The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Andrew Schulz (MTV2's Guy Code) joins The Manwhore Podcast for a thought-provoking and hilarious episode! Schulz's humour pushes the envelope and challenges your views on some touchy topics. We discuss the unnecessary importance of physical beauty, sex party etiquette and MMA champion Ronda Rousey. Schulz vs. Rousey?! I'd pay to see that!

Andrew Schulz unofficially challenged the fighting prowess of Ronda Rousey. The Benders star thinks he could take down the current Women's UFC Bantamweight Champion. "What's she gonna do? Hit me with her girl punch?" We discuss both gender equality and innate differences between the sexes.

I give my Guy Court guest Schulz the inside scoop on how to flirt at a sex party. The consent-heavy orgy has some protocols to follow before you start f*cking strangers! He tells me he wouldn't love that environment because he needs more of an emotional connection with a partner. I can relate as I'm starting to go to Hacienda for the free lube more than the random sex!

I spill a bit on why my screening of UnSlut: A Documentary Film has been cancelled. Social justice warriors are phenomenal at ruining good things with a positive message. If the "sex-positive" world doesn't want me, oh well. I'll still be here every week with the same message! Click here for the piece mentioned in the intro. Schulz and I also discuss why all of the faux outrage is ridiculous. CIS straight white people: let the offended lead the way before you look like a fool. Example: the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume fiasco!

What constitutes cheating? Is it the orgasm? Is it the kiss? Can you squeeze a random girl's ass at a night club and still be in the clear? We try to navigate our way through the murky territory of infidelity. Plus, why is physical beauty being held as such an important thing? In other words: why can't we call the amazing, stellar athlete Serena Williams ugly? Check out Schulz's brilliant argument to support this on the website.

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