The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Amy practices abstinence. To fully service her Lord, she has snapped her snatch shut until her wedding night. “To let someone f*ck my body is allowing someone to f*ck my spirit,” she shares on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. Sounds like The Holy Ghost has gotten in on some hot action! But before she found Christianity, she found me in Odessa, Texas. We had some reckless, drunken sex that turned into a long distance pseudo-relationship. Now she sticks to masturbation and what I’ve dubbed The Kink Loophole! This episode examines how our paths momentarily overlapped, how they veered in vastly different directions, and the role of a real Christian in a faith populated by Hate.

PLUS: Catholic kegels, polyamory, dating advice, Trump nation, Facebook stalking exes, and LOVE!

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