The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Krystyna Hutchinson joins me for a special episode of The Manwhore Podcast! The Guys We F*cked co-host has seen monstrous success talking to her exes and hilarious comedians alongside her good friend Corinne Fisher. We couldn't fit more topics this week if we tried! From bisexual men to butt stuff to Bailey Jay's c*ck it's one super sexual episode!

Krystyna co-hosts a show that is the female yang to the Manwhore yin. You all know Guys We F*cked from either its endless amount of press or my appearance on their podcast last year. We discussed how podcasting about our sex lives has improved our bedroom practices. One of 2015's poster women for feminism also shares how talking to her boyfriend's porn star ex (Stoya) helped her overcome immense jealousy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas or "generic Friday off work"! I spent my weekend getting accused of being bisexual at a party. Which is a strange thing to be accused of. Most men are accused of being gay, so maybe this is a weird victory for bi-visibility!

Krsytyna was fascinated at all of the different ways that men can masturbate. So many just assume that it's a quick jerk with some lube and maybe a finger in the butt. I gave her some suggestions for alternative methods—including the Pulse by Hot Octopuss! Use the discount code Whore20 for 20% off yours!

Congratulations to Shawn B. of the Multiple Goregasms for winning the Fanwhore Fantasy Football League! You f*ck.

Krystyna and I discuss our experiences at sex clubs and sex parties, respectively. I suggest a more relaxed, egalitarian gathering would be more enjoyable for her and her boyfriend. The more a single man has to pay to get naked with people, the more he may feel entitled to live porn or sex. A place where everyone pays the same, or a private shindig amongst friends, is certainly a more comfortable and lower pressure option.

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This week's guest Caroline is a Lover Without Borders. The new Manwhore Podcast is all about love and the different ways we experience it. "Any chance to fall in love expands your horizons," says my hippie dippie guest. But there's a dark side to this podcast: Caroline is guilty of chronic ghosting! Don't worry. I got over it. Check it out!

We all know what ghosting is. Ghosting is a more abrupt fade away. It's rude to inexplicably cease all communication with someone immediately after an otherwise fun encounter. Sure, some guys don't take no for an answer. And some will. Do you really want to go through life assuming the worst of everyone?

Caroline has many boyfriends but she is not about that poly life. She is for all intents and purposes nonmonogamous but doesn't enjoy acknowledging monogamy as a cultural norm (even though it is). We discuss her various partners and how relationships morph and change. She also walks us through a recent break-up with a lover, telling us how they remain friends. Plus, I sit inside the Princess Palace!

I divulge the results of the first round of playoffs in the Manwhore Podcast Fantasy Football League! I know a lot of you don't understand pointyball, let alone fantasy pointyball, but it's pretty exciting. Also, cold sores suck. More also, not havinga cold sore but thinking you do sucks too.

One listener asks how to get a happy ending. I walk him through the various ways to contact sex workers to rub your back and tug on your junk.

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Many people never realize their sexual fantasies because they don't know how to make them happen. My guest Liz took to Reddit to fulfill her fantasy of group sex. Using /r/RandomActsOfBlowjob, I organized a blowbang for this eager c*cksucker several months ago. Now she's on The Manwhore Podcast to explain why someone would ever want a bunch of dicks in their face! We also give some useful tips to men and women looking to post sexy personal ads, or answer one, online.

Liz has explored her sexuality by having threesomes with couples, experimenting with BDSM kink and, now, trying group sex. I recruited a half-dozen men using Reddit's /r/RandomActsOfBlowjob subreddit and Craigslist to give this young lady all the dick she can handle. The Internet is filled with a bunch of creeps, true. But so is your local bar, frat house and office holiday party. If you put out the right energy online, there is a good chance you will receive an equally respectful energy in return. You get out of it what you put into it! Except for ladies who post ads. See /r/CreepyPMs. RIP Inbox!

It's no secret that men far outnumber women when it comes to online personal ads for No Strings Attached sex. So if you're answering a post, you need to stand out. Corny opening lines are a popular Tinder strategy but I recommend creating a safe space. Use slut beacon keywords, complete sentences and transparency to make her feel more comfortable. "Comfortable women tend to give better blowjobs." It's more than acceptable to say you want her to swallow your load when answering an ad seeking to swallow some loads. But you can do better than smashing your keyboard with cro-magnon vocabulary! Liz and I give suggestions on how to answer a sex post on Reddit's RandomActs subreddits (shout out to my fave, /r/RandomActsOfMuffdive!). My guest also shares what she looks for when answering men's ads. Take notes, people!

How do you define "current partner"? Is it someone you f*ck regularly? Does it require an emotional connection? What about dinner? Send me your thoughts! Also, an exciting update about the first Manwhore Podcast Fantasy Football League's playoff picture!

Liz is a bigger gal. We all know about my struggles with body image and disordered eating. Yet we are both very sexual people. We chat about how we overcome our poor body images to run off and have insanely hot sexual experiences that most people can only fantasize about! Plus she talks about using a couple's very expensive f*cking machine.

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Lauren Urasek was the most popular woman on OKCupid in New York City. If it sounds exhausting that's because it kind of is! Lauren stopped by The Manwhore Podcast and talked about her online dating ventures, what she looks for in a man and her experience as a sugar baby!

Even the most messaged woman on OKCupid is still single, so don't feel bad about your current relationship status. Lauren Urasek has been on a lot of awkward Internet dates and received even more ridiculous messages. Ultimately, none of the men from OKCupid had the right stuff for her. Lauren tells me about what she looks for in a man and how dating has changed since her newfound celebrity status.

Creepy messages are never okay but always hilarious. Lauren's received so many that she started a Tumblr page where she could share her most entertaining ones. It's like having a personalized /r/CreepyPMs subreddit! Check out!

I went to my sex party this weekend and shared a few details of how it went. Short story: it was awesome! I'm still a bit shy when it comes to talking to women and I guess it gets a little more intimidating when their tits are already out. Also, the Popular author discusses the importance of confidence and how it has to come from within.

Lauren used to be a sugar baby! Like many a young, beautiful New York woman she has dabbled in the faux-sex work of sugar baby websites. Our mutual favorite site (at least based on title):!

Buy Lauren's book Popular: The Ups and Downs of Online Dating from the Most Popular Girl in New York City

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Tumblr: They Really Said This

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Jane Ward just legitimized "No homo," the excuse for any masculine straight dude who wishes to cup his buddy's balls. Her new book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men is a fascinating study of why heterosexual (white) men who have homosexual encounters don't identify as gay. Lost? Then let her explain it on a very homoerotic Manwhore Podcast!

Whether it's in a frat house, a military barracks or a Hell's Angel club house, straight-identified white men are having homosexual experiences with other straight-identified men. Jane Ward discusses how their masculinity and whiteness allows opportunities to explore each other's bodies without endangering their heterosexual identity. Not Gay makes sense of those Craigslist m4m ads of "Straight seeking Straight Jack Off Buddy." "Look bro, if you can't help a friend out by giving him a handjob then you're kind of a fag!" - says he-man former frat boy.

#NotAllMen was a Twitter movement that angered many a feminist. I admit that I would prefer someone talking about "men," "white people," "straight people," "comedians" to qualify their complaint with "assh*les," "misogynists," "homophobes," and "Republicans." Ward helps me understand how to be a better ally while not letting myself be someone else's privilege punching bag.

Ward gives an Intro to Intro to Feminism 101 by explaining intersectional feminism. Hopefully, we get to a point where we don't need the separate term and all feminism is intersectional, according to my guest. The UC-Riverside associate professor reminds us that one woman's experience is informed by not just her gender but her race, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. So Patricia Arquette was right and wrong.

Buy Jane Ward's amazing book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men!

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You may have read that podcasts are getting insanely popular. Podcasts aren't only popular but they even gained some sex appeal! What once was a desire to have sex with the groovy radio DJ in the 1960s is now the desire to bang the person behind the USB microphone. I've had sex with several listeners over the past 80 weeks and Keith Malley, one half of the popular Keith and the Girl podcasting duo, is married to a longtime listener! This y-chromosome-fueled Manwhore Podcast discusses porn clickholes, Keith's religious upbringing and growing a loving bond with your listeners. I love you all! Except a few of you, probably.

Keith started a podcast with his then-girlfriend Chemda (aka "The Girl"). When they broke up in real life, a publishing contract required them to fake their relationship on air for a whole year. He shares his experience with a secret break-up. We also chat about interacting with our listeners—even when those are less-than-clothed interactions. Hosting a personal podcast about the inner workings of your life allows you to become close with thousands upon thousands of strangers who listen to you on their morning commutes every day or week. The podcasting pioneer and I dish on what it feels like to have that bond.

Check out my interview on!

How did you learn to masturbate? Keith and I both grew up in households that did not encourage healthy sexual exploration. We share how we discovered jerking off and how our respective fathers shamed us about it. But like the healthy young lads we were, a little shame won't stop us from beating the bishop! Plus, weird porn! Check out one of my new favorites /r/HoldTheMoan!

