The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Comedian Mike Cannon makes a special appearance on The Manwhore Podcast this week. Holy sh*t! What didn't we talk about?! Love. Dating. Craigslist. Hairy assh*les. Mike and I covered it all!

We start this week's episode off on a super sad note. I had a rough weekend and I explain why. Don't worry: the show gets better when I start talking about rimjobs.

Congratulations to Ireland for proving that even Catholics can be loving human beings! The Republic of Ireland voted to legalize same-sex marriages in their country by public referendum. How did the f*cking Catholics beat us to marriage equality?!

It's probably responsible to check-in about your sexuality once in awhile and make sure you're not missing out on something that you want. Right? No? We enter that heteroman world of, "Well if you were gay…" I also blow his mind when I tell him about my naked podcast episodes.

We discuss his decades-long relationship and how they manage the very different work schedules of a fashion girl and a stand-up comedian. Of course, at this point they've faced the marriage question many times. Is it necessary? Hear why these 30-year-olds aren't getting married anytime soon.

Mike Cannon is just a super f*cking funny comedian and you really need to check him out. If you like me, he's way better.

Twitter: @IAmMikeCannon
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Crystal was my annual NYU tradition. We met Welcome Week during our freshman year at New York University and made it a point to hook-up each year. Lots of not-sex with Crystal back then. Now she's in an adorable long-term long distance relationship. I'm still sad and alone.

NYU was a casual sex fest for me. Crystal shared a similar amount of adventures, including a pair of hot threesomes! Despite our busy dance cards, we somehow made time for getting naked with each other once a year. But we have no idea how it started! How do you think we hooked up? Email your guesses to!

Manscaping: it's finally come up! One hairy listener wants to know how he can trim up his pubes to his wife's liking. They're both about to enter the swinger scene so he wants a pube 'do that pleases a wide audience.

Crystal has been dating her first love for five years. They have recently begun a hopeful long distance relationship. After years together, she still struggles with opening up emotionally but knows this guy could be the one. We discuss how best to express one's love for their significant other. One way not to do it? Text message.

Long distance relationships require quite a bit of sexting to keep the flame burning strong. But sexting has its own struggles. I mean, what's the best angle to make your c*ck look impressive? Is a selfie stick the cure to getting a great shot of your ass?

The following people played a huge role for me in starting and keeping up this show. Please go check out their projects and ventures. They're all awesome-as-f*ck, talented people!
How To: Keith and the Girl's Ultimate Podcasting Guide
Art: Branson Belchie
Intro Music: "The Voice" is Evan Williams. The music is Kevin MacLeod.
Encouragement: Comedian Nick Callas and writer AJ Marechal.

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The third and final (?) naked podcast is upon us! Mary completes my first series of naked podcast episodes talking about casual sex, being vanilla and losing her virginity. The dad bod craze makes an appearance in this week's show and one listener wants to know how to be a responsible unicorn. What happens when two Tinder right swipes get naked and talk about sex? Well…sexy things!

Mary challenged herself to step outside of her comfort zone and got naked with a total stranger. We discussed how natural the nudity eventually felt. It was pretty cool. The dynamic was different than my previous nude episodes because since she came from Tinder, we both inherently knew we were attracted to each other. Listen to the sexual tension build.

The dad bod is in. Hear me discuss my joys and concerns over the latest male body type craze. The dad bod is a guy who isn't entirely in shape but isn't an unhealthy fat guy. It's sort of inbetween. Think Leonardo DiCaprio inbetween movies. But dad bod should not become a socially acceptable term for fat folks to hide behind. Let's not let it become the male "curvy." I discuss why hidding behind trendy buzzwords doesn't help the body positive movement. Read the article that started the craze on The Odyssey.

Mary has quite the story about the first time she had sex. She was a late bloomer, getting her first kiss at 20. The first time she had sex was in public. She tells us about why it wasn't as hot and awesome as we may think.

