The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Open relationships are a lot of work. This week's Manwhore Podcast guest Chery knows all about that! She trained her boyfriend into living an ethically nonmonogamous lifestyle. I met Chery at a New Year's Eve naked party and we caught up talking about big d*cks, nonmonogamy and what kind of board games you can play while naked!

Chery knew she was nonmonogamous and (at least) bisexual since high school. When she met her current boyfriend, the two had to ease into this lifestyle. He'd never had a girlfriend sleep with other men before. Chery has been patient with him as he warmed up to the idea of her taking on other lovers. We discuss what that was like to have different rules than her boyfriend.

Parents, how do you or did you talk about sex with your children? What's the best way to have "the talk"? I read one father's bullet points from a popular Reddit post, which you can read by clicking here. Let me know if you agree or disagree. Also, tell your kids what Chery tells us: don't put ice cubes in your _____.

I tried erotic hypnosis and it was f*cking awesome! I went into a trance to achieve an orgasm without touching myself and it was an incredible experience. I thought it was all bullsh*t until I actually gave it an honest try. Here's a link to the audio file I used. Good luck!

Naked parties are fun! Chery explains how her first naked party was to celebrate the rumored 2012 Apocalypse. We discuss what types of board games are even better when you take your clothes off. Might we first recommend Naked Jenga?

How do you "stumble into a threesome"? When you're an attractive young woman, I guess it's not that difficult! More conventional ways would be 3nder, Reddit and your whacky married friends after a night of red wine. Plus one listener writes in asking for advice on what to do with her frustrating on-again-off-again long-distance f*ck buddy.

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