The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Nikki from Tinder is back in Bushwick again for her third apperance on the show. With mutual contempt, we made it through another hour of conversation about sex and dating. Don't know about my history with this woman? Go listen to her first appearance on the show and hear why we're less-than-best friends post-hook-up. We also ponder some of dating's big questions on an all-new Manwhore Podcast

Nikki is dating someone new (again) and we're both hoping that this guy works out. They met on Tinder. Déjà vu! Nikki isn't sure if they're exclusive though. Of course my advice to her is: communication! When is the ideal time to ask to be boyfriend-girlfriend? Also, Billy does his final fantsy football draft during the episode. Sorry!

I could totally see Nikki as a mom. She has a very "I'm going to smack you if you misbehave" aura about her. Listen to her discuss why her dream is to be a total MILF! Plus, she shares her personal dating flaws that keep her from securing "the One."

Soraya Doolbaz has an art show of professionally-taken dick pics. So we rate some penis photography in this week's episode. You may need this blog post to follow along! Here are the dicks we looked at in order from Critique My Dick Pic's tumblr. (NSFW)
Feminine guy

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