The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Krystyna Hutchinson joins me for a special episode of The Manwhore Podcast! The Guys We F*cked co-host has seen monstrous success talking to her exes and hilarious comedians alongside her good friend Corinne Fisher. We couldn't fit more topics this week if we tried! From bisexual men to butt stuff to Bailey Jay's c*ck it's one super sexual episode!

Krystyna co-hosts a show that is the female yang to the Manwhore yin. You all know Guys We F*cked from either its endless amount of press or my appearance on their podcast last year. We discussed how podcasting about our sex lives has improved our bedroom practices. One of 2015's poster women for feminism also shares how talking to her boyfriend's porn star ex (Stoya) helped her overcome immense jealousy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas or "generic Friday off work"! I spent my weekend getting accused of being bisexual at a party. Which is a strange thing to be accused of. Most men are accused of being gay, so maybe this is a weird victory for bi-visibility!

Krsytyna was fascinated at all of the different ways that men can masturbate. So many just assume that it's a quick jerk with some lube and maybe a finger in the butt. I gave her some suggestions for alternative methods—including the Pulse by Hot Octopuss! Use the discount code Whore20 for 20% off yours!

Congratulations to Shawn B. of the Multiple Goregasms for winning the Fanwhore Fantasy Football League! You f*ck.

Krystyna and I discuss our experiences at sex clubs and sex parties, respectively. I suggest a more relaxed, egalitarian gathering would be more enjoyable for her and her boyfriend. The more a single man has to pay to get naked with people, the more he may feel entitled to live porn or sex. A place where everyone pays the same, or a private shindig amongst friends, is certainly a more comfortable and lower pressure option.

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This week's guest Caroline is a Lover Without Borders. The new Manwhore Podcast is all about love and the different ways we experience it. "Any chance to fall in love expands your horizons," says my hippie dippie guest. But there's a dark side to this podcast: Caroline is guilty of chronic ghosting! Don't worry. I got over it. Check it out!

We all know what ghosting is. Ghosting is a more abrupt fade away. It's rude to inexplicably cease all communication with someone immediately after an otherwise fun encounter. Sure, some guys don't take no for an answer. And some will. Do you really want to go through life assuming the worst of everyone?

Caroline has many boyfriends but she is not about that poly life. She is for all intents and purposes nonmonogamous but doesn't enjoy acknowledging monogamy as a cultural norm (even though it is). We discuss her various partners and how relationships morph and change. She also walks us through a recent break-up with a lover, telling us how they remain friends. Plus, I sit inside the Princess Palace!

I divulge the results of the first round of playoffs in the Manwhore Podcast Fantasy Football League! I know a lot of you don't understand pointyball, let alone fantasy pointyball, but it's pretty exciting. Also, cold sores suck. More also, not havinga cold sore but thinking you do sucks too.

One listener asks how to get a happy ending. I walk him through the various ways to contact sex workers to rub your back and tug on your junk.

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Many people never realize their sexual fantasies because they don't know how to make them happen. My guest Liz took to Reddit to fulfill her fantasy of group sex. Using /r/RandomActsOfBlowjob, I organized a blowbang for this eager c*cksucker several months ago. Now she's on The Manwhore Podcast to explain why someone would ever want a bunch of dicks in their face! We also give some useful tips to men and women looking to post sexy personal ads, or answer one, online.

Liz has explored her sexuality by having threesomes with couples, experimenting with BDSM kink and, now, trying group sex. I recruited a half-dozen men using Reddit's /r/RandomActsOfBlowjob subreddit and Craigslist to give this young lady all the dick she can handle. The Internet is filled with a bunch of creeps, true. But so is your local bar, frat house and office holiday party. If you put out the right energy online, there is a good chance you will receive an equally respectful energy in return. You get out of it what you put into it! Except for ladies who post ads. See /r/CreepyPMs. RIP Inbox!

