The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Sometimes a dude with a big d*ck is just a big d*ck. Diana returns to The Manwhore Podcast sharing the worst sex she ever had. “He had a bigger than average penis. And I could tell that he knew it and held a lot of his self-esteem in that extra inch or so.” Diana made the decision/mistake of sleeping with me again since she first came on the show back in 2014. We discuss all of the faux pas I made this second time around and how she’s gotta be in a certain mood to f*ck me. “It’s a little bit theatrical when I have sex with you. It’s always a show. You do a lot in bed.” Oops. ALSO: have you ever had an orgasm at the gym???

PLUS: female led relationships, BDSM, dating, virgins, and masturbating for clarity!

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