It's no secret that I would love to be paid for sex! I revisit my close call with male prostitution with a cougar lawyer in San Francisco. Also, I tell that Magnum condom story…again.

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Dating in New York City is insane. Or at least that's what this week's guest Monica says. Monica returns for Round 2 on The Manwhore Podcast to talk about dating in New York, cuffing season and butthole pleasures. Is this city designed for casual dating or is romance still possible? Hear us talk about why New York City's ample options can be both a blessing and a curse!

Brace yourselves. Cuffing season is coming! Yes, the winter is upon us which means it is time to lower your Tinder settings to 1 mile and select the sex partner who brings the best snacks. Cuffing season is the time of year when you figure out which barfly you f*cked is the most suitable hibernating partner as the temperatures drop. So be aware: is that occasional f*ck buddy into you or is he/she just into the location of your genitals? As Monica reminds us New Yorkers, "Brooklyn to Brooklyn is a myth."

Rimjobs are magical gifts that are possibly more generous than starting a scholarship fund for low-income handicapped Rugby players. It's sort of the pinnacle of butt stuff activities. "If getting rimmed in a nice shower doesn't bring you any pleasure, your assh*le is broken!" Monica and I discuss butt stuff and why I insist it feels so good! We also recall that time she participated by bringing out her Goldfinger…

New York City has a nearly endless array of options of all sorts of folk. If you need a community, this city has one for you! Relationships are frustrating in New York because all of our options lead to lots of indecision and non-commitment. On the other hand, these options are a godsend for outcasts who moved to this city to let their freak flag fly! Let's just say that the furry community in Des Moines, Iowa is not so robust. Dating in New York is a bit insane, but there ain't no other city like it!

Go check out Dr. Zhana Vrangalova on Periscope! Almost every day she is talking about the latest in sex research and answering your sex geek questions on a level I can't even begin to attempt. Check her out!

Follow Monica on Twitter & Instagram: @MokaVida!
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My thoughts and well-wishes to all those effected by the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris. Stay slutty and stay safe!

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Open relationships are a lot of work. This week's Manwhore Podcast guest Chery knows all about that! She trained her boyfriend into living an ethically nonmonogamous lifestyle. I met Chery at a New Year's Eve naked party and we caught up talking about big d*cks, nonmonogamy and what kind of board games you can play while naked!

Chery knew she was nonmonogamous and (at least) bisexual since high school. When she met her current boyfriend, the two had to ease into this lifestyle. He'd never had a girlfriend sleep with other men before. Chery has been patient with him as he warmed up to the idea of her taking on other lovers. We discuss what that was like to have different rules than her boyfriend.

Parents, how do you or did you talk about sex with your children? What's the best way to have "the talk"? I read one father's bullet points from a popular Reddit post, which you can read by clicking here. Let me know if you agree or disagree. Also, tell your kids what Chery tells us: don't put ice cubes in your _____.

I tried erotic hypnosis and it was f*cking awesome! I went into a trance to achieve an orgasm without touching myself and it was an incredible experience. I thought it was all bullsh*t until I actually gave it an honest try. Here's a link to the audio file I used. Good luck!

Naked parties are fun! Chery explains how her first naked party was to celebrate the rumored 2012 Apocalypse. We discuss what types of board games are even better when you take your clothes off. Might we first recommend Naked Jenga?

How do you "stumble into a threesome"? When you're an attractive young woman, I guess it's not that difficult! More conventional ways would be 3nder, Reddit and your whacky married friends after a night of red wine. Plus one listener writes in asking for advice on what to do with her frustrating on-again-off-again long-distance f*ck buddy.

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Every day millions of d*ck pics are sent unsolicited to women (and men!) around the world. This has caused catastrophic results. However, many women do love d*ck pics! This week's Manwhore Podcast is about one woman who loves them a whole extra lot. Soraya Doolbaz is a professional penis photographer. We talk about her art project dressing up dongs and why balls have yet to come into the frame!

Soraya Doolbaz gives tips and tricks to taking the perfect d*ck pic. The first rule of c*ck shots is to make sure the recipient wants them! Unsolicited sexts "are the modern day flasher," according to Soraya. But now she is rebranding the d*ck! By giving it proper lighting, angle and personality she is creating works of art out of what were once snapshots ladies would laught at while sharing them with friends over wine. Learn hot to take a d*ck pic from a pro!

Can balls be beautiful? Soraya and I discuss this oft-forgotten part of the package. "Balls are the plus-size models of dic pic photography!" This show is body-positive about balls! We also discuss why she witnessed the World's Saddest Handjob during a photo shoot.

When we think of homophobes, we typically think of the Southern states and church gatherings. One Honolulu police officer disgusted me, and the nation, when he harassed and arrested a vacationing lesbian couple after they were kissing in public. Now they are suing the police department after being detained in the state of Hawaii for five months with no jobs, home or money. How do you get mad about hot women kissing in public when you live in the gayest state in the country?

I gave some tips to's Aly Walansky about sex positions to stick to for your first time with a new partner. Read this article to find out why I'm now an "authority" on doggy style.

Make your d*ck beautiful by dressing it up in Soraya Doolbaz's web app! Just upload a photo and use some of her accessories to give your penis a personality. While you're at it, give it a cool, edgy backstory! Visit and check out her work!

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Comedian James Mattern is this week's guest on The Manwhore Podcast. The hardworking hustler is here with words of wisdom on women and relationships. Mattern has a ton of Yoda-like moments on this podcast and you're really in for a treat! He also has a lot of opinions about sleeping with fellow comedians. Hilarious episode!

There may be no industry more incestuous than comedy. James Mattern has f*cked more than a few comedians in his day. On the one hand, they know the lifestyle and keep a similar schedule. On the other hand, you're not supposed to date at the office, right? Mattern summizes, "It's not really sh*tting where you eat. It's more like sh*tting where you snack." Having only hooked up with a few comics myself, I ask him how these always seem to come about. Spoiler alert: alcohol.

Here's a taste of the prophetic thoughts of James L. Mattern: "When relationships are good, it's a Woody Allen movie. You're just firing off these one-liners that are just poignant and funny and smart and clever and it feels so good. And the sex is better with that too. When you have witty banter you have witty banter sex which is just amazing. But it's barely that! We've seen these movies, we've seen these romantic comedies. It has f*cked up dating!"

Asexuals are mad at me! After last week's episode with Bauer, the aces started trashing me about being wrong and an assh*le. However, not many of them actually downloaded the episode. Instead, they read an unauthorized transcript of my podcast and started leaving negative reviews on iTunes, despite never listening. I need your help! Go leave an honest review for me on iTunes today!

Apparently you can fail the Kinsey Test. Yea, James didn't know that either. I tell Mattern the story about Andrea Allan giving me the Kinsey Test and how I failed it. I either answered a question wrong or am "a very unusual person." Plus, that time my guest got eyeballed by the receptionist at an STD clinic. Go get tested people! And use a damned condom!

Both Mattern and I were late sexual bloomers. Today we are both running in full stride! He and I both share a similar, "Look at me now," feeling when thinking about our virgial pasts. It's a great feeling. But my present-day prowess still doesn't prevent me from Tinder Oops! moments like the one I share on this week's episode.

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Asexuals are slowly becoming more and more mainstream in today's social conversation. The asexual umbrella includes labels like demisexual, graysexual, aromantic and more. My guest Bauer runs an asexual meet-up group called Aces NYC. We discussed being asexual, demisexuallity and what labels really mean. This one is not for the easily-offended Social Justice Warriors, but a fantastic episode!

Asexuals are people who do not feel sexual attraction. So why are we talking about this on a slutty show like The Manwhore Podcast? Asexuality is an extremely valid and notable aspect of sexuality—the lack of sexual desire! Bauer and I discuss what life is like dating as an ace (nickname for 'asexual') and how she discovered her sexual orientation. Bauer also shares what it was like coming out to her friends and family as asexual.

Labels are a good thing. They help us communicate to one another what something. At some point, however, labels become too much. Today's Internet culture loves to subdivide and overclassify people and actions with fake labels and gross portmanteus. Whether it's 'mansplaining' or 'sapiosexual,' younger generations rely on clusters of letters to coddle them into comfort. I give my take on labels, their uses and why 'zucchini' is not a term that should catch on!

Bauer goes to bat for demisexuals in this week's podcast. Demisexuals only feel sexual attraction to people they have an emotional connection to. This term is fairly new to digital media consumers but that type of person has existed label-less for a very, very long time. Plenty of people want to be in love before having sex with someone. But apparently demis don't feel like they fit in to society's growing hook-up culture. News alert: the hook-up culture is not the standard! If hooking up and casual sex were such a standard, slutshaming and sexual bullying would be way less of a problem. A lot of us don't "fit in." Don't hide behind a Tumblr hashtag. Go be proud of being yourself!