One listener wrote in asking for advice for planning her first threesome. Using the threeway dating app 3nder, she wants to know how to responsibly prepare for the event while making sure everyone has a good time. My most important piece of advice? Have fun!

This week's episode is sponsored, actually, by the Autoblow 2! This automated blowjob machine will turn any solo masturbation adventure into a hands-free frenzy. Win your very own Autoblow 2 by becoming a patron of The Manwhore Podcast. Make a pledge on Patreon before June 4 and be entered to win this amazing new male sex toy! Click here to enter!

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The Naked Manwhore Podcast takes one gay man and one straight man and strips them of their clothes to get an amazing episode about sex and dating. Whether gay, straight or queer, we can all relate to the topics of lusting for sex, falling in love and navigating the frustrating world of dating. Two nude dudes cover Truvada, Craigslist and romance!

On the second installment of my naked podcast series, James and I discuss the finer points of Craigslist and dick size. As James tells us, "I never met a dick I couldn't take." You could be that dick for him, if you're on Scruff!

PrEP and Truvada have revolutioninzed safe sex in gay culture. A community of men ravaged by the AIDS epidemic and scared straight into using condoms now have a new tool to protect themselves against HIV transmission. LGBT folk and experts have mixed feelings about Truvada, the miracle pill that makes gay sex safer and saves lives. Although it protects HIV-negative people against contracting the virus, it is not necessarily an automatic excuse to ditch condoms since it does not protect against other STDs. James shares his personal reasons for using PrEP to get to bareback sex faster.

Gay or straight, prepping for receiving anal sex is pretty much the same. Bathe daily. Be aware of your colon. Finger your butthole while showering. Plus, these naked men talk about their shared hopes for seeking romantic relationships. We also discuss Jefferson's Bukkake Social Club!

One gay man writes in to the show to talk about his discomfort around his straight friends. He wonders if hetero dudes feel just as uncomfortable around him. For those of you who know my opinion on generalizations, I'm sure you can guess what my advice and answer to him is!

Hear me on Reaction Podcast!

Here's the study referenced about ethically nonmonogamous couples being healthier than cheating monogamists. "Unfaithful Individuals are Less Likely to Practice Safer Sex Than Openly Nonmonogamoous Individuals" in The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Seriously: float with me. Saturday, May 16. Do it!

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Naked podcast number one begins with Daniela! A kinky naked lady strips down and bares all with nudity of the body and mind. We're talking about online dating woes, sexual exploration and anal fisting on a sexy new episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

This is the first in a short series of nudist podcasts. I believe that we are at our most vulnerable when naked in front of a new person.Combine that with opening up to a total stranger and I think it makes for a very interesting dynamic! So I recruited on Reddit and Tinder to find a few fun and brave souls to strip down with me and chat. Not as weird as we expected, but I still totally got a boner.

Daniela has had a rough time with online dating since moving to New York. She shares her bad luck with dating and Tinder horror stories. Plus, she tells me about her newfound relationship with casual sex.

I got to see more than Daniela's boobs. I got to see some bruises, the product of some rough sex on a recent drunken night. This leads to a chat about sex toys and and erotic fantasies. She even surprises me with one very affectionate fetish. Pet play is fun. Centaurs are still weird.

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How soon is too soon to send a d*ck pic? Lauren hops on the mic for a Tinder School Reunion to talk about showing your penis and the pitfalls of dating. Get that V wet!

Two years after their Tinder one-off, Lauren pops by Bushwick to chat with me about her dating style. Recently she's moved off of Tinder and hunts down men at the bar, or "in the wild" as she calls it. Where do people meet in real life these days? I still fantasize about meeting a woman at a bookstore where we reach for the same copy of Gotham and lock eyes as we both think to ourselves, "Wow this book is really f*cking heavy."

Lauren remembers Billy being very sweaty. I reveal that I just have a nervous dating tick that makes it seem like I was doing cocaine in the bathroom. Hear about my nervous itch on this week's episode of the podcast!

