The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

This is the first episode of an epic two-part series about marriage, love and lots of group sex! Through a serendipitous series of events, Alex reemerged into my life earlier this summer when her husband emailed me asking if I'd like to have sex with her again. We discuss her swinger lifestyle with her husband, group sex and feeling young in her long marriage.

What's the magic number for a gangbang? Well, we now know that 13 dicks is way too many! "It's like a soccer team!" Alex and I discuss the finer points of group sex, including why having a sex ratio that's heavily male is beneficial to a party. I recall my first-ever Craigslist bukkake.

Men and women: don't be creepy on the Internet. It's fine to say, "I want your dick." But, like, also say your name and maybe what your favorite season of Boy Meets World is.

Alex and I both share the same fantasy of being paid for sex. Listen to us discuss our whore fantasies. She also shares how her relationship with her husband began inviting other dicks to the bedroom. Alex gives some tips on how to swing and when to say no!

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