The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Naked podcast number one begins with Daniela! A kinky naked lady strips down and bares all with nudity of the body and mind. We're talking about online dating woes, sexual exploration and anal fisting on a sexy new episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

This is the first in a short series of nudist podcasts. I believe that we are at our most vulnerable when naked in front of a new person.Combine that with opening up to a total stranger and I think it makes for a very interesting dynamic! So I recruited on Reddit and Tinder to find a few fun and brave souls to strip down with me and chat. Not as weird as we expected, but I still totally got a boner.

Daniela has had a rough time with online dating since moving to New York. She shares her bad luck with dating and Tinder horror stories. Plus, she tells me about her newfound relationship with casual sex.

I got to see more than Daniela's boobs. I got to see some bruises, the product of some rough sex on a recent drunken night. This leads to a chat about sex toys and and erotic fantasies. She even surprises me with one very affectionate fetish. Pet play is fun. Centaurs are still weird.

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How soon is too soon to send a d*ck pic? Lauren hops on the mic for a Tinder School Reunion to talk about showing your penis and the pitfalls of dating. Get that V wet!

Two years after their Tinder one-off, Lauren pops by Bushwick to chat with me about her dating style. Recently she's moved off of Tinder and hunts down men at the bar, or "in the wild" as she calls it. Where do people meet in real life these days? I still fantasize about meeting a woman at a bookstore where we reach for the same copy of Gotham and lock eyes as we both think to ourselves, "Wow this book is really f*cking heavy."

Lauren remembers Billy being very sweaty. I reveal that I just have a nervous dating tick that makes it seem like I was doing cocaine in the bathroom. Hear about my nervous itch on this week's episode of the podcast!

Is Tinder for hooking up? Is it for dating? Lauren and I discuss Tinder's ambiguity problem. It's important for a dating website or app to be specific about its purpose. Coffee Meets Bagel: coffee, bagels and meeting. Cougar Life: meeting older women/younger men. Christian Mingle: getting together to hate gay people.

What's one of your favorite moments from the past year of The Manwhore Podcast? Send me your favorite quotes from past episodes and it might just end up on the next batch of Manwhore Condoms!

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Kailey Marshall is back to talk about why we stopped f*cking this time. What? Yea…that happened again. Kailey: She still loves a big d*ck but no longer f*cks bassists. It's an amazing episode for celebrating The Manwhore Podcast's one-year anniversary!

Remember Kaylee the Size Queen from Episode 5? She's back as the musically talented Kailey Marshall! Kailey and I attended our first sex party together and had very different experiences. I was exhausted just happy to be there. Kailey made love to a sexy stranger who's c*ck rocked her world—so much so that she broke things off with me two days later. The break up caused strife for many months before we drunk bootycalled and made up…then stopped texting all over again. Women are f*cking complicated.

The orgy seemed to open Kailey's eyes to a whole wide sexy world that she never knew existed. The singer-songwriter details her recent depths into polyamory and nonmonogamy. She's now dating a poly guy and loving it. She's even explored her bi-curious side, experimenting with sex with women and threesomes! The verb "couplef*cking" is born? 

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One listener is celebrating her newly open relationship by blowing guys with girlfriends. She wonders why they don't text her as often after cheating on their significant others. Billy dishes some harsh truths! Plus, Kailey drops some truth bombs regarding how she really felt about having sex with me.

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Luke Jackson dishes on the ins and outs of being a straight male escort. These two manwhores discuss international travel, sex with older women and dating in New York City.

The Manwhore Podcast meets a professional manwhore. Luke Jackson is a high-end escort for women (and cuckhold couples) seeking an intelligent, attractive and cultured male companion. Luke tells me about how he got started in sex work and answers the question many of you ladies are thinking: how much?

I share my run-ins with prostitution. Sadly, my potential clients were not of the female variety. Listen to this very special episode to find out if I really went gay-for-pay!

The Indiana religious freedom protection law is pretty sh*tty. Even though crappy parts are being amended, you can still legally discriminate against homosexuals in Indiana, as well as most of the country. I also give advice to one listener who got exactly what she wanted---and doesn't know what to do.

Guys, if you could suck your own d*ck, would you? Luke Jackson shares his very special skill with you listeners. Hear if he thinks autofellatio is all it's cracked up to be or not. The answer may surprise you!

Luke may be a male escort and I'm just a manwhore, but we both would like to find some sort of romantic connection. We lament over the harsh dating scene in New York City. Also, we ponder the effects online dating has had on our society for better or for worse.

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Emily dumped me via hand-written letter six years ago. Like an almost-psycho, Billy tracks her down in Chicago to seek closure. What soon transpires, of course, is a poop joke. Great conversation about relationships, dating and growing up on this week's Manwhore Podcast!

Long-distance relationships are hard. Keeping up a romance in college with distance between you is a recipe for disaster. In this case, it culminated with an unexpected delivery from my mailman and a tearful viewing of 500 Days of Summer. Hear about this and about how f*cking adorable I was at 19.

One listener wants to know if she should offer her college boyfriend one of the best things a straight guy could ask for. What is it, you ask? Oh. You'll have to listen to this episode to find out! Let's just call it the hetero man's Double Rainbow.

Emily and I discuss life's emotional roller coaster. Emily prefers some stability, not letting the needle tick too far in one direction or the other. I prefer to feel the high highs and am willing to pay the price of feeling the low lows. You have to take the good with the bad, I think. Otherwise, the good wouldn't feel as good.

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