The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

My friend Lilly stopped by The Manwhore Podcast to debrief another successful sex party weekend. For all the lovers of sexy stories, this is the episode for you. Hear how one of my Manwhore Podcast condoms got more action than I did one night!

Ever have a dude f*ck up your blowjob? Not only do you need consent to touch another person, but I think you should have consent from the person the other person is touching. What do I mean? Listen in! Plus, am I into sex parties for the exhibitionism or for the accessability to titties?

I've never used one of the Manwhore Podcast condoms but I did watch one get used. Lilly and I team up to recount a wild night at the Creek and the Cave after a comedy show. Apparently she was black out drunk so she's just as surprised by most of this story as you are. She also talks about her history with BDSM and foray into being a professional dominatrix.

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