The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest's Jared Freid tells Manwhore Podcast listeners to "be the Captain." Freid, also known as JTrain, talks about hooking up, dating apps, and confidence on this week's total dudecast. This episode has some stellar advice for all unsure daters. Get in here and listen!

Jared Freid is a very funny stand-up comedian who fields sex and dating questions on his very own podcast, The JTrain Podcast! This dude's dude has some excellent words of wisdom for frustrated folks on the dating scene. One of my favorites? "Be okay with a no," he tells people whose happiness is too tied to the outcome. We also talk about the tug o' war between women and comedy.

How early is too early to ask for butt stuff? I recount a recent post-date blowjob that seemed to dangle the promise of prostate play in the air. I caught myself wondering if communicating this desire was time-appropriate. If I wasn't so smitten, it'd be a no-brainer.

Jared and I both grew up chubby fellas who later lost the weight. Having poor body image as a male is a typically taboo topic. But both of us learned how to love our bodies (enough) to project confidence around women.

I appeared on Tina Horn's awesome sex podcast Why Are People Into That?. We discussed sex with strangers—a subject near and dear to my heart! Check it out!

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The JTrain Podcast

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My friend Lilly stopped by The Manwhore Podcast to debrief another successful sex party weekend. For all the lovers of sexy stories, this is the episode for you. Hear how one of my Manwhore Podcast condoms got more action than I did one night!

Ever have a dude f*ck up your blowjob? Not only do you need consent to touch another person, but I think you should have consent from the person the other person is touching. What do I mean? Listen in! Plus, am I into sex parties for the exhibitionism or for the accessability to titties?

I've never used one of the Manwhore Podcast condoms but I did watch one get used. Lilly and I team up to recount a wild night at the Creek and the Cave after a comedy show. Apparently she was black out drunk so she's just as surprised by most of this story as you are. She also talks about her history with BDSM and foray into being a professional dominatrix.

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Speed dating is alive and well! This week I went speed dating on the podcast thanks to To make things interesting, I invited back Andrea Allan to critique my dates. This is a one-of-a-kind Manwhore Podcast!

As a twentysomething millenial, the term "speed dating" still conjures up that scene from The 40-Year-Old-Virgin. I threw a speed dating event to meet eight single New Yorkers. I discovered the best way to make multiple five-minute dates even more awkward: shove a microphone in their face and broadcast it on the Internet! There was a solid mix of good and bad dates. Now you can hear what a nervous Billy Procida sounds like when he has to impress someone in five minutes or less!

I was on some podcasts recently. You should check them out!
Keith and the Girl: Ep. 2315 - 47-Hour Marathon: Piss Play
The Movie Preview Review Podcast: Ep. 182

Comedian Andrea Allan stopped by to sit down and critique my speed dates. My bitter ex-f*ck buddy of a comedian did not hold back! We Periscoped the discussion LIVE, so if you're not following me there you should do that now! Listen to hear who she liked, who she didn't like, and the various ways she thinks I'm a terrible date. 

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This week's Manwhore Podcast is with the fantastic Effy Blue! Effy is an alternative relationships coach here in New York City. She and I agree that each relationship should be customized for the people in that relationship. Excellent episode if you're interested in opening your relationship or learning about nonmonogamous lifestyles! "I'm not here to recruit you—I'm just here to help!" Not much butt stuff on this one, but you'll get by!

Effy Blue is a "life coach specializing in unconventional relationships." Got #PolyProblems? Call Effy. Threeway miscommunication? Call Effy. Metamour stole your credit cards? Call the cops. Then Effy. We discuss the various relationship models floating out there, from polyamory to monogamy. She also shares her origin story of a failed monagamist-turned-poly person!

Look, we all thought Gwyneth Paltrow's "Conscious Uncoupling" fiasco was kinda silly. But Effy thinks they may have been on to something! Our mutual friend (and Manwhore Podcast guest Kenneth Play) threw a big party when he and his girlfriend broke up. Effy thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the relationship instead of mourn it. You can watch their Conscious Uncoupling party here!

Comedians don't get no respect, to steal a line from the late great Rodney Dangerfield. I had a tiff with a bar owner here in New York City who doesn't understand that he's the lucky one for having comedians bark customers into his space. I go on a rant about appreciating comedians and content creators. Then I unskillfully asked for money afterwards. Gross.

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