The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Amanda has survived a sexual assault, a failed suicide attempt, and years of predatory grooming as a teenaged cosplayer surrounded by Nerd Kings of a certain age. Sexual assault continues to dominate headlines as victims and allies alike refuse to stay silent about rape culture in this country, especially on our college campuses. I don’t know how to fix the criminal justice system to honor the victims of one of the hardest crimes to prove. But so long as we don’t shut up about it, we just may make a dent. I am so grateful that Amanda returned for another Manwhore Podcast to share her story of love, sex, and courage. ALSO: Hear why I agree, sort of, with Trump twat Betsy DeVos on Title IX!

PLUS: alpha female, two boyfriends, anime conventions, bartenders, cheating, and The Naked Man!

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Title IX-related Links:
Betsy DeVos’s speech
Know Your IX
Know Your IX’s Letter to University Presidents
President Obama’s ”Dear Colleague” letter
”Fair Process, Not Criminal Process, Is the Right Way to Address Campus Sexual Assault”
”The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy”

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