The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Slut-shaming is a cause near and dear to Emily Lindin’s heart. She published the beautiful and heartbreaking diary and memoir Unslut to shine light on the sexual bullying she faced as a coming-of-age girl. Today she runs The UnSlut Project fighting sexist stigma and shaming. We discuss mens’ roles in building a consent culture. “Get over the fear of friends, brothers, whoever, rolling their eyes at you and being like, “Oh, maybe you’re a cuck.” Cuck off! ALSO: I announce how YOU can win a FREE trip to ManwhoreCon in New York City this August!

PLUS: sex education, Aziz Ansari, female pleasure, faking orgasms, and a “disloyal” fan!

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Mentioned on the show: Aziz Ansari piece
Kendra Sunderland

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The UnSlut Project
UnSlut: A diary and a Memoir

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