Bauer tells us what an asexual meet-up is like and I was jealous. Hanging out with a group of people without all of the sexual tension must be awesome! Plus she tells us how she met her current partner as well as her something-something crush on the side.

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No one likes getting rejected. Samantha is no exception. This week's Manwhore Podcast guest calls me out on my crap and reminds me how our short-lived fling ended. There never seems to be a good way to reject a sexual partner but there are definitely some bad ways to do it. Rejecting someone during your podcast's intro monologue is certainly one of those bad ways!

Samantha is now one of my good friends. I think. We discuss friendship this week especially after hooking up. Can men and women just be friends? Of course! Well, kind of. My guest ponders her abilituy to have platonic straight male friends. Also, no one will set me up with one of their friends which is totally understandable.

Chucklef*cker (n.) - a person who has sex with a lot of stand-up comedians. Samantha had the Summer of Comedians in 2014. Pro tip: first have sex with an open mic comedian and work your way up to a guy with an HBO special. F*ck up, not down.

People got mad about Peeple last week. The "Yelp for people" is planned to be a space where friends can review on another—because the Internet has such a tremendous history with being positive. I talk about why this site is both unncessary, terrible and nothing to worry about.

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Sex can feel like such a chore! Claire and I discuss the different ways people feel pressured by today's hook-up culture to have a lot of sex. It's not that sex isn't awesome and that we don't want to have it, but sometimes you get a little burnt out. It's okay to take a break from your boning bacchanalia! It doesn't make you an uptight prude. Tinder, dating tips and what to do with that cuddling erection are also covered on an intimate Manwhore Podcast.

Claire comes on the podcast this week to give me some closure about our 2013 tryst. After two dreamy dates she mysteriously ended things. Her past trauma combind with my overeagerness put her off of dating me. Listen to us chat about giving someone their space and why scheduling a text in your iCal isn't always the smoothest move. Speaking of giving her space: what to do with your spooning boner!

The current hook-up culture is the outcome of a growingly sex-positive society. This is fantastic! The consequence of this is that those who don't care to have a lot of sex feel a silent societal pressure to have a lot of sex. There's almost a sense of "vanilla-shaming" where if you're not kinky and not f*cking a bunch of people, then you must be a prude, uptight, inhibited and sex-negative. This is not the case. There are asexual people, who don't feel sexual desire. There are those who prefer an emotional connection before getting physical (which some would call 'demisexuality' and what I would call a preference). Claire and I both share how this rampant sexual energy in American has caused us to have some sex that we maybe didn't need to have. It's great that pleasurable sex outside of wedlock is (slowly) becoming less taboo and more acceptable. We just have to pracice the same mentality towards the more prudent that we originally asked of them: do your thing and don't mind me doing mine.

I went to a party this weekend to celebrate a fellow comedian's birthday. However, an ex of mine was there with her boyfriend. I was very nervous about attending and I tell you how it went! Also, I explain why I think the German government are a bunch of sneaky bastards!

You want to be into the person you're dating, not the idea of dating that person. Claire shares her worry about my past intentions. Also, I explain why "maybe" is a cruel word that only gives the doomed man a false sense of hope.

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Stephanie Berman wants lesbians to make some babies! The Semenette inventor joins The Manwhore Podcast to talk about her sex toy that lets lesbian couples enjoy the babymaking process. We had a fabulous conversation about sex toys, starting family and how you go about buying semen.

IVF treatment is extremely expensive and sticking a turkey baster in your wife's cooch isn't a very pleasurably experience. The Semenette is an ejaculating dildo with an insemination upgrade! We discuss how same-sex couples can go about making a baby. No, The Semenette does not come with sperm. So Stephanie Berman tells you how to go aboout getting some spunk. Please do not get it from the underground black market of semen. Your baby will be born looking like a gangster with a bowler hat.

Did you realize how dangerous sex toys can be? Berman dishes on phalate-free sex toys and why you should avoid toxic PVC dildos. Know what you're putting in your body! Also, c*ck rings are great.

Go see Sleeping with Other People starring Jason Sudeikis and Allison Brie. It's a phenomenal sex comedy that doesn't shame casual sex. Support this film in a theater near you!

Here's a link to the story about Trent Arsenault who the FDA shut down after he donated sperm and fathered over a dozen children!

Check out The Semenette's website at!

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Andrew Schulz (MTV2's Guy Code) joins The Manwhore Podcast for a thought-provoking and hilarious episode! Schulz's humour pushes the envelope and challenges your views on some touchy topics. We discuss the unnecessary importance of physical beauty, sex party etiquette and MMA champion Ronda Rousey. Schulz vs. Rousey?! I'd pay to see that!

Andrew Schulz unofficially challenged the fighting prowess of Ronda Rousey. The Benders star thinks he could take down the current Women's UFC Bantamweight Champion. "What's she gonna do? Hit me with her girl punch?" We discuss both gender equality and innate differences between the sexes.

I give my Guy Court guest Schulz the inside scoop on how to flirt at a sex party. The consent-heavy orgy has some protocols to follow before you start f*cking strangers! He tells me he wouldn't love that environment because he needs more of an emotional connection with a partner. I can relate as I'm starting to go to Hacienda for the free lube more than the random sex!

I spill a bit on why my screening of UnSlut: A Documentary Film has been cancelled. Social justice warriors are phenomenal at ruining good things with a positive message. If the "sex-positive" world doesn't want me, oh well. I'll still be here every week with the same message! Click here for the piece mentioned in the intro. Schulz and I also discuss why all of the faux outrage is ridiculous. CIS straight white people: let the offended lead the way before you look like a fool. Example: the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume fiasco!

What constitutes cheating? Is it the orgasm? Is it the kiss? Can you squeeze a random girl's ass at a night club and still be in the clear? We try to navigate our way through the murky territory of infidelity. Plus, why is physical beauty being held as such an important thing? In other words: why can't we call the amazing, stellar athlete Serena Williams ugly? Check out Schulz's brilliant argument to support this on the website.

Check out Andrew Schulz's new TV show Benders on IFC every Thursday night at 10pm EST. Benders premieres on Oct. 1.

Check out Andrew Schulz on Twitter and Instagram @andrewschulz! Listen to his podcast with Charlamagne Tha God, The Brilliant Idiots!

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Nikki from Tinder is back in Bushwick again for her third apperance on the show. With mutual contempt, we made it through another hour of conversation about sex and dating. Don't know about my history with this woman? Go listen to her first appearance on the show and hear why we're less-than-best friends post-hook-up. We also ponder some of dating's big questions on an all-new Manwhore Podcast

Nikki is dating someone new (again) and we're both hoping that this guy works out. They met on Tinder. Déjà vu! Nikki isn't sure if they're exclusive though. Of course my advice to her is: communication! When is the ideal time to ask to be boyfriend-girlfriend? Also, Billy does his final fantsy football draft during the episode. Sorry!

I could totally see Nikki as a mom. She has a very "I'm going to smack you if you misbehave" aura about her. Listen to her discuss why her dream is to be a total MILF! Plus, she shares her personal dating flaws that keep her from securing "the One."

Soraya Doolbaz has an art show of professionally-taken dick pics. So we rate some penis photography in this week's episode. You may need this blog post to follow along! Here are the dicks we looked at in order from Critique My Dick Pic's tumblr. (NSFW)
Feminine guy

Come see UnSlut: A Documentary Film followed by a Q&A with director Emily Lindin and executive producer (and WWE Hall of Famer) Mick Foley in New York City on Oct. 6! Advance tickets are $12 until 10/1 and $20 at the door. Click here to buy your tickets today!

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This week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast features one badass polyamorous sex-positive chick. My dear friend Emily and I recorded this while I was visiting her in Vancouver. Once I passed through Canadian customs (not easy!), we discussed how her dating life has evolved from Internet boyfriends to polyamory cuckholding! You're all gonna love her. Plus, some exciting news that involves a different Emily!

In a little town in Saskatchewan, Canada, a virgin Emily developed a long-distance Internet boyfriend in Kansas. My guest tells me the story about how she got up the courage to fly to a different country to meet him in person circa 2001. Did she get catfished? Was he fake? Was it true love? Find out! Plus, listen to me name as many Canadian provinces as I can. It's kind of adorable/impressive.

Emily Lindin created The UnSlut Project to combat sexual bullying and slut-shaming. As you all know, I'm a big fan of her work (and her shirts). I am presenting a screening of her upcoming movie UnSlut: A Documentary Film in New York City on October 6! Follwoing the screening, I will host a Q&A with Lindin and executive producer (and WWE Hall of Famer) Mick Foley. Please buy your tickets now (the venue is quite small) to see an advanced screening of a very important film. Tickets are only $12 until 10/1 and $20 at the door. Click here to buy your tickets today!

