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Dating in New York City is insane. Or at least that's what this week's guest Monica says. Monica returns for Round 2 on The Manwhore Podcast to talk about dating in New York, cuffing season and butthole pleasures. Is this city designed for casual dating or is romance still possible? Hear us talk about why New York City's ample options can be both a blessing and a curse!

Brace yourselves. Cuffing season is coming! Yes, the winter is upon us which means it is time to lower your Tinder settings to 1 mile and select the sex partner who brings the best snacks. Cuffing season is the time of year when you figure out which barfly you f*cked is the most suitable hibernating partner as the temperatures drop. So be aware: is that occasional f*ck buddy into you or is he/she just into the location of your genitals? As Monica reminds us New Yorkers, "Brooklyn to Brooklyn is a myth."

Rimjobs are magical gifts that are possibly more generous than starting a scholarship fund for low-income handicapped Rugby players. It's sort of the pinnacle of butt stuff activities. "If getting rimmed in a nice shower doesn't bring you any pleasure, your assh*le is broken!" Monica and I discuss butt stuff and why I insist it feels so good! We also recall that time she participated by bringing out her Goldfinger…

New York City has a nearly endless array of options of all sorts of folk. If you need a community, this city has one for you! Relationships are frustrating in New York because all of our options lead to lots of indecision and non-commitment. On the other hand, these options are a godsend for outcasts who moved to this city to let their freak flag fly! Let's just say that the furry community in Des Moines, Iowa is not so robust. Dating in New York is a bit insane, but there ain't no other city like it!

Go check out Dr. Zhana Vrangalova on Periscope! Almost every day she is talking about the latest in sex research and answering your sex geek questions on a level I can't even begin to attempt. Check her out!

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My thoughts and well-wishes to all those effected by the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris. Stay slutty and stay safe!

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