The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

How soon is too soon to send a d*ck pic? Lauren hops on the mic for a Tinder School Reunion to talk about showing your penis and the pitfalls of dating. Get that V wet!

Two years after their Tinder one-off, Lauren pops by Bushwick to chat with me about her dating style. Recently she's moved off of Tinder and hunts down men at the bar, or "in the wild" as she calls it. Where do people meet in real life these days? I still fantasize about meeting a woman at a bookstore where we reach for the same copy of Gotham and lock eyes as we both think to ourselves, "Wow this book is really f*cking heavy."

Lauren remembers Billy being very sweaty. I reveal that I just have a nervous dating tick that makes it seem like I was doing cocaine in the bathroom. Hear about my nervous itch on this week's episode of the podcast!

Is Tinder for hooking up? Is it for dating? Lauren and I discuss Tinder's ambiguity problem. It's important for a dating website or app to be specific about its purpose. Coffee Meets Bagel: coffee, bagels and meeting. Cougar Life: meeting older women/younger men. Christian Mingle: getting together to hate gay people.

What's one of your favorite moments from the past year of The Manwhore Podcast? Send me your favorite quotes from past episodes and it might just end up on the next batch of Manwhore Condoms!

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