The world lost horror movie icon Wes Craven. In addition to giving us screams, did you know that the Nightmare On Elm Street creator gave us one of the most feminist female heroes of the 1980s? I look back on Nancy and how her battles with Craven's Freddy Kreuger defied the typical Final Girl horror trope. RIP Wes Craven.

Emily practices ethical nonmonogamy. Only in the last few years has she discovered polyamorous people and how to live a nonmonogamous lifestyle. I asked her how she discerns between bonafide boyfriends and boys on the side. She admits that sometimes she gets jealous but that jealousy is not just for monogomous couples. Ultimately it's compersion and open communication that helps her through it all. She additionally shares how her sex drive in her early 30s is the highest its ever been!

Cuckolding: it's not just for the fellas! Emily has a not-so-secret cuckholding and voyeur fetish. We discuss the many times she's wanted her boy toys to tell her about their most recent sexual encounter. Also, this Dan Savage disciple does not want to be called a fan, but she's a Grade A fanwhore. And friend.

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Sex tips are all the rage. Everyone wants to know how to have better sex and please their partner. Kenneth Play is a sex hacker. He has tips to make you better at sex and more efficient. We had a fascinating discussion about sex tips, manhood, casual sex and Miley Cyrus.

Kenneth Play's sex advice starts with comfort. "The most important part of any sexual experience is about creating a safe space," said the sex hacker. If someone isn't comfortable, it's not going to be fun! We talked about how to create safe spaces in the bedroom. We also discuss manhood and how to have a lot of hot sex without being a douche.

Casual sex is very popular amongst the socio-sexual orientation unrestricted folks. Or simply: sluts. This slutty fella and I discussed why casual sex is so important for him. He tells us that society has demonized no-strings-attached sexual encounters. "If sex doesn't lead into a long-term monogomous releationship, we feel like we've failed. [But] you could have a very positive and powerful casual sex experience!" Plus we get his origin story as a chubby Asian guy questioning his dick size.

"Confidence" is a word you will hear many times throughout this episode. Hear how we gained our confidence through casual sex with open-minded sex-positive partners. Leading squirting demonstrations at the occasional sex party doesn't hurt either! Now he's the creator of the Sex Hacker Playbook!

Should we praise Miley Cyrus or damn her? Well, after our conversation it appears that the question is not that simple. It's great that she's so out about her sexuality. But it doesn't change that she's just a trashy little girl. Celebrity-worship creeps up on this week's Manwhore Podcast.

Check out Kenneth Play's sex hacks right now!

Also check out The Casual Sex Project!

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This week is the follow-up episode to last week's swinging show with Alex! Her husband Adam joins us for a threeway episode talking about their life as a sexy, swinging couple. These two are adorably in love and it makes me want to vomit. This is a can't-miss episode of The Manwhore Podcast! (I mean, you can miss it and live, but why would you want to?)

After being together for the better part of two decades, Alex and Adam are an incredibly in-sync couple. Adam joins the podcast and discusses how their swinger relationship came to be. The married pair shares how communication, check-ins and love allow them to participate in threesomes and gangbangs and swinger parties. Nonmonogamy doesn't mean you don't get jealous and these two love birds hash it out like adults. "At the end of the day, I'm going home with him and he's going home with me," says Alex.

The first time I met Alex and Adam was at a gangbang where something went awry. One bad apple doesn't have to ruin the fun though! Listen to some key tips on how to calmly take a Time Out when boundaries get crossed. Also, are any sex acts off-limits? Hear how they define the terms of their marriage together through open communication.

There are many times I should have lost my life to bullies growing up. As an adult, I do my best to not engage with digital mobs. Have a problem with me? Talk to me like an adult, then go on a Twitter rant. You know the email address!

So how do you keep your swinging lifestyle separate from your executive private lives? My guests talk about swinger websites and how to stay discrete when they're in their "sex bubble." Plus, Alex and I bond over our mutual fondness for kissing and intimacy.

Any interest in a Manwhore Podcast fantasy football league? Email me and we'll see what we can work out!

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This is the first episode of an epic two-part series about marriage, love and lots of group sex! Through a serendipitous series of events, Alex reemerged into my life earlier this summer when her husband emailed me asking if I'd like to have sex with her again. We discuss her swinger lifestyle with her husband, group sex and feeling young in her long marriage.

What's the magic number for a gangbang? Well, we now know that 13 dicks is way too many! "It's like a soccer team!" Alex and I discuss the finer points of group sex, including why having a sex ratio that's heavily male is beneficial to a party. I recall my first-ever Craigslist bukkake.

Men and women: don't be creepy on the Internet. It's fine to say, "I want your dick." But, like, also say your name and maybe what your favorite season of Boy Meets World is.

Alex and I both share the same fantasy of being paid for sex. Listen to us discuss our whore fantasies. She also shares how her relationship with her husband began inviting other dicks to the bedroom. Alex gives some tips on how to swing and when to say no!

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We're getting naked (again) on The Manwhore Podcast! Young Naturists of America co-founder Felicity Jones is on the podcast talking about getting naked and body positivity. And yes, men, she answers that "What if?" question you're already thinking. "It's not the boner that's the problem. It's what you do with it!"

Felicity Jones was raised in New Jersey stripping down with her family at the Rock Lodge Club. Raised nudist, being naked feels natural for Felicity. However, it's not considered "normal" so she had to keep it a secret (and keep her clothes on) during playdates! Plus, hear about how this fueled her views on body positivity!

Felicity advocates for topless equality: #FreeTheNipple! Young Naturistis of America also encourages social nudity "to promote acceptance." However, there is a concern that naked women walking the streets of urban cities would promote even more catcalling. Felicity shares how it makes her feel when men post crude comments about her body under her body painting photos on Facebook. "You're not looking at me as a person." Sadly, catcalling is not restricted to city streets.

We chit-chat about New York Body Painting Day and the magical feeling of becoming works of art. The public body painting was covered in The Observer!

For more information about naturism, social nudity or nudist events in your area, visit Follow Felicity on Twitter: @FelicitysBlog.

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Betty Dodson is the infamous Mother of Masturbation. She's the Victor of Vulvas, the Master of Manual Labor, the Sultan of Sexuality, the Captain of Clitorises and the Leader of Labia: Betty Dodson. This 86-year-old feminist icon has been teaching women how to obtain orgasms since the 70s! Not without her controversies with second wave feminists, she has remained a leader in the sexual revolution. It was a damned delight having her on The Manwhore Podcast!

Dodson first began teaching her bodysex workshops in the 1970s after attending sex parties and noticing that all of the women were faking their orgasms. So she took it upon herself to teach them how to c*m. "Masturbation is the foundation for all human sexual activity." The octogenarian talks about her own sexual awakening after a lackluster marriage and shares how even she still masturbates in her old age. Plus, she just cannot stop gushing about sex with younger men!

"Incest is best," Dodson insists. As a young girl in Kansas in the late 30s and early 40s, she often experimented with her brothers. The Orgasms for Two author advocates for childhood sexual experimentation. And she wouldn't mind teaching a few of them herself! This episode has some controversial, edgy statements but she's not hear to play nice. The bodysex workshop leader also talks about her incest fantasy and the sex games she played as a young girl. You can read more about it in her recent memoir, My Romantic Love Wars: A Sexual Memoir.

I walked into Betty Dodson's infamous Madison Avenue apartment and saw a big basket of Hitachi wands and glass penises everywhere. We discuss our favorite sex toys, from her "Big Brother" to c*ck rings to the Pulse by Hot Octopuss. Fellas, take some tips from us on edging and the power of the strokeless orgasm.

How old can you go? She asks me if I'm brave enough to bang a famous woman in her eighties who's an expert on sex. =breathes in and finds the courage= Hear about my oldest and her youngest sexual encounters!

Agree with her or not, she's been changing the world and she's never needed anyone else's approval. "U.S. government, Board of Education, AASECT certification—go f*ck yourselves! Because I'm doing it my way and I'm batting nearly 100% success rate!" Now she's teaching other people how to teach her infamous bodysex workshops. "I know what I'm doing," she firmly states.

Be sure to reserve your tickets to What The Float in August! You-know-who will be leading the dance party!!!

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It's that time of the month again. We're getting messy with another comedian: Alison Klemp! This hilarious New York comedian and actress has some wild stories to share on The Manwhore Podcast. From lying to men on the Internet to her issues with feminism extremists, Alison proved to be a phenomenal guest and a talent you should be watching! 

Alison never hides that she's a feminist. But like me, she takes issue with some of the more absurd and extremist factions of feminism. We discuss the damage that infighting can have on a movement.

I modeled for New York Body Painting Day over the weekend and it was awesome! Andy Golub's body painting event was a beautiful demonstration of body positivity and I was thrilled to have been a part of it. Public nudity was another important part of the festivities, as it challenged the laws on female toplessness in this country. It was a phenomenal experience. Plus, it gives a lot of you fanwhores the opportunity to see my dick.

