The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Sex tips are all the rage. Everyone wants to know how to have better sex and please their partner. Kenneth Play is a sex hacker. He has tips to make you better at sex and more efficient. We had a fascinating discussion about sex tips, manhood, casual sex and Miley Cyrus.

Kenneth Play's sex advice starts with comfort. "The most important part of any sexual experience is about creating a safe space," said the sex hacker. If someone isn't comfortable, it's not going to be fun! We talked about how to create safe spaces in the bedroom. We also discuss manhood and how to have a lot of hot sex without being a douche.

Casual sex is very popular amongst the socio-sexual orientation unrestricted folks. Or simply: sluts. This slutty fella and I discussed why casual sex is so important for him. He tells us that society has demonized no-strings-attached sexual encounters. "If sex doesn't lead into a long-term monogomous releationship, we feel like we've failed. [But] you could have a very positive and powerful casual sex experience!" Plus we get his origin story as a chubby Asian guy questioning his dick size.

"Confidence" is a word you will hear many times throughout this episode. Hear how we gained our confidence through casual sex with open-minded sex-positive partners. Leading squirting demonstrations at the occasional sex party doesn't hurt either! Now he's the creator of the Sex Hacker Playbook!

Should we praise Miley Cyrus or damn her? Well, after our conversation it appears that the question is not that simple. It's great that she's so out about her sexuality. But it doesn't change that she's just a trashy little girl. Celebrity-worship creeps up on this week's Manwhore Podcast.

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