Is Tinder for hooking up? Is it for dating? Lauren and I discuss Tinder's ambiguity problem. It's important for a dating website or app to be specific about its purpose. Coffee Meets Bagel: coffee, bagels and meeting. Cougar Life: meeting older women/younger men. Christian Mingle: getting together to hate gay people.

What's one of your favorite moments from the past year of The Manwhore Podcast? Send me your favorite quotes from past episodes and it might just end up on the next batch of Manwhore Condoms!

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Kailey Marshall is back to talk about why we stopped f*cking this time. What? Yea…that happened again. Kailey: She still loves a big d*ck but no longer f*cks bassists. It's an amazing episode for celebrating The Manwhore Podcast's one-year anniversary!

Remember Kaylee the Size Queen from Episode 5? She's back as the musically talented Kailey Marshall! Kailey and I attended our first sex party together and had very different experiences. I was exhausted just happy to be there. Kailey made love to a sexy stranger who's c*ck rocked her world—so much so that she broke things off with me two days later. The break up caused strife for many months before we drunk bootycalled and made up…then stopped texting all over again. Women are f*cking complicated.

The orgy seemed to open Kailey's eyes to a whole wide sexy world that she never knew existed. The singer-songwriter details her recent depths into polyamory and nonmonogamy. She's now dating a poly guy and loving it. She's even explored her bi-curious side, experimenting with sex with women and threesomes! The verb "couplef*cking" is born? 

Please become a patron of The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon. If you've enjoy the show, any contribution helps me improve the podcast for you! Plus, there are a lot of great and awesome rewards you can get for being a patron. Simply click here and make your pledge!

One listener is celebrating her newly open relationship by blowing guys with girlfriends. She wonders why they don't text her as often after cheating on their significant others. Billy dishes some harsh truths! Plus, Kailey drops some truth bombs regarding how she really felt about having sex with me.

Check out Kailey Marshall's website for information on her song cycle "Songs for Slutty Girls" at

Follow Kailey on Twitter: @kmarshland
Follow me on Twitter: @TheBillyProcida

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Luke Jackson dishes on the ins and outs of being a straight male escort. These two manwhores discuss international travel, sex with older women and dating in New York City.

The Manwhore Podcast meets a professional manwhore. Luke Jackson is a high-end escort for women (and cuckhold couples) seeking an intelligent, attractive and cultured male companion. Luke tells me about how he got started in sex work and answers the question many of you ladies are thinking: how much?

I share my run-ins with prostitution. Sadly, my potential clients were not of the female variety. Listen to this very special episode to find out if I really went gay-for-pay!

The Indiana religious freedom protection law is pretty sh*tty. Even though crappy parts are being amended, you can still legally discriminate against homosexuals in Indiana, as well as most of the country. I also give advice to one listener who got exactly what she wanted---and doesn't know what to do.

Guys, if you could suck your own d*ck, would you? Luke Jackson shares his very special skill with you listeners. Hear if he thinks autofellatio is all it's cracked up to be or not. The answer may surprise you!

Luke may be a male escort and I'm just a manwhore, but we both would like to find some sort of romantic connection. We lament over the harsh dating scene in New York City. Also, we ponder the effects online dating has had on our society for better or for worse.

Book your own appointment with Luke Jackson! Visit!

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Emily dumped me via hand-written letter six years ago. Like an almost-psycho, Billy tracks her down in Chicago to seek closure. What soon transpires, of course, is a poop joke. Great conversation about relationships, dating and growing up on this week's Manwhore Podcast!

Long-distance relationships are hard. Keeping up a romance in college with distance between you is a recipe for disaster. In this case, it culminated with an unexpected delivery from my mailman and a tearful viewing of 500 Days of Summer. Hear about this and about how f*cking adorable I was at 19.