Alison had some pretty crazy stories. She's lied to men on Reddit, puked on dicks and gone to sex parties "just for the massage." This sexually-liberated woman tells all and explains how it fits into her current long distance open relationship. Her stories will also challenge some of you men to ponder, "How laid back am I really?"

Be sure to watch Alison Klemp's new TV show Questionable Choices on the Music Choice channel every Thursday night! And follow her on Twitter at @AlisonKlemp!

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Welcome back, fanwhores! Ashley is on the show this week's Manwhore Podcast! Four years after lying naked in bed together, we reconnect with our clothes on. We catch up with each other, including how to react when you meet the man who's already f*cked your man!

Ashley and I go over first date etiquette. Her views on gender norms are a bit antiquated. Splitting the check "is just weird" to Ashley but I think it's werid for someone to assume their meal is paid for by a stranger. But if you need a cheap date we both highly recommend McSorley's!

Horror movies used to mean striped sweaters and hockey masks. The modern day scary movie for men are now ultimate tales of female revenge. Gone Girl and Teeth are great movies to petrify your boyfriend into behaving well! Also, one nervous listener writes in wondering if a woman he met at an art show is interested in him.

I don't know if it's the piece, my grandmother passing or residuals from the break-up but I've been feeling pretty funky. Hear why my recent haze has been effecting my dating life.

Everyone's heard about eskimo brothers but you ladies should always get to know your eskimo sister! Ashley tells a funny story about how one of her eskimo sisters was not who she thought she'd be. Plus we discuss my age limits for sex and dating!

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Jenny Kutner ambushed me in her piece and Jess returns to the podcast tamed from her wild ways. If you remember, Jess was one of my first episodes back in the day and the inspiration for one of the infamous Manwhore Podcast condoms! We catch up about her stable of fellas, going to weddings and settling down.

Jenny Kutner interviewed me for, something I was thrilled about and excited to share with the fanwhores. However, the article is not at all what I expected. Kutner and I had a very pleasant two-hour conversation and through some liberal editing and cherry picking she forced an agenda about male privilege into a piece that was supposed to be about my podcast. So you can hear my thoughts on this disappointing bit of news on this week's episode.

Jess is back and she is taken! Hear about how this slutty lady finally got tied down. We talk about how she met her boyfriend and how she ended things with her f*ck buddies. However, she's confident that if she were single again, she could get them all back. "If I build the stable, they will come."

It's summer which means it is wedding season. Listen to Jess's tips on how to get laid at your next wedding! Note: dry weddings are not cute! Plus, I ask Jess if she could ever see herself slipping a ring on her finger and shutting down "the network" for good.

One listener is frustrated that her boyfriend won't try anything kinky with her. This amateur dominatrix has a question about long distance relationships and having a sub on the side.

Read the Salon article by Jenny Kutner about The Manwhore Podcast and male privilege. Click here to read it!

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Sex education expert Kate McCombs is on the podcast this week. I am so excited to share her with you all! I admit to her that being a sex educator is my not-so-secret dream day job. Kate and I talk about being sex geeks, where we learned the birds and the bees, and common tropes in sexual misinformation. It's seriously one of my new favorite Manwhore Podcasts!

Kate McCombs is a master of sex! No, seriously. She has a Master's degree. She describes how she got started teaching sex ed on the jungle gym when she was 10! If you've ever wanted to be a sex educator, you should listen up about how she went from a peer educator in college to running her own sexual communication workshops around the country. Plus, are you a sex geek? Then you should be a part of the Sex Geekdom!

Same-sex marriage is finally legal nationwide! Friday was a historic day for our nation and LGBT rights. The landmark Supreme Court ruling in the case of Obergefell vs. Hodges will go down in history as a momentous civil rights milestone. I share my thoughts on the Supreme Court decision and read some excerpts from Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority ruling that made me realize the how important marriage is to so many Americans, whether they love men or women or both!

Kate got her Master's in Public Health while in Melbourne, so I asked her about the different sensibilities in Australia vs. the United States. What's their sex education like? What are their attitudes towards sexuality? She tells us all about it!

One of the big parts of being a sex educator is knowing about STIs. We cover plenty of those including social stigma and getting tested. I share a recent gonorrhea scare and Kate reminds us that you've already been exposed to herpes—probably.

Check out Kate McCombs all over the place!

Twitter: @KateCom
Instagram: @KateAnswers

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Comedian and former sex worker Kaytlin Bailey is this week's special guest on The Manwhore Podcast! Kaytlin was a teenaged escort and is now a hilarious stand-up comic and self-proclaimed c*nt. This episode features two comedians talking about sex work and gender in the funniest way possible!

Kaytlin Bailey made enough money doing sex work that at 17 she opened a Roth IRA! Her and I share the same fetish of being paid for sex. She has just gotten to live her fantasy way more times than I have. We discuss how a whore fantasy turned into a job. Plus, am I allowed to "appropriate" the word whore by calling myself a manwhore? (duh, of course)

Hear Kaytlin's reasons for faking orgasms on this week's episode. Of course, faking orgasms would not be necessary if we lived in a society where a man's masculinity wasn't so caught up in him "giving" a woman an orgasm. We've become so goal-oriented that we forgot that sex is about feeling good during your sexual encounter, not getting to the finish line as fast as you can. "We've stopped listening to our bodies. We've stopped listening to each other's bodies. We've stopped being able to authentically connect because we're running through a To Do list in our head."

Not all sex worker stories are about crazy, kinky sex. Some are sweet. Some are sad. Some involve intimacy and some involve watersports. Kaytlin has had diferent types of clients. Plus, we go over Billy's various close encounters with being paid for sex!

Soft penises? Kaytlin's all about them. Let's talk about it!

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Follow Kaytlin on Twitter @KaytlinBailey!

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We're talking BDSM impact play and polyamory on this week's Manwhore Podcast with Anastasia. My kinky friend Anastasia is a Twitter hook-up that turned into a friendship where we share the finer parts of our sexual exploits. It's a kinky, sexy, loving poly episode!

The hardest part about polyamory isn't jealousy or hurt feelings. It's scheduling! Anastasia and I discuss #polyproblems. I attempt to diagram her poly family of relationships. It's not very easy. We also learn about her polyamorous origins with her current long-distance primary partner.

We're learning all about impact play and BDSM this week. Anastasia talks about whipping, flogging, hitting, caning and being tied down. "Your kink is not my kink—and it's okay." Just remember that consent is key!

How do you find your sex toys? Listen to my guest's story about buying her first pair of handcuffs at a Ren Faire!

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No matter how hard we tried, Andrea Allan and I could not seem to have sex with each other. This week's episode is with my friend and fellow comedian Andrea Allan, an "off-putting babe" who likes rough sex and funny men. Hear the story of two people wanting to bang each other who just…couldn't.

Comedian Andrea Allan has dated—f*cked— a lot of stand-up comedians. We discuss the common question amongst the comedy community: should comics date other comics? Even if you do, could you f*ck a bad comic? Comedian sex has the same major rule as stand-up comedy: Always Be Funny.

Andrea likes rough sex that sounds like a homicide. Hear about the time her roommate had to decide to either c*ckblock Andrea or potentially let her be murdered. The fellow podcaster is so intense in bed—not bad, just intense—that she scared my d*ck into submission. How should a woman react to a guy's sexual dysfunction?

Congratulations to Caitlyn Jenner on her Vanity Fair reveal! Congratulations, also, to Ramon F. on winning the free Autoblow 2 giveaway!

Listen to a hilarious story about a prank I pulled involving women's panties on Andrea's podcast The Hot Mess Comedy Hour! Follow her on Twitter @AndreaComedy. Also, you probably have herpes.

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This week's show is sponsored by collections of empty whiskey bottles next to your bed. They're not just for college kids anymore.

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Burlesque veteran Peekaboo Pointe joins me on this week's Manwhore Podcast to talk about dancing, dating and getting naked. Peekaboo has a storied past as rich as the history of burlesque itself! I enjoyed talking to the "Lazy Stripper" about this fun, sexy art form and getting to know what it's like being, well, Peekaboo!

Peekaboo Pointe is "The Fastest Tassle Twirler from East to West"! With well over ten years of experience under her belt, Peek has been around since the early days of New York City's burlesque revival. She tells me about how she transitioned from modern dance to stripping down to pasties. "Can't we all just get naked and make some art?!"

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed, tweeted and shouted their kind words after hearing last week's break-up pre-intro. It means so much to me to have such amazing strangers who care about me. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all. Except Jim.

Peekaboo schooled me on the history of burlesque and its recent resurgence in the new millenium. We also compare the many similiarities between burlesque dancing and stand-up comedy. Because how can you not sleep with at least one auience member? Plus, we tear down Tinder and thoughtless pick-up lines.

Read my quotes in Vanessa Golembewski's Refinery29 piece, "How Do New Yorkers Respond to Rape Jokes?"

Check out Peekaboo Pointe being fabulous!

