The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Every day millions of d*ck pics are sent unsolicited to women (and men!) around the world. This has caused catastrophic results. However, many women do love d*ck pics! This week's Manwhore Podcast is about one woman who loves them a whole extra lot. Soraya Doolbaz is a professional penis photographer. We talk about her art project dressing up dongs and why balls have yet to come into the frame!

Soraya Doolbaz gives tips and tricks to taking the perfect d*ck pic. The first rule of c*ck shots is to make sure the recipient wants them! Unsolicited sexts "are the modern day flasher," according to Soraya. But now she is rebranding the d*ck! By giving it proper lighting, angle and personality she is creating works of art out of what were once snapshots ladies would laught at while sharing them with friends over wine. Learn hot to take a d*ck pic from a pro!

Can balls be beautiful? Soraya and I discuss this oft-forgotten part of the package. "Balls are the plus-size models of dic pic photography!" This show is body-positive about balls! We also discuss why she witnessed the World's Saddest Handjob during a photo shoot.

When we think of homophobes, we typically think of the Southern states and church gatherings. One Honolulu police officer disgusted me, and the nation, when he harassed and arrested a vacationing lesbian couple after they were kissing in public. Now they are suing the police department after being detained in the state of Hawaii for five months with no jobs, home or money. How do you get mad about hot women kissing in public when you live in the gayest state in the country?

I gave some tips to's Aly Walansky about sex positions to stick to for your first time with a new partner. Read this article to find out why I'm now an "authority" on doggy style.

Make your d*ck beautiful by dressing it up in Soraya Doolbaz's web app! Just upload a photo and use some of her accessories to give your penis a personality. While you're at it, give it a cool, edgy backstory! Visit and check out her work!

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