The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Naked podcast number one begins with Daniela! A kinky naked lady strips down and bares all with nudity of the body and mind. We're talking about online dating woes, sexual exploration and anal fisting on a sexy new episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

This is the first in a short series of nudist podcasts. I believe that we are at our most vulnerable when naked in front of a new person.Combine that with opening up to a total stranger and I think it makes for a very interesting dynamic! So I recruited on Reddit and Tinder to find a few fun and brave souls to strip down with me and chat. Not as weird as we expected, but I still totally got a boner.

Daniela has had a rough time with online dating since moving to New York. She shares her bad luck with dating and Tinder horror stories. Plus, she tells me about her newfound relationship with casual sex.

I got to see more than Daniela's boobs. I got to see some bruises, the product of some rough sex on a recent drunken night. This leads to a chat about sex toys and and erotic fantasies. She even surprises me with one very affectionate fetish. Pet play is fun. Centaurs are still weird.

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This week's episode is sponsored by Mondays. Nothing good to say about them, but they paid for more press coverage.

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