because since she came from Tinder, we both inherently knew we were attracted to each other. Listen to the sexual tension build.

The dad bod is in. Hear me discuss my joys and concerns over the latest male body type craze. The dad bod is a guy who isn't entirely in shape but isn't an unhealthy fat guy. It's sort of inbetween. Think Leonardo DiCaprio inbetween movies. But dad bod should not become a socially acceptable term for fat folks to hide behind. Let's not let it become the male "curvy." I discuss why hidding behind trendy buzzwords doesn't help the body positive movement. Read the article that started the craze on The Odyssey.

Mary has quite the story about the first time she had sex. She was a late bloomer, getting her first kiss at 20. The first time she had sex was in public. She tells us about why it wasn't as hot and awesome as we may think.

One listener wrote in asking for advice for planning her first threesome. Using the threeway dating app 3nder, she wants to know how to responsibly prepare for the event while making sure everyone has a good time. My most important piece of advice? Have fun!

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Come out and float on Saturday! Get your ticket at What The Float's website!

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The Naked Manwhore Podcast takes one gay man and one straight man and strips them of their clothes to get an amazing episode about sex and dating. Whether gay, straight or queer, we can all relate to the topics of lusting for sex, falling in love and navigating the frustrating world of dating. Two nude dudes cover Truvada, Craigslist and romance!

On the second installment of my naked podcast series, James and I discuss the finer points of Craigslist and dick size. As James tells us, "I never met a dick I couldn't take." You could be that dick for him, if you're on Scruff!

PrEP and Truvada have revolutioninzed safe sex in gay culture. A community of men ravaged by the AIDS epidemic and scared straight into using condoms now have a new tool to protect themselves against HIV transmission. LGBT folk and experts have mixed feelings about Truvada, the miracle pill that makes gay sex safer and saves lives. Although it protects HIV-negative people against contracting the virus, it is not necessarily an automatic excuse to ditch condoms since it does not protect against other STDs. James shares his personal reasons for using PrEP to get to bareback sex faster.

Gay or straight, prepping for receiving anal sex is pretty much the same. Bathe daily. Be aware of your colon. Finger your butthole while showering. Plus, these naked men talk about their shared hopes for seeking romantic relationships. We also discuss Jefferson's Bukkake Social Club!

One gay man writes in to the show to talk about his discomfort around his straight friends. He wonders if hetero dudes feel just as uncomfortable around him. For those of you who know my opinion on generalizations, I'm sure you can guess what my advice and answer to him is!

Hear me on Reaction Podcast!

Here's the study referenced about ethically nonmonogamous couples being healthier than cheating monogamists. "Unfaithful Individuals are Less Likely to Practice Safer Sex Than Openly Nonmonogamoous Individuals" in The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Seriously: float with me. Saturday, May 16. Do it!

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