Transition song: "Night Train" by Jason Aldean

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Comedian Mike Cannon makes a special appearance on The Manwhore Podcast this week. Holy sh*t! What didn't we talk about?! Love. Dating. Craigslist. Hairy assh*les. Mike and I covered it all!

We start this week's episode off on a super sad note. I had a rough weekend and I explain why. Don't worry: the show gets better when I start talking about rimjobs.

Congratulations to Ireland for proving that even Catholics can be loving human beings! The Republic of Ireland voted to legalize same-sex marriages in their country by public referendum. How did the f*cking Catholics beat us to marriage equality?!

It's probably responsible to check-in about your sexuality once in awhile and make sure you're not missing out on something that you want. Right? No? We enter that heteroman world of, "Well if you were gay…" I also blow his mind when I tell him about my naked podcast episodes.

We discuss his decades-long relationship and how they manage the very different work schedules of a fashion girl and a stand-up comedian. Of course, at this point they've faced the marriage question many times. Is it necessary? Hear why these 30-year-olds aren't getting married anytime soon.

Mike Cannon is just a super f*cking funny comedian and you really need to check him out. If you like me, he's way better.

Twitter: @IAmMikeCannon
Listen to Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole Podcast!
Watch The Weed News with Mike Cannon!

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Crystal was my annual NYU tradition. We met Welcome Week during our freshman year at New York University and made it a point to hook-up each year. Lots of not-sex with Crystal back then. Now she's in an adorable long-term long distance relationship. I'm still sad and alone.

NYU was a casual sex fest for me. Crystal shared a similar amount of adventures, including a pair of hot threesomes! Despite our busy dance cards, we somehow made time for getting naked with each other once a year. But we have no idea how it started! How do you think we hooked up? Email your guesses to!

Manscaping: it's finally come up! One hairy listener wants to know how he can trim up his pubes to his wife's liking. They're both about to enter the swinger scene so he wants a pube 'do that pleases a wide audience.

Crystal has been dating her first love for five years. They have recently begun a hopeful long distance relationship. After years together, she still struggles with opening up emotionally but knows this guy could be the one. We discuss how best to express one's love for their significant other. One way not to do it? Text message.

Long distance relationships require quite a bit of sexting to keep the flame burning strong. But sexting has its own struggles. I mean, what's the best angle to make your c*ck look impressive? Is a selfie stick the cure to getting a great shot of your ass?

The following people played a huge role for me in starting and keeping up this show. Please go check out their projects and ventures. They're all awesome-as-f*ck, talented people!
How To: Keith and the Girl's Ultimate Podcasting Guide
Art: Branson Belchie
Intro Music: "The Voice" is Evan Williams. The music is Kevin MacLeod.
Encouragement: Comedian Nick Callas and writer AJ Marechal.

Win a free Autoblow 2 valued at $180! Click here and pledge any amount to my Patreon page to be entered to win. Deadline is June 4!

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Direct download: 2015-05-20-Crystal.mp3
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The third and final (?) naked podcast is upon us! Mary completes my first series of naked podcast episodes talking about casual sex, being vanilla and losing her virginity. The dad bod craze makes an appearance in this week's show and one listener wants to know how to be a responsible unicorn. What happens when two Tinder right swipes get naked and talk about sex? Well…sexy things!

Mary challenged herself to step outside of her comfort zone and got naked with a total stranger. We discussed how natural the nudity eventually felt. It was pretty cool. The dynamic was different than my previous nude episodes because since she came from Tinder, we both inherently knew we were attracted to each other. Listen to the sexual tension build.

The dad bod is in. Hear me discuss my joys and concerns over the latest male body type craze. The dad bod is a guy who isn't entirely in shape but isn't an unhealthy fat guy. It's sort of inbetween. Think Leonardo DiCaprio inbetween movies. But dad bod should not become a socially acceptable term for fat folks to hide behind. Let's not let it become the male "curvy." I discuss why hidding behind trendy buzzwords doesn't help the body positive movement. Read the article that started the craze on The Odyssey.

Mary has quite the story about the first time she had sex. She was a late bloomer, getting her first kiss at 20. The first time she had sex was in public. She tells us about why it wasn't as hot and awesome as we may think.

One listener wrote in asking for advice for planning her first threesome. Using the threeway dating app 3nder, she wants to know how to responsibly prepare for the event while making sure everyone has a good time. My most important piece of advice? Have fun!

This week's episode is sponsored, actually, by the Autoblow 2! This automated blowjob machine will turn any solo masturbation adventure into a hands-free frenzy. Win your very own Autoblow 2 by becoming a patron of The Manwhore Podcast. Make a pledge on Patreon before June 4 and be entered to win this amazing new male sex toy! Click here to enter!

Come out and float on Saturday! Get your ticket at What The Float's website!

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Direct download: 2015-05-13-Molly.mp3
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The Naked Manwhore Podcast takes one gay man and one straight man and strips them of their clothes to get an amazing episode about sex and dating. Whether gay, straight or queer, we can all relate to the topics of lusting for sex, falling in love and navigating the frustrating world of dating. Two nude dudes cover Truvada, Craigslist and romance!

On the second installment of my naked podcast series, James and I discuss the finer points of Craigslist and dick size. As James tells us, "I never met a dick I couldn't take." You could be that dick for him, if you're on Scruff!

PrEP and Truvada have revolutioninzed safe sex in gay culture. A community of men ravaged by the AIDS epidemic and scared straight into using condoms now have a new tool to protect themselves against HIV transmission. LGBT folk and experts have mixed feelings about Truvada, the miracle pill that makes gay sex safer and saves lives. Although it protects HIV-negative people against contracting the virus, it is not necessarily an automatic excuse to ditch condoms since it does not protect against other STDs. James shares his personal reasons for using PrEP to get to bareback sex faster.

Gay or straight, prepping for receiving anal sex is pretty much the same. Bathe daily. Be aware of your colon. Finger your butthole while showering. Plus, these naked men talk about their shared hopes for seeking romantic relationships. We also discuss Jefferson's Bukkake Social Club!

One gay man writes in to the show to talk about his discomfort around his straight friends. He wonders if hetero dudes feel just as uncomfortable around him. For those of you who know my opinion on generalizations, I'm sure you can guess what my advice and answer to him is!

Hear me on Reaction Podcast!

Here's the study referenced about ethically nonmonogamous couples being healthier than cheating monogamists. "Unfaithful Individuals are Less Likely to Practice Safer Sex Than Openly Nonmonogamoous Individuals" in The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Seriously: float with me. Saturday, May 16. Do it!

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Direct download: 2015-05-06-James.mp3
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Naked podcast number one begins with Daniela! A kinky naked lady strips down and bares all with nudity of the body and mind. We're talking about online dating woes, sexual exploration and anal fisting on a sexy new episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

This is the first in a short series of nudist podcasts. I believe that we are at our most vulnerable when naked in front of a new person.Combine that with opening up to a total stranger and I think it makes for a very interesting dynamic! So I recruited on Reddit and Tinder to find a few fun and brave souls to strip down with me and chat. Not as weird as we expected, but I still totally got a boner.

Daniela has had a rough time with online dating since moving to New York. She shares her bad luck with dating and Tinder horror stories. Plus, she tells me about her newfound relationship with casual sex.

I got to see more than Daniela's boobs. I got to see some bruises, the product of some rough sex on a recent drunken night. This leads to a chat about sex toys and and erotic fantasies. She even surprises me with one very affectionate fetish. Pet play is fun. Centaurs are still weird.

Join me at the first What The Float of the season on May 16! Visit for more information.

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Direct download: 2015-04-29-Daniela.mp3
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How soon is too soon to send a d*ck pic? Lauren hops on the mic for a Tinder School Reunion to talk about showing your penis and the pitfalls of dating. Get that V wet!

Two years after their Tinder one-off, Lauren pops by Bushwick to chat with me about her dating style. Recently she's moved off of Tinder and hunts down men at the bar, or "in the wild" as she calls it. Where do people meet in real life these days? I still fantasize about meeting a woman at a bookstore where we reach for the same copy of Gotham and lock eyes as we both think to ourselves, "Wow this book is really f*cking heavy."

Lauren remembers Billy being very sweaty. I reveal that I just have a nervous dating tick that makes it seem like I was doing cocaine in the bathroom. Hear about my nervous itch on this week's episode of the podcast!

Is Tinder for hooking up? Is it for dating? Lauren and I discuss Tinder's ambiguity problem. It's important for a dating website or app to be specific about its purpose. Coffee Meets Bagel: coffee, bagels and meeting. Cougar Life: meeting older women/younger men. Christian Mingle: getting together to hate gay people.

What's one of your favorite moments from the past year of The Manwhore Podcast? Send me your favorite quotes from past episodes and it might just end up on the next batch of Manwhore Condoms!

Listen to me on The Hot Mess Comedy Hour with Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin! Listen here!

