The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest's Jared Freid tells Manwhore Podcast listeners to "be the Captain." Freid, also known as JTrain, talks about hooking up, dating apps, and confidence on this week's total dudecast. This episode has some stellar advice for all unsure daters. Get in here and listen!

Jared Freid is a very funny stand-up comedian who fields sex and dating questions on his very own podcast, The JTrain Podcast! This dude's dude has some excellent words of wisdom for frustrated folks on the dating scene. One of my favorites? "Be okay with a no," he tells people whose happiness is too tied to the outcome. We also talk about the tug o' war between women and comedy.

How early is too early to ask for butt stuff? I recount a recent post-date blowjob that seemed to dangle the promise of prostate play in the air. I caught myself wondering if communicating this desire was time-appropriate. If I wasn't so smitten, it'd be a no-brainer.

Jared and I both grew up chubby fellas who later lost the weight. Having poor body image as a male is a typically taboo topic. But both of us learned how to love our bodies (enough) to project confidence around women.

I appeared on Tina Horn's awesome sex podcast Why Are People Into That?. We discussed sex with strangers—a subject near and dear to my heart! Check it out!

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