It's no secret that men far outnumber women when it comes to online personal ads for No Strings Attached sex. So if you're answering a post, you need to stand out. Corny opening lines are a popular Tinder strategy but I recommend creating a safe space. Use slut beacon keywords, complete sentences and transparency to make her feel more comfortable. "Comfortable women tend to give better blowjobs." It's more than acceptable to say you want her to swallow your load when answering an ad seeking to swallow some loads. But you can do better than smashing your keyboard with cro-magnon vocabulary! Liz and I give suggestions on how to answer a sex post on Reddit's RandomActs subreddits (shout out to my fave, /r/RandomActsOfMuffdive!). My guest also shares what she looks for when answering men's ads. Take notes, people!

How do you define "current partner"? Is it someone you f*ck regularly? Does it require an emotional connection? What about dinner? Send me your thoughts! Also, an exciting update about the first Manwhore Podcast Fantasy Football League's playoff picture!

Liz is a bigger gal. We all know about my struggles with body image and disordered eating. Yet we are both very sexual people. We chat about how we overcome our poor body images to run off and have insanely hot sexual experiences that most people can only fantasize about! Plus she talks about using a couple's very expensive f*cking machine.

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Lauren Urasek was the most popular woman on OKCupid in New York City. If it sounds exhausting that's because it kind of is! Lauren stopped by The Manwhore Podcast and talked about her online dating ventures, what she looks for in a man and her experience as a sugar baby!

Even the most messaged woman on OKCupid is still single, so don't feel bad about your current relationship status. Lauren Urasek has been on a lot of awkward Internet dates and received even more ridiculous messages. Ultimately, none of the men from OKCupid had the right stuff for her. Lauren tells me about what she looks for in a man and how dating has changed since her newfound celebrity status.

Creepy messages are never okay but always hilarious. Lauren's received so many that she started a Tumblr page where she could share her most entertaining ones. It's like having a personalized /r/CreepyPMs subreddit! Check out!

I went to my sex party this weekend and shared a few details of how it went. Short story: it was awesome! I'm still a bit shy when it comes to talking to women and I guess it gets a little more intimidating when their tits are already out. Also, the Popular author discusses the importance of confidence and how it has to come from within.

Lauren used to be a sugar baby! Like many a young, beautiful New York woman she has dabbled in the faux-sex work of sugar baby websites. Our mutual favorite site (at least based on title):!

Buy Lauren's book Popular: The Ups and Downs of Online Dating from the Most Popular Girl in New York City

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Jane Ward just legitimized "No homo," the excuse for any masculine straight dude who wishes to cup his buddy's balls. Her new book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men is a fascinating study of why heterosexual (white) men who have homosexual encounters don't identify as gay. Lost? Then let her explain it on a very homoerotic Manwhore Podcast!

Whether it's in a frat house, a military barracks or a Hell's Angel club house, straight-identified white men are having homosexual experiences with other straight-identified men. Jane Ward discusses how their masculinity and whiteness allows opportunities to explore each other's bodies without endangering their heterosexual identity. Not Gay makes sense of those Craigslist m4m ads of "Straight seeking Straight Jack Off Buddy." "Look bro, if you can't help a friend out by giving him a handjob then you're kind of a fag!" - says he-man former frat boy.

#NotAllMen was a Twitter movement that angered many a feminist. I admit that I would prefer someone talking about "men," "white people," "straight people," "comedians" to qualify their complaint with "assh*les," "misogynists," "homophobes," and "Republicans." Ward helps me understand how to be a better ally while not letting myself be someone else's privilege punching bag.

Ward gives an Intro to Intro to Feminism 101 by explaining intersectional feminism. Hopefully, we get to a point where we don't need the separate term and all feminism is intersectional, according to my guest. The UC-Riverside associate professor reminds us that one woman's experience is informed by not just her gender but her race, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. So Patricia Arquette was right and wrong.

Buy Jane Ward's amazing book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men!

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