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This week's episode is sponsored by renewing my lease, because it's the longest relationship that I've ever had.

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Direct download: 2015-04-22-Lauren.mp3
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Kailey Marshall is back to talk about why we stopped f*cking this time. What? Yea…that happened again. Kailey: She still loves a big d*ck but no longer f*cks bassists. It's an amazing episode for celebrating The Manwhore Podcast's one-year anniversary!

Remember Kaylee the Size Queen from Episode 5? She's back as the musically talented Kailey Marshall! Kailey and I attended our first sex party together and had very different experiences. I was exhausted just happy to be there. Kailey made love to a sexy stranger who's c*ck rocked her world—so much so that she broke things off with me two days later. The break up caused strife for many months before we drunk bootycalled and made up…then stopped texting all over again. Women are f*cking complicated.

The orgy seemed to open Kailey's eyes to a whole wide sexy world that she never knew existed. The singer-songwriter details her recent depths into polyamory and nonmonogamy. She's now dating a poly guy and loving it. She's even explored her bi-curious side, experimenting with sex with women and threesomes! The verb "couplef*cking" is born? 

Please become a patron of The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon. If you've enjoy the show, any contribution helps me improve the podcast for you! Plus, there are a lot of great and awesome rewards you can get for being a patron. Simply click here and make your pledge!

One listener is celebrating her newly open relationship by blowing guys with girlfriends. She wonders why they don't text her as often after cheating on their significant others. Billy dishes some harsh truths! Plus, Kailey drops some truth bombs regarding how she really felt about having sex with me.

Check out Kailey Marshall's website for information on her song cycle "Songs for Slutty Girls" at

Follow Kailey on Twitter: @kmarshland
Follow me on Twitter: @TheBillyProcida

This week's episode is sponsored by cancelled sex dates. Cancelled sex dates: at least you now have freshly-washed sheets.

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Direct download: 2015-04-15-Kailey.mp3
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Luke Jackson dishes on the ins and outs of being a straight male escort. These two manwhores discuss international travel, sex with older women and dating in New York City.

The Manwhore Podcast meets a professional manwhore. Luke Jackson is a high-end escort for women (and cuckhold couples) seeking an intelligent, attractive and cultured male companion. Luke tells me about how he got started in sex work and answers the question many of you ladies are thinking: how much?

I share my run-ins with prostitution. Sadly, my potential clients were not of the female variety. Listen to this very special episode to find out if I really went gay-for-pay!

The Indiana religious freedom protection law is pretty sh*tty. Even though crappy parts are being amended, you can still legally discriminate against homosexuals in Indiana, as well as most of the country. I also give advice to one listener who got exactly what she wanted---and doesn't know what to do.

Guys, if you could suck your own d*ck, would you? Luke Jackson shares his very special skill with you listeners. Hear if he thinks autofellatio is all it's cracked up to be or not. The answer may surprise you!

Luke may be a male escort and I'm just a manwhore, but we both would like to find some sort of romantic connection. We lament over the harsh dating scene in New York City. Also, we ponder the effects online dating has had on our society for better or for worse.

Book your own appointment with Luke Jackson! Visit!

This week's episode is sponsored by teams I gamble on. Like really hot women, teams I gamble on really f*ck me.

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Direct download: 2015-04-08-Luke-Jackson.mp3
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Emily dumped me via hand-written letter six years ago. Like an almost-psycho, Billy tracks her down in Chicago to seek closure. What soon transpires, of course, is a poop joke. Great conversation about relationships, dating and growing up on this week's Manwhore Podcast!

Long-distance relationships are hard. Keeping up a romance in college with distance between you is a recipe for disaster. In this case, it culminated with an unexpected delivery from my mailman and a tearful viewing of 500 Days of Summer. Hear about this and about how f*cking adorable I was at 19.

One listener wants to know if she should offer her college boyfriend one of the best things a straight guy could ask for. What is it, you ask? Oh. You'll have to listen to this episode to find out! Let's just call it the hetero man's Double Rainbow.

Emily and I discuss life's emotional roller coaster. Emily prefers some stability, not letting the needle tick too far in one direction or the other. I prefer to feel the high highs and am willing to pay the price of feeling the low lows. You have to take the good with the bad, I think. Otherwise, the good wouldn't feel as good.

Check me out on the new live streaming app Periscope. I'm @TheBillyProcida. Watch me eat pizza or something.

Go check out my chat about gender for #SexTalkTuesday!

This week's episode is sponsored by woods, and other euphemisms for boners.

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Direct download: 2015-04-01-Emily-Allesandrini.mp3
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Kay gets Billy super stoned as they recall their apathetic blowjob years ago. Sugar babies, sex toys and lots of bathroom breaks on a sexy, silly episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

Kay talks about her time as a sugar baby, dating sophisticated wealthy men for a monthly cash allowance. She used sugar baby websites like Seeking Arrangement to link up with men who would pay to date her. I almost sugar babied for a man once but then I got all Pretty Woman on him and said the nay-no.

Kay and I thought it would be a hilarious idea to eat some weed chocolate before turning on the microphones. We did and I'm still not sure whether or not that was a good idea. I'm not much of a weed guy but these edibles surely caused all sorts of whacky chatter and maniacal laughter. Listen to us slowly spiral out of our senses in what might be my silliest episode yet!

Sex toys keep popping up on this week's show. After talking to Kay, I almost want my own Rebellious Ryan…although maybe I can figure out some kind of female name to help me get over the c*ckness of this fake but alluring sex toy. Shop new sex toys at Babeland!

Before we our trip down Billy's High Lane, listen to Kay discuss her year of polyamory and being an ethical slut. She then inquires about my polyamorous leanings.

I discuss meeting a lovely older woman (not old just older) at a recent sex party. She could be great to date but she's concerned about our age difference. Hear my thoughts on older women and restrictive age limits.

This week's episode is sponsored by Cadbury Eggs, because Easter is like Christian Halloween.

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Direct download: 2015-03-25-Keira.mp3
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Former Wall Street intern Paige Jennings joins The Manwhore Podcast to share her story about becoming the new hot porn starlet Veronica Vain! This business-minded peformer dishes on her entry to the porn industry and her sex life off-camera. Billy tries not to hit on her.

Veronica Vain admits that her sex life on-screen vs. off-screen isn't that much different. She still enjoys double penetration, sex parties and playing with women. She talks about a surprise gangbang her loving boyfriend threw for her and I talk about my recent group sex experience.

This porn star already knows she's not just a performer. She has big dreams of becoming a monster player in the porn industry. Veronice shares some of her thoughts about Mindgeek and how porn can adapt to the marketplace.

I respond to one listener's email regarding the recent transgender bathroom policies sweeping the nation. Check out the Gingerbread Person diagram here!

What's your most embarassing sex story? I bet it didn't involve being on a porn set! Hear Veronica Vain's porn blooper story. Also, she shares the one thing in sex she doesn't think she's good at.

Is doing porn considered sex work? It's work. There's sex. So why wouldn't it be under the umbrella of sex work?

Check out Veronica Vain on Twitter: @TheVeronicaVain.
Check out her sugar baby website

This week's unofficial sponsor is the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network. Pay for your porn—by the minute!

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Direct download: 2015-03-18-Veronica-Vain.mp3
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Rachael and Billy recall their tipsy bar hook-up in college trying to be cool. Plus our newer adventures into casual sex and adult dating.

No matter how much we're told, we have to learn the hard way to not care what other people think about us. There is no such thing as "being cool." Just do you, boo boo! Hear about how I pulled a punk move that came back to bite me, all in the name of "trying to be cool."

Rachael slept with a sailor…and most of the branches of our armed services. Support the troops! Plus, New Rachael is navigating the waters of casual dating.

"I'm not looking for a relationship right now," really means, "I don't want to have a relationship with you." I give some advice to a woman who always finds herself as the "Inbetween Girl."

Go, Michigan! A Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan booted the right person: a bigot who invaded the privacy of a transgendered member. What did Planet Fitness do? Cancel the nosy woman's membership to show their stance on gender openness!

This week's episode is sponsored by Michigan bars, because holy sh*t I just paid $4.50 for a pint of Jack & Coke.

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Direct download: 2015-03-11-Rachael-Duddy.mp3
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Cindy Gallop lets Billy into the Black Apartment to talk about Make Love Not Porn!

Cindy Gallop started the gamechanging website She likes to "blow sh*t up," which includes the porn industry. Gallop is pro-sex, pro-porn, and pro-knowing the difference. Until comprehensive sex education exists in this country, porn will have to pick up the slack! 

One listener wrote in asking how to get her confidence back with her new c-section scar. I help Katie with her body image dilemma so this total MILF can get back to having fun hot sex while the twins are asleep. We all have imperfections. Hers comes with the glorious excuse of bringing life into this world. My love handles exist because I can't resist Entemann's.

Gallop would qualify as a cougar, as she dates many sprite younger men. She dishes on why she prefers to date young men and how they inspired her to give a jaw-dropping TED Talk. Plus, we discuss the new UK porn ban.

