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Netflix’s GLOW missed one gorgeous lady of wrestling: Andre Shakti! Maybe it’s because she does her wrestling for a very different kind of broadcast. Yes! Andre Shakti is probably most known for her wrestling porn with Academy Wrestling. The queer-as-funk alum wears many hats. In addition to her erotic-slash-terrifying takedowns, she is a sex educator, professional dominatrix, stripper, and writer. I had a blast discussing her New Jersey upbringing, prostate massages, and an underground Female Fight Club! This is seriously a Manwhore Podcast you do not want to miss!

PLUS: choking, the Whore-archy, kidnapping rich people, feminism, ManwhoreCon, and how I broke a stripper pole!

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I Am Poly
Twitter: @andreshakti
Porn: Crash Pad Series, Academy Wrestling

Also mentioned on the show: @techdomme, Justine Cross, journalist Violet Blue!

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