The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

David Piccolomini has big dick problems. The problem is he can’t relate to the average c*ck, I mean, guy. Raised in a “baptist co-op homeschool”, David’s goal at a young age was to be fantastic at sex. He researched. He studied. He practiced. And the Tinder Tales host is a polyamorous sexual pro. Oh, you don’t believe him? That’s fair. I suppose you’ll have to f*ck him to find out. Yes, I realize that this is an episode with two straight, white men talking about all of the sex they have. What can I say? I’m an innovative motherf*cker.

PLUS: faking orgasms, LARPing, communication, asking for nudes, body painting, and ManwhoreCon!

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My friend Roxanne complained for the umpteenth time, “Billy, I am having such a hard time getting laid!” Of course, she can find a man to stick it in her at a moment’s notice—just open a window. But my female friends tell me that finding a partner with a high sexual IQ who cares about her pleasure (without factoring in physical attraction and personality) is a frustratingly difficult experience. That’s why on this week’s Manwhore Podcast we are holding ORAL SEX AUDITIONS! Yes! Five male suitors compete in this cunnilingus contest for the ultimate prize of f*cking my friend. No more bragging about how much you love eating p*ssy at the bar, then forgetting all about your claims of prowess once your d*ck gets hard. It’s time to prove yourself, fellas! Hear Roxanne go from lockjawed blowqueen to pillow princess on the only episode where I can see the female orgasm in sound waves. ALSO: hear Goddess Lola Jean take on the high demand-low supply wrestling fetish!

PLUS: sex god, cunnilingus, rape, sexual frustration, kinky Christians, and “The Swirl”!

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Amanda has survived a sexual assault, a failed suicide attempt, and years of predatory grooming as a teenaged cosplayer surrounded by Nerd Kings of a certain age. Sexual assault continues to dominate headlines as victims and allies alike refuse to stay silent about rape culture in this country, especially on our college campuses. I don’t know how to fix the criminal justice system to honor the victims of one of the hardest crimes to prove. But so long as we don’t shut up about it, we just may make a dent. I am so grateful that Amanda returned for another Manwhore Podcast to share her story of love, sex, and courage. ALSO: Hear why I agree, sort of, with Trump twat Betsy DeVos on Title IX!

PLUS: alpha female, two boyfriends, anime conventions, bartenders, cheating, and The Naked Man!

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Title IX-related Links:
Betsy DeVos’s speech
Know Your IX
Know Your IX’s Letter to University Presidents
President Obama’s ”Dear Colleague” letter
”Fair Process, Not Criminal Process, Is the Right Way to Address Campus Sexual Assault”
”The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy”

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Nikki Silver is hairy. Very hairy. Lives in the woods surrounded by feminist literature hairy. Nikki creates porn that caters to those who fetishize natural body hair! Her site, Naughty Natural, showcases sexy women with armpit hair, facial hair, leg hair, and big, beautiful bushes. “I was a little sex maniac,” the Long Island native shares when asked how she got into the porn industry. Nikki Silver joins me for an unshaven episode of The Manwhore Podcast! ALSO: my summer intern shares her worst college sex story!

PLUS: incest roleplay, ManwhoreCon, age play, Designer Relationships, cats, and stinky pits!

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