Cindy Gallop's Make Love Not Porn promotes people to have more open and honest conversations about sex. She hopes people will start sharing their favorite adult videos like they share cute kitten YouTube reels. Let's show people real world sex! Go sign up and rent these hot videos! Or make some extra cash submitting your own videos!

Follow Cindy Gallop on Twitter: @cindygallop
Follow Make Love Not, too: @makelovenotporn
Follow me too, while you're at it: @TheBillyProcida

I got yelled at for my xoJane article, "It Happened to Me: I Got Laid From My xoJane Article."
This week's episode is sponsored by trolls. Trolls: in case you didn't know why you should hate yourself.

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Direct download: 2015-03-04-Cindy-Gallop.mp3
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Brandon Scott Wolf is a brilliant man. Like Billy, Brandon is also single and instead of starting a podcast he started his own online dating site: Listen in on how traditional online dating has failed him and how a gag somehow blew up into a viable way for him to find his next true love.

Billy rants about the Oscars and diversity. Before you claim that white people kept winning trophies, remember that Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography were all picked up by Mexicans. So try and relax a little bit. And no, American Sniper was not that good.

Brandon Scott Wolf and Billy Procida are Eskimo brothers: they both love stand-up comedy. The two comedians talk about how they manage their schedules between comedy, sex, love and other things. Plus, we compare and contrast fingering and handjobs.

Follow Brandon on Twitter! @BrandonEsWolf. Obviously you are, but in case you're not, the Manwhore is on Twitter @TheBillyProcida!

Check out Cindy Gallop's talk at the NYC Porn Film Festival on Friday, February 27. For details click here!

Listen to Billy on The Obsessive Viewer Podcast's Oscar episode. His segment starts at 1:06:31. Check it out!

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Direct download: 2015-02-25-Brandon-Scott-Wolf.mp3
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Gay rapper Big Dipper is this week's special guest on The Manwhore Podcast. Billy and Dipper sit down to talk about being gay in a genre of music with such rich homophobic history. Billy found this hairy gary bear in a Time Out list of queer rappers and became instantly enamored…with his music. Totally just the music. Not with the whole bear look thing. Mu-sic. Why doesn't anybody believe me?!

Shameful legislation has been proposed in states like Florida and Kentucky that humiliate transgendered people. Bigots, I mean, conservatives--- no, I meant "bigots," have lost the battle at the wedding chapel and have now opened war on public bathrooms. Kentucky wants students making sure other students policing the private parts of other students…for the sake of the students' privacy(?).

Big Dipper has big dreams. He knows he can take his lyrics about sucking c*ck to the mainstream. Check out the AWESOME music video to Billy's new favorite song, "Skank." Follow Dipper on all of the links:

Big Dipper's website

Pretty please nominate Billy for the Shorty Award for Best #Podcast. It's quick; it's easy; and it only takes 30 seconds to do. Visit and tell them why his sex-positive podcast is awesome!

Hurry! Tickets will soon sell out for the Naked Comedy Show at the Creek and The Cave in New York on March 6th. Buy tickets here!

This week's episode is sponsored by backgammon. Backgammon: a fun game for the family or a way to gamble away all of your savings.

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Direct download: 2015-02-11-Big-Dipper.mp3
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A teary-eyed Emily (no relation to Episode 9!) sits down with Billy on The Manwhore Podcast and gets a big heavy burden off of her chest. She's worried about consent the night the two of them consummated their drunken Blendr date. Male victims of female rape are real and they discuss what actually went down that evening. Was it actually sexual assault or just a regrettable drunken hook-up? Plus, Into the Woods was kind of rapey.

Emily works as a clown and talks about guys trying to pick her up while she's in full clown make-up. Creepy! Who wants to bang the clown? Not me! But it's not unlike comedians who pick up women after doing sets at the comedy club.

Please nominate Billy for a Shorty Award for all of the hard work he puts in each week. It's super simple. Just visit, enter why he deserves the nomination and then click Tweet! Easy! If nominated, I will mail free Manwhore Podcast condoms to all of my supporters!

Emily and Billy discuss gay bars and why Billy's second-favorite bar in New York City is a little lesbian bar in the West Village. Also, what the eff is 'yoni gazing'?! Tune in to find out!

Buy your ticket to see Billy on the Naked Comedy Show at the Creek and the Cave in New York before they sell out!!! Click here for tickets!

This week's episode is sponsored by that piece of skin that hangs over your waistline. It's rebranding itself.

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Direct download: 2015-02-04-Emily-Glass.mp3
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Amber (and one of her boyfriends) lays down with Billy for a slutty sexy episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. She shares her sex party snacking habits and tells the time she had sex while eating a pot roast. Billy remembers the failed birthday gangbang, because Amber loves to get pounded.

Billy visits Babeland to learn about c*ck rings from one of the store's resident sex educators. C*ck rings are a great way to help maintain stiff, pleasurable erections. Check out the variety of sex toys Babeland recommends in this imgur gallery:

Amber and Billy discuss her failed marriage and how she transitioned into polyamory. She's got boyfriends and friends with benefits. She surely had plenty of penis to choose from during the underwhelming Snowmageddon.

Billy gives advice to a listener who is struggling to reignite her sex life with her husband. Billy helps her make him feel more attractive with an aggressive strategy.

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This week's episode is (actually) sponsored by Babeland. For your sex toy needs, visit!

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Direct download: 2015-01-28-Brie.mp3
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Kinky Salon founder, author and sexy storyteller Polly Whittaker sits with Billy in her San Francisco home for a special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. She explains the humble and beautiful beginnings of the now-international sex party Kinky Salon and her personality Polly Superstar. A collective community of brilliant, loving and sexual individuals, Kinky Salon has become a phenomenon complete with cabaret, costumes and casual sex.

Polly Superstar discuss various relationship models including polyamory, monogamy and various forms of sluttiness. Polly also shares her sexual coming-of-age tale as a curious teen in Britain discovering underground BDSM sex clubs.

Our country could learn a lot from sex parties and the kink community about consent and defeating rape culture. Kinky Salon is all about consent and creating a safe space for any-gendered people to play. The keys to a safe, fun time at a sex party? Communication, communication, communication! Read this article from The Atlantic: "At Group Sex Parties, Strict Rules Make for Safe Spaces" by Merissa Nathan Gerson.

Comedian Kevin Hart is in some hot water after stating he doesn't feel comfortable playing a gay character in a movie because of his own insecurities. Billy comes to the rescue to defend the comedy superstar, not that Hart needs any help. Watch the actual clip here on TMZ.

Order Polly's book Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. Follower her on Twitter: @PollySuperstar.

Come out to see Billy Procida perform live in Secaucus, NJ on Friday 1/23! Say Billy Procida at the door for discounted admission.

This week's episode is sponsored by the State of the Union. SOTU: The Up/Down Group Work-out Video.

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Direct download: 2015-01-21-Polly-Superstar.mp3
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Anna recalls a time when Billy was not such a nice, good guy. Sometimes, good guys can be jerks. Listen to Anna dish about Billy not walking her home after she blew him in a bar bathroom…in the afternoon. What a jerk, right?!

Do you enjoy sex in public? Where's your favorite place to do the deed? Billy explains how he scouts for public sex locations around New York City in case he finds himself in a pinch. Plus, are you back on the Tinder again yet?

Body image and body acceptance comes up again on The Manwhore Podcast. Both Billy and his guest talk about growing into their bodies and revelling in their newfound sexiness when they go home around former bullies.

Billy will be in San Francisco performing on Monday, 1/19:
Cafe Melt @ 8pm
Rite Spot @ 9pm.

Come to The Blue Room Lounge in Secaucus, NJ for some fun Hip Hop and Comedy! Tickets are only $10 when you say Billy Procida at the door. Or if you just hand them $10 and bumrush the door. 8pm show.

This week's episode is sponsored by barstools. Barstools: helping short people feel tall since 1817.

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Direct download: 2015-01-14-Alessandra.mp3
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Sarah is polyamorous. Her boyfriend is not. What do you do when someone you love is not romantically compatiable with you? Monogamy isn't for everyone and this poly girl gave it a shot for the past year. Billy gets caught up with Sarah as she updates him with the latest development on her relationship. Lots of love talk and poly talk on this week's episode!

Is scissoring real? Do you self-identify as a left- or right-side scissor? Where do you fall along the scissor spectrum?

Sarah was almost a member of the Bukkake Social Club! Hear her talk about how she almost got herself covered in come. Plus, sex party talk and a few words about shibari bondage.

What are your New Year sex & dating resolutions? Send your sexy goals in to!

Check out Billy Procida's appearance on The Jug Hug Show where he gabs with gals about body image, self love and how big his dick is. Listen here!

This week's episode is sponsored by friends who like sad Facebook statuses because they're sadder than you'll ever be.

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