The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

We're getting naked (again) on The Manwhore Podcast! Young Naturists of America co-founder Felicity Jones is on the podcast talking about getting naked and body positivity. And yes, men, she answers that "What if?" question you're already thinking. "It's not the boner that's the problem. It's what you do with it!"

Felicity Jones was raised in New Jersey stripping down with her family at the Rock Lodge Club. Raised nudist, being naked feels natural for Felicity. However, it's not considered "normal" so she had to keep it a secret (and keep her clothes on) during playdates! Plus, hear about how this fueled her views on body positivity!

Felicity advocates for topless equality: #FreeTheNipple! Young Naturistis of America also encourages social nudity "to promote acceptance." However, there is a concern that naked women walking the streets of urban cities would promote even more catcalling. Felicity shares how it makes her feel when men post crude comments about her body under her body painting photos on Facebook. "You're not looking at me as a person." Sadly, catcalling is not restricted to city streets.

We chit-chat about New York Body Painting Day and the magical feeling of becoming works of art. The public body painting was covered in The Observer!

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