The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Billy Procida is joined in the studio/his apartment by comedians Jessica Michelle Singleton and Natasha Pearl Hansen. He has not made out with either of them (yet? ever?) but they are hilarious women in town for New York City's She-Devil Comedy Festival. The three comics chat about gender and comedy. These gals implicitly answer the age-old question: Can women be funny? The answer is: DUH!

Jessica recalls her experiences dating comedians and why slut-shaming stigma causes her to turn down certain road gigs. Natasha gives her perspective on dating while making comedy the priority. Billy just wants someone to love him, comedian or not!

Do women need their own comedy festival? Is the industry ready for funny females? Can the Tina Feys one day outweigh the Kim Kardashians of our pop culture? Christ, we hope so. The three analyze the pros and cons of 'affirmative action' comedy booking.

Billy was on the Lust for Life podcast with comedian James Mattern to talk about The Manwhore Podcast and Billy's slutty and not-so-slutty days. You can listen here.

You can see Billy dance his face off at What The Float on Nov. 1. for tickets. You can see Billy perform on Nov. 4 at King's County Saloon in Brooklyn at 9pm (FREE).

This week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast is (acutally) sponsored by Hot Octopuss. Buy yourself or your favorite man a PULSE. Use the code Whore20 for 20% off your very own gubrator!

Follow everyone on the Twitters! Billy is @TheBillyProcida. Jessica is @JMScomedy. Natasha is @NPHcomedy.

Keep track of their projects on Natasha's website and Jessica's website.

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Mistress Jay returns for a body positivity episode! Jay and Billy discuss their struggles with body image and self-love. Plus, Jay shares about her experience participating in a talk show's on-air weight loss challenge. Come on, Hollywood. Ya can't let a girl keep a $20 scale?!

Online dating: what do you put down for body type? Is it better to be comfortable with your choice or for your selection to be accurate for those browsing? Jay and Billy battle over the word 'curvy'. They also chat about fat-shaming and when being morbidly obese becomes unhealthy.

This week's episode is actually sponsored by Hot Octopuss. Buy a PULSE for yourself or a man in your life with the promo code Whore20 for 20% off your purchase.

Join Billy at What The Float on Nov. 1. Get your tickets now before they go up. Just $10.

So many wonderful things to share with you. For more on body image, body positivity, weight and sex, check out these Big Love Links:

Billy's struggle with disordered eating on xoJane.
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/r/Chubby (NSFW)


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Cate and Billy hooked up back in their early days of comedy. Cate returns to discuss her past boyfriends, the good and the ugly. If you want to break up with someone near their birthday, do you wait until before or after?

Cate's ex-boyfriend said he was polyamorous. In reality, he was just an assh*le. Plus, Billy redefines her definition of 'slut'.

Do you pay for porn? You should! Porn star Siri from #TeamBJ wrote a fantastic article for The Kernel about the drastic effects watching stolen porn has on the adult entertainment industry. Fight porn piracy…and pay for your damn porn. Check out the article here! Follow Siri on Twitter: @SIRIpornstar.

Join the Manwhore at the last dance float of the year. Check out What The Float's website for details.

Cate looks like she works in a sex toy shop. Billy is giving away a free secret awesome sex toy for men and couples from his sponsor. Just tweet this link to the show on Twitter and use the hashtag #ManwhorePodcast!

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Billy drops by Christina's art studio to reminisce on old times. The two met through Craigslist, but not the casual encounters section. Christina recruited Billy from Craigslist for an unsusual art project that took an interesting turn.

Billy and Christina ponder their singledom as they discuss online dating, scandalous affairs and sexting. Fellas: quit it with the dick pix!

Sex is a fun thing to do in a bedroom…or backyard, back of a taxi cab or bar bathroom. Public sex can be both fun and risky (which is part of the fun!). When was the last time you took a risk? Plus, Billy laments about his fantasy football woes.

Support Slut: A Documentary Film by buying a "Define 'Slut'" t-shirt and combat sexual bullying and slut-shaming. Follow @unslutproject on Twitter for updates on Emily Lindin's noteworthy project.

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Polyamorous person Leon Feingold guests on a very special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Billy and Leon discuss the ethics of polyamory and responsible nonomonogamy. He is also the co-founder of Open Love NY, a poly group in New York. Check them on their website for info on poly meet-ups!

Leon's polyamorous. His girlfriend is monogamous. SITCOM! Hear how their relationship lasts with different dating needs. Billy seeks advice about potentially dating outside of the poly pool. Plus: the difference between polyamory, swinging, open relationships and Republicans.

Polyamory is all about the love. But sex is pretty cool, too! Leon describes putting together New York's first poly building!

This week's episode is sponsored by the word "compersion" because it's freaking adorable.

Follow Open Love NY on Twitter: @OpenLoveNY. Submit your poly questions to Poly Wanna Answer.

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