One listener wants to know if she should offer her college boyfriend one of the best things a straight guy could ask for. What is it, you ask? Oh. You'll have to listen to this episode to find out! Let's just call it the hetero man's Double Rainbow.

Emily and I discuss life's emotional roller coaster. Emily prefers some stability, not letting the needle tick too far in one direction or the other. I prefer to feel the high highs and am willing to pay the price of feeling the low lows. You have to take the good with the bad, I think. Otherwise, the good wouldn't feel as good.

Check me out on the new live streaming app Periscope. I'm @TheBillyProcida. Watch me eat pizza or something.

Go check out my chat about gender for #SexTalkTuesday!

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Kay gets Billy super stoned as they recall their apathetic blowjob years ago. Sugar babies, sex toys and lots of bathroom breaks on a sexy, silly episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

Kay talks about her time as a sugar baby, dating sophisticated wealthy men for a monthly cash allowance. She used sugar baby websites like Seeking Arrangement to link up with men who would pay to date her. I almost sugar babied for a man once but then I got all Pretty Woman on him and said the nay-no.

Kay and I thought it would be a hilarious idea to eat some weed chocolate before turning on the microphones. We did and I'm still not sure whether or not that was a good idea. I'm not much of a weed guy but these edibles surely caused all sorts of whacky chatter and maniacal laughter. Listen to us slowly spiral out of our senses in what might be my silliest episode yet!

Sex toys keep popping up on this week's show. After talking to Kay, I almost want my own Rebellious Ryan…although maybe I can figure out some kind of female name to help me get over the c*ckness of this fake but alluring sex toy. Shop new sex toys at Babeland!

Before we our trip down Billy's High Lane, listen to Kay discuss her year of polyamory and being an ethical slut. She then inquires about my polyamorous leanings.

I discuss meeting a lovely older woman (not old just older) at a recent sex party. She could be great to date but she's concerned about our age difference. Hear my thoughts on older women and restrictive age limits.

This week's episode is sponsored by Cadbury Eggs, because Easter is like Christian Halloween.

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Former Wall Street intern Paige Jennings joins The Manwhore Podcast to share her story about becoming the new hot porn starlet Veronica Vain! This business-minded peformer dishes on her entry to the porn industry and her sex life off-camera. Billy tries not to hit on her.

Veronica Vain admits that her sex life on-screen vs. off-screen isn't that much different. She still enjoys double penetration, sex parties and playing with women. She talks about a surprise gangbang her loving boyfriend threw for her and I talk about my recent group sex experience.

This porn star already knows she's not just a performer. She has big dreams of becoming a monster player in the porn industry. Veronice shares some of her thoughts about Mindgeek and how porn can adapt to the marketplace.

I respond to one listener's email regarding the recent transgender bathroom policies sweeping the nation. Check out the Gingerbread Person diagram here!

What's your most embarassing sex story? I bet it didn't involve being on a porn set! Hear Veronica Vain's porn blooper story. Also, she shares the one thing in sex she doesn't think she's good at.

Is doing porn considered sex work? It's work. There's sex. So why wouldn't it be under the umbrella of sex work?

Check out Veronica Vain on Twitter: @TheVeronicaVain.
Check out her sugar baby website

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Rachael and Billy recall their tipsy bar hook-up in college trying to be cool. Plus our newer adventures into casual sex and adult dating.

No matter how much we're told, we have to learn the hard way to not care what other people think about us. There is no such thing as "being cool." Just do you, boo boo! Hear about how I pulled a punk move that came back to bite me, all in the name of "trying to be cool."

Rachael slept with a sailor…and most of the branches of our armed services. Support the troops! Plus, New Rachael is navigating the waters of casual dating.

"I'm not looking for a relationship right now," really means, "I don't want to have a relationship with you." I give some advice to a woman who always finds herself as the "Inbetween Girl."

Go, Michigan! A Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan booted the right person: a bigot who invaded the privacy of a transgendered member. What did Planet Fitness do? Cancel the nosy woman's membership to show their stance on gender openness!

