The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

My friend Roxanne complained for the umpteenth time, “Billy, I am having such a hard time getting laid!” Of course, she can find a man to stick it in her at a moment’s notice—just open a window. But my female friends tell me that finding a partner with a high sexual IQ who cares about her pleasure (without factoring in physical attraction and personality) is a frustratingly difficult experience. That’s why on this week’s Manwhore Podcast we are holding ORAL SEX AUDITIONS! Yes! Five male suitors compete in this cunnilingus contest for the ultimate prize of f*cking my friend. No more bragging about how much you love eating p*ssy at the bar, then forgetting all about your claims of prowess once your d*ck gets hard. It’s time to prove yourself, fellas! Hear Roxanne go from lockjawed blowqueen to pillow princess on the only episode where I can see the female orgasm in sound waves. ALSO: hear Goddess Lola Jean take on the high demand-low supply wrestling fetish!

PLUS: sex god, cunnilingus, rape, sexual frustration, kinky Christians, and “The Swirl”!

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