The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Stephanie Berman wants lesbians to make some babies! The Semenette inventor joins The Manwhore Podcast to talk about her sex toy that lets lesbian couples enjoy the babymaking process. We had a fabulous conversation about sex toys, starting family and how you go about buying semen.

IVF treatment is extremely expensive and sticking a turkey baster in your wife's cooch isn't a very pleasurably experience. The Semenette is an ejaculating dildo with an insemination upgrade! We discuss how same-sex couples can go about making a baby. No, The Semenette does not come with sperm. So Stephanie Berman tells you how to go aboout getting some spunk. Please do not get it from the underground black market of semen. Your baby will be born looking like a gangster with a bowler hat.

Did you realize how dangerous sex toys can be? Berman dishes on phalate-free sex toys and why you should avoid toxic PVC dildos. Know what you're putting in your body! Also, c*ck rings are great.

Go see Sleeping with Other People starring Jason Sudeikis and Allison Brie. It's a phenomenal sex comedy that doesn't shame casual sex. Support this film in a theater near you!

Here's a link to the story about Trent Arsenault who the FDA shut down after he donated sperm and fathered over a dozen children!

Check out The Semenette's website at!

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