The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love

Billy drops by Christina's art studio to reminisce on old times. The two met through Craigslist, but not the casual encounters section. Christina recruited Billy from Craigslist for an unsusual art project that took an interesting turn.

Billy and Christina ponder their singledom as they discuss online dating, scandalous affairs and sexting. Fellas: quit it with the dick pix!

Sex is a fun thing to do in a bedroom…or backyard, back of a taxi cab or bar bathroom. Public sex can be both fun and risky (which is part of the fun!). When was the last time you took a risk? Plus, Billy laments about his fantasy football woes.

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Polyamorous person Leon Feingold guests on a very special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Billy and Leon discuss the ethics of polyamory and responsible nonomonogamy. He is also the co-founder of Open Love NY, a poly group in New York. Check them on their website for info on poly meet-ups!

Leon's polyamorous. His girlfriend is monogamous. SITCOM! Hear how their relationship lasts with different dating needs. Billy seeks advice about potentially dating outside of the poly pool. Plus: the difference between polyamory, swinging, open relationships and Republicans.

Polyamory is all about the love. But sex is pretty cool, too! Leon describes putting together New York's first poly building!

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This week's guest is fashionista designer gal Jenna. Billy and Jenna went on an apparently one-sided horror date that caused Billy to receive a spite blowjob. It's important for a woman to have self-esteem but Jenna could use just a little bit of humility. Or Billy's just a giant jerk.

Jenna has given up on online dating and most dating in general. She's sadly not met a guy of quality yet. Plus, it's pretty hard having sex at home when you're living with your parents.

You should join Billy at What The Float! on Saturday, Sept. 27! Don't get fancy; just get dancy! Come dance your face off around the streets of New York City. For info, go to

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Sketch comedy writer Lisa Vikingstad reunites with Billy to bring closure to a short, but intense, courtship between two comedians. Lisa talks about her rule for dating comedians. I mean, it can't be worse than that time she accidentally dated a gay boy in high school.

Craigslist: it's not just for murderers and rapists anymore! Plus, Lisa teaches the listeners an adorably verbose game to play with your linguistic lover.

Billy opens up about his gambling addiction. His addiction was a primary dealbreaker to this potential relationship the first time around. Gambling is an addiction not taken as seriously as drugs or alcohol. So the question is raised: can you date an addict?

This week's episode is sponsored by loud air conditioning units because soon they'll be packed up and tucked into the closet.

Check out Lisa's blog: Making Better Bad Decisions. You can also see her sketch team perform every month at The People's Improv Theatre in New York City. Look for Totally, Yes! on The PIT's schedule.

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Billy joins porn star Sara Jay! This adult entertainment veteran chats about sexual health, the porn industry and body positivity. Sara Jay is a business savvy adult performer who produces, directs & stars in her own videos for her members-only website and loves her job!

Billy was just in Las Vegas to participate in #TeamBJ. Thanks to Germany's World Cup win, Sara Jay and fellow porn star Siri serviced their Twitter followers and your favorite manwhore took advantage of the free BJ.

Porn star sex and real world sex aren't always the same. But for Sara Jay group sex and ass worship are fun both on- and off-camera! Plus, she explains why monogamy may not be a fit for her.

Want to win a free one-month membership to Sara Jay's members-only website? Tweet a link to the show with the hashtag #ManwhorePodcast by 9/16 and I'll select a lucky person to enjoy a free month of premium porn!

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Billy reunites with Allie for a fantastic trip down drunken memory lane. Apparently, Billy is Escalade Guy! Allie recounts how they were caught in the back of a black Escalade by her then-girlfriend. Oops. Billy was marked with the Scarlet A with a neck full of hickies because, karma.

Trigger Warning: This episode involves a story regarding a sexual assault. If you have a history of rape trauma, you may want to skip this week's show or a portion of it.

Allie admits to some infidelity in her past. Billy just went on a first date with a woman who admits to cheating on many of her past boyfriends. Would you date a cheater? Have you cheated? Email the show and tell us what you think!

Allie has caught the love bug. The two brainstorm how she can drop the L-bomb on her younger boy toy. My first recommendation? Don't have important talks via texting. Because we're freaking adults. Plus, Allie drives a fork lift at work. Who wouldn't fall in love with a woman like that?!

This week's episode is brought to you by Republicans, because they're the best at screwing people (over).

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NYU friend Sarah joins Billy to get the low down on dirty talking vs. "nice talking". The two chat about the various online dating services Sarah won't be joining: Tinder, JDate, JSwipe. She's simply content on bar hook-ups.

Billy goes on a rape rant. Oops. Idiot Standford student Chris Herries compares a woman's vagina to a bike in the latest public victim shaming comments. I doubt he knows how to ride a "bike" very well. Plus, Billy updates listeners on his love life.

Do you always use condoms? How often do you slip up? Billy tries to understand what causes Sarah to be undisciplined when it comes to safe sex. Why not ensure your own safer sex with a free Manwhore Podcast condom?!

Are you a squirter? Sarah wants to know. Just make sure you lay down a towel.

This week's episode is sponsored by the NFL: where you can beat your wife so long as you're not high on marijuana when you do it.

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Kat is a Tantra practitioner, Burning Man participant and polyamorous lover. Basically, she's freaking fantastical. Kat and Billy chatted about how she came to accept the title of sex worker and how she came out to her parents about how she makes a living. Plus some crunchy hippy existential chatter about Mother Goddess and oneness. Cool stuff!

I am Buddha Steakhouse! Hear me roar! Kat, codename Candy Lion, tells us about Burning Man and how she got her burner name. Mine? Buddha Steakhouse.

How much body hair do you like on a woman? Can women with hairy armpits be sexy? Chime in! Kat feels sexiest with smooth legs, full pits and a little downstairs trim. The burner also shares her favorite uses for period blood. Wait, what?! Yea. Listen. Dig it.

And check me out on Keith and The Girl

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This week's theme song should be, "I (Kinda) Kissed A Boy (And I Liked It!)" Sasha is Billy's first gender queer guest on The Manwhore Podcast. Sometimes she's a girl. Sometime's he's a boy. Sometime's they are everything! The two discuss gender roles and labels as well as Sasha's journey of sexual and identity self-discovery. Billy might have tried to flirt with her. Oops.

The sex party was fun. Next question, please.

Sasha's father used to run a Russian mail order bride service. What?! Yes. We learn that "looking for a wife is like shopping for a car." Gross, but fascinating! Plus, Billy tires his hand at singing the popluar love ballad, "Lola."

Jim Norton wrote a great op-ed piece for Time Magazine titled, "In Defense of Johns." Check it out!

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This week's guest is group sex guru Jefferson. Jefferson is a sex educator, sex blogger, storyteller and organizer of New York City's Bukkake Social Club (it's like bridge, but with more semen). We talk about blowjobs, threesomes & orgies. He also gives Billy some tips before he goes to his first sex party this weekend! 

Jefferson discusses what type of women want to be on the receiving end of a bukkake and how he juggles the consent of each individual person at an event. All while trying to maintain his erection! 

Check out this awesome IndieGogo campaign for the pd.ID. The personal drink identifier detects if your drink has been drugged. These Canadians are trying to raise $100,000 to make this invention a reality and you should really support it. A $75 donation will land you your own early version of the product. 

Check out Jefferson's live storytelling show series, Bare, in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and more at Follow him on Twitter at @OneLifeTakeTwo

This week's episode is sponsored by pillows because I can't wait to go to sleep right now. 

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