The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

You may have read that podcasts are getting insanely popular. Podcasts aren't only popular but they even gained some sex appeal! What once was a desire to have sex with the groovy radio DJ in the 1960s is now the desire to bang the person behind the USB microphone. I've had sex with several listeners over the past 80 weeks and Keith Malley, one half of the popular Keith and the Girl podcasting duo, is married to a longtime listener! This y-chromosome-fueled Manwhore Podcast discusses porn clickholes, Keith's religious upbringing and growing a loving bond with your listeners. I love you all! Except a few of you, probably.

Keith started a podcast with his then-girlfriend Chemda (aka "The Girl"). When they broke up in real life, a publishing contract required them to fake their relationship on air for a whole year. He shares his experience with a secret break-up. We also chat about interacting with our listeners—even when those are less-than-clothed interactions. Hosting a personal podcast about the inner workings of your life allows you to become close with thousands upon thousands of strangers who listen to you on their morning commutes every day or week. The podcasting pioneer and I dish on what it feels like to have that bond.

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How did you learn to masturbate? Keith and I both grew up in households that did not encourage healthy sexual exploration. We share how we discovered jerking off and how our respective fathers shamed us about it. But like the healthy young lads we were, a little shame won't stop us from beating the bishop! Plus, weird porn! Check out one of my new favorites /r/HoldTheMoan!

It's no secret that I would love to be paid for sex! I revisit my close call with male prostitution with a cougar lawyer in San Francisco. Also, I tell that Magnum condom story…again.

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