The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Fans approach porn performers and other sex workers with grabby disrespect. “I’ve seen so many comments like, ‘She’s a porn star. She gets grabbed all the time on set, so why shouldn’t we grab her on the street?” recalls cam girl Ginger Banks. “Do we go up to UFC fighters and just punch them in the face and say, ‘That’s your job!’” Sex workers are people, too. In light of FOSTA/SESTA and the subsequent shut down of websites that kept women safe, social justice is overlapping with the adult entertainment industry more than ever before! Now is the time to listen to these performers before free speech on the internet gets dismantled even further. Oh, and we talk about how Ron Jeremy got banned from the AVN Awards.

PLUS: racism in porn, webcamming, outercourse, swinging in Trump country, callout culture, and No Lists!

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Mentioned on the show:
Model Bill of Rights
August Ames
Coming Out Like a Porn Star by Jiz Lee

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