The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Amber (and one of her boyfriends) lays down with Billy for a slutty sexy episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. She shares her sex party snacking habits and tells the time she had sex while eating a pot roast. Billy remembers the failed birthday gangbang, because Amber loves to get pounded.

Billy visits Babeland to learn about c*ck rings from one of the store's resident sex educators. C*ck rings are a great way to help maintain stiff, pleasurable erections. Check out the variety of sex toys Babeland recommends in this imgur gallery:

Amber and Billy discuss her failed marriage and how she transitioned into polyamory. She's got boyfriends and friends with benefits. She surely had plenty of penis to choose from during the underwhelming Snowmageddon.

Billy gives advice to a listener who is struggling to reignite her sex life with her husband. Billy helps her make him feel more attractive with an aggressive strategy.

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Kinky Salon founder, author and sexy storyteller Polly Whittaker sits with Billy in her San Francisco home for a special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. She explains the humble and beautiful beginnings of the now-international sex party Kinky Salon and her personality Polly Superstar. A collective community of brilliant, loving and sexual individuals, Kinky Salon has become a phenomenon complete with cabaret, costumes and casual sex.

Polly Superstar discuss various relationship models including polyamory, monogamy and various forms of sluttiness. Polly also shares her sexual coming-of-age tale as a curious teen in Britain discovering underground BDSM sex clubs.

Our country could learn a lot from sex parties and the kink community about consent and defeating rape culture. Kinky Salon is all about consent and creating a safe space for any-gendered people to play. The keys to a safe, fun time at a sex party? Communication, communication, communication! Read this article from The Atlantic: "At Group Sex Parties, Strict Rules Make for Safe Spaces" by Merissa Nathan Gerson.

Comedian Kevin Hart is in some hot water after stating he doesn't feel comfortable playing a gay character in a movie because of his own insecurities. Billy comes to the rescue to defend the comedy superstar, not that Hart needs any help. Watch the actual clip here on TMZ.

Order Polly's book Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. Follower her on Twitter: @PollySuperstar.

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Anna recalls a time when Billy was not such a nice, good guy. Sometimes, good guys can be jerks. Listen to Anna dish about Billy not walking her home after she blew him in a bar bathroom…in the afternoon. What a jerk, right?!

Do you enjoy sex in public? Where's your favorite place to do the deed? Billy explains how he scouts for public sex locations around New York City in case he finds himself in a pinch. Plus, are you back on the Tinder again yet?

Body image and body acceptance comes up again on The Manwhore Podcast. Both Billy and his guest talk about growing into their bodies and revelling in their newfound sexiness when they go home around former bullies.

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Sarah is polyamorous. Her boyfriend is not. What do you do when someone you love is not romantically compatiable with you? Monogamy isn't for everyone and this poly girl gave it a shot for the past year. Billy gets caught up with Sarah as she updates him with the latest development on her relationship. Lots of love talk and poly talk on this week's episode!

Is scissoring real? Do you self-identify as a left- or right-side scissor? Where do you fall along the scissor spectrum?

Sarah was almost a member of the Bukkake Social Club! Hear her talk about how she almost got herself covered in come. Plus, sex party talk and a few words about shibari bondage.

What are your New Year sex & dating resolutions? Send your sexy goals in to!

Check out Billy Procida's appearance on The Jug Hug Show where he gabs with gals about body image, self love and how big his dick is. Listen here!

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