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This week's Manwhore Podcast is with the fantastic Effy Blue! Effy is an alternative relationships coach here in New York City. She and I agree that each relationship should be customized for the people in that relationship. Excellent episode if you're interested in opening your relationship or learning about nonmonogamous lifestyles! "I'm not here to recruit you—I'm just here to help!" Not much butt stuff on this one, but you'll get by!

Effy Blue is a "life coach specializing in unconventional relationships." Got #PolyProblems? Call Effy. Threeway miscommunication? Call Effy. Metamour stole your credit cards? Call the cops. Then Effy. We discuss the various relationship models floating out there, from polyamory to monogamy. She also shares her origin story of a failed monagamist-turned-poly person!

Look, we all thought Gwyneth Paltrow's "Conscious Uncoupling" fiasco was kinda silly. But Effy thinks they may have been on to something! Our mutual friend (and Manwhore Podcast guest Kenneth Play) threw a big party when he and his girlfriend broke up. Effy thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the relationship instead of mourn it. You can watch their Conscious Uncoupling party here!

Comedians don't get no respect, to steal a line from the late great Rodney Dangerfield. I had a tiff with a bar owner here in New York City who doesn't understand that he's the lucky one for having comedians bark customers into his space. I go on a rant about appreciating comedians and content creators. Then I unskillfully asked for money afterwards. Gross.

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