This week's episode is sponsored by Michigan bars, because holy sh*t I just paid $4.50 for a pint of Jack & Coke.

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Cindy Gallop lets Billy into the Black Apartment to talk about Make Love Not Porn!

Cindy Gallop started the gamechanging website She likes to "blow sh*t up," which includes the porn industry. Gallop is pro-sex, pro-porn, and pro-knowing the difference. Until comprehensive sex education exists in this country, porn will have to pick up the slack! 

One listener wrote in asking how to get her confidence back with her new c-section scar. I help Katie with her body image dilemma so this total MILF can get back to having fun hot sex while the twins are asleep. We all have imperfections. Hers comes with the glorious excuse of bringing life into this world. My love handles exist because I can't resist Entemann's.

Gallop would qualify as a cougar, as she dates many sprite younger men. She dishes on why she prefers to date young men and how they inspired her to give a jaw-dropping TED Talk. Plus, we discuss the new UK porn ban.

Cindy Gallop's Make Love Not Porn promotes people to have more open and honest conversations about sex. She hopes people will start sharing their favorite adult videos like they share cute kitten YouTube reels. Let's show people real world sex! Go sign up and rent these hot videos! Or make some extra cash submitting your own videos!

Follow Cindy Gallop on Twitter: @cindygallop
Follow Make Love Not, too: @makelovenotporn
Follow me too, while you're at it: @TheBillyProcida

I got yelled at for my xoJane article, "It Happened to Me: I Got Laid From My xoJane Article."
This week's episode is sponsored by trolls. Trolls: in case you didn't know why you should hate yourself.

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Brandon Scott Wolf is a brilliant man. Like Billy, Brandon is also single and instead of starting a podcast he started his own online dating site: Listen in on how traditional online dating has failed him and how a gag somehow blew up into a viable way for him to find his next true love.

Billy rants about the Oscars and diversity. Before you claim that white people kept winning trophies, remember that Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography were all picked up by Mexicans. So try and relax a little bit. And no, American Sniper was not that good.

Brandon Scott Wolf and Billy Procida are Eskimo brothers: they both love stand-up comedy. The two comedians talk about how they manage their schedules between comedy, sex, love and other things. Plus, we compare and contrast fingering and handjobs.

Follow Brandon on Twitter! @BrandonEsWolf. Obviously you are, but in case you're not, the Manwhore is on Twitter @TheBillyProcida!

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Listen to Billy on The Obsessive Viewer Podcast's Oscar episode. His segment starts at 1:06:31. Check it out!

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Gay rapper Big Dipper is this week's special guest on The Manwhore Podcast. Billy and Dipper sit down to talk about being gay in a genre of music with such rich homophobic history. Billy found this hairy gary bear in a Time Out list of queer rappers and became instantly enamored…with his music. Totally just the music. Not with the whole bear look thing. Mu-sic. Why doesn't anybody believe me?!

Shameful legislation has been proposed in states like Florida and Kentucky that humiliate transgendered people. Bigots, I mean, conservatives--- no, I meant "bigots," have lost the battle at the wedding chapel and have now opened war on public bathrooms. Kentucky wants students making sure other students policing the private parts of other students…for the sake of the students' privacy(?).

Big Dipper has big dreams. He knows he can take his lyrics about sucking c*ck to the mainstream. Check out the AWESOME music video to Billy's new favorite song, "Skank." Follow Dipper on all of the links:

Big Dipper's website

Pretty please nominate Billy for the Shorty Award for Best #Podcast. It's quick; it's easy; and it only takes 30 seconds to do. Visit and tell them why his sex-positive podcast is awesome!

Hurry! Tickets will soon sell out for the Naked Comedy Show at the Creek and The Cave in New York on March 6th. Buy tickets here!

