The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Roller derby is the coolest sport you didn’t know you love. I attended my first bout via New York City’s Gotham Girls league last month and fell in love—with both the sport and its players. This week you’ll hear me chat with veteran skater Whiskey Lullabye about the state of women sports. “What do they say when a man is great at a sport? ‘Oh, he could go pro!’ What do they say to a great female athlete? ‘Well, I guess you can coach.’” I want to thank Miss USlay and Gotham Girls Roller Derby for exposing me to the wonders of their sport. I hope you all enjoy this week’s slamming episode!

PLUS: Whip It, gender equality, sports, lesbians, online dating, selfies, and transgender athletes!

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