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A teary-eyed Emily (no relation to Episode 9!) sits down with Billy on The Manwhore Podcast and gets a big heavy burden off of her chest. She's worried about consent the night the two of them consummated their drunken Blendr date. Male victims of female rape are real and they discuss what actually went down that evening. Was it actually sexual assault or just a regrettable drunken hook-up? Plus, Into the Woods was kind of rapey.

Emily works as a clown and talks about guys trying to pick her up while she's in full clown make-up. Creepy! Who wants to bang the clown? Not me! But it's not unlike comedians who pick up women after doing sets at the comedy club.

Please nominate Billy for a Shorty Award for all of the hard work he puts in each week. It's super simple. Just visit, enter why he deserves the nomination and then click Tweet! Easy! If nominated, I will mail free Manwhore Podcast condoms to all of my supporters!

Emily and Billy discuss gay bars and why Billy's second-favorite bar in New York City is a little lesbian bar in the West Village. Also, what the eff is 'yoni gazing'?! Tune in to find out!

Buy your ticket to see Billy on the Naked Comedy Show at the Creek and the Cave in New York before they sell out!!! Click here for tickets!

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Amber (and one of her boyfriends) lays down with Billy for a slutty sexy episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. She shares her sex party snacking habits and tells the time she had sex while eating a pot roast. Billy remembers the failed birthday gangbang, because Amber loves to get pounded.

Billy visits Babeland to learn about c*ck rings from one of the store's resident sex educators. C*ck rings are a great way to help maintain stiff, pleasurable erections. Check out the variety of sex toys Babeland recommends in this imgur gallery:

Amber and Billy discuss her failed marriage and how she transitioned into polyamory. She's got boyfriends and friends with benefits. She surely had plenty of penis to choose from during the underwhelming Snowmageddon.

Billy gives advice to a listener who is struggling to reignite her sex life with her husband. Billy helps her make him feel more attractive with an aggressive strategy.

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Kinky Salon founder, author and sexy storyteller Polly Whittaker sits with Billy in her San Francisco home for a special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. She explains the humble and beautiful beginnings of the now-international sex party Kinky Salon and her personality Polly Superstar. A collective community of brilliant, loving and sexual individuals, Kinky Salon has become a phenomenon complete with cabaret, costumes and casual sex.

Polly Superstar discuss various relationship models including polyamory, monogamy and various forms of sluttiness. Polly also shares her sexual coming-of-age tale as a curious teen in Britain discovering underground BDSM sex clubs.

Our country could learn a lot from sex parties and the kink community about consent and defeating rape culture. Kinky Salon is all about consent and creating a safe space for any-gendered people to play. The keys to a safe, fun time at a sex party? Communication, communication, communication! Read this article from The Atlantic: "At Group Sex Parties, Strict Rules Make for Safe Spaces" by Merissa Nathan Gerson.

Comedian Kevin Hart is in some hot water after stating he doesn't feel comfortable playing a gay character in a movie because of his own insecurities. Billy comes to the rescue to defend the comedy superstar, not that Hart needs any help. Watch the actual clip here on TMZ.

Order Polly's book Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary. Follower her on Twitter: @PollySuperstar.

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Anna recalls a time when Billy was not such a nice, good guy. Sometimes, good guys can be jerks. Listen to Anna dish about Billy not walking her home after she blew him in a bar bathroom…in the afternoon. What a jerk, right?!

Do you enjoy sex in public? Where's your favorite place to do the deed? Billy explains how he scouts for public sex locations around New York City in case he finds himself in a pinch. Plus, are you back on the Tinder again yet?

Body image and body acceptance comes up again on The Manwhore Podcast. Both Billy and his guest talk about growing into their bodies and revelling in their newfound sexiness when they go home around former bullies.

Billy will be in San Francisco performing on Monday, 1/19:
Cafe Melt @ 8pm
Rite Spot @ 9pm.

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Sarah is polyamorous. Her boyfriend is not. What do you do when someone you love is not romantically compatiable with you? Monogamy isn't for everyone and this poly girl gave it a shot for the past year. Billy gets caught up with Sarah as she updates him with the latest development on her relationship. Lots of love talk and poly talk on this week's episode!

Is scissoring real? Do you self-identify as a left- or right-side scissor? Where do you fall along the scissor spectrum?

Sarah was almost a member of the Bukkake Social Club! Hear her talk about how she almost got herself covered in come. Plus, sex party talk and a few words about shibari bondage.

What are your New Year sex & dating resolutions? Send your sexy goals in to!

Check out Billy Procida's appearance on The Jug Hug Show where he gabs with gals about body image, self love and how big his dick is. Listen here!

This week's episode is sponsored by friends who like sad Facebook statuses because they're sadder than you'll ever be.

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Direct download: 2015-01-07-Sarah.mp3
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Professional dominatrix Lady Zombie is the special guest on the last episode of 2014 of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love! This badass scary woman dishes on BDSM, kink and the underworld of New York City. Lady Zombie explains why 50 Shades of Grey is NOT an accurate representation of BDSM. For those of you who want a better sexier movie, check out the kink-approved film Secretary!

Billy looks back on 2014 and what his year has looked like. There have been many ups and downs for him but the comedian is happy with what he's accomplished and looks forward to the exciting year ahead. What are your sexual achievements of 2014? What sexy goals do you have for the upcoming new year? Email those to!

Kink can look like all sorts of things. Lady Zombie teaches us about medical play, blood play and sounding and what it's like to have another person's life quite literally in your hands. Billy just doesn't want anything to go in his urethra!

Do you want to take your pants off with Billy Procida? Come join the No Pants Subway Ride on January 11 in New York City! Email in to RSVP and we'll gather the Manwhore Podcast Army together!

Check out Lady Zombie online:
Twitter: @LadyZombie

This week's episode is (unofficially) sponsored by Ali's Savage Traits. For your very own customizable fangs, visit!

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Direct download: 2014-12-31-Lady-Zombie.mp3
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Happy holidays, whores! Billy sits down with Susie for the first time in 8 years. Susie reveals that he was her first kiss! Billy shares his first kiss story with a bit less enthusiasm. Susie also admits that she is still a virgin at the age of 25. Interesting!

This is my first Christmas away from my family following a disagreement over Thanksgiving. Thank you all for listening and being with me in spirit during the holidays.

Susie and Billy discuss the "bases." What do you consider to be second base? Email in YOUR base labels. Plus, Susie confuses "room jobs" for "rimjobs," which is just f*cking adorable.

Susie is a devout Christian. Billy is an atheist. SITCOM! Hear an interesting conversation about religion's role in developing Susie's sexuality.

Love the love! Both of these hopeless romantics should be singing Queen's "Somebody To Love." Susie has never had a boyfriend and we all know about Billy's dating woes! Love makes things special and awesome, including sex.

Support Dillon Birdsall's documentary by checking out V-Card: The Film on Facebook! Watch Dead Panda Comedy's Warm and Fuzzy video about love!

This week's episode is sponsored by candy corn. Candy Corn: We're not just for Halloween anymore.

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Direct download: 2014-12-24-Susie.mp3
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Self-described cougar Monica joins us on The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Comedians Billy Procida and Monica discuss marriage, divorce and infidelity. Monica hates to tell ya, but your happy relationship is probably not as happy as you think. As House taught us: everybody lies.

Monica was one of Billy's first cougars. She was ever so gentle. Is age just a number or a valid restriction to make? Young guys seem to swarm to Monica and Billy shares the moment he swore off 18-year-olds. As our funny guest puts it, "My p*ssy needs a bouncer!"

Billy laments about leaving a sex party alone and going home to an empty bed. Love continues to elude your humble host but he remains optimistic. So for now, he'll just have to keep enjoying having sex with amazing women. But if one of them wants to go out to dinner with him, that would be pretty cool, too.

Monica and Billy are both stand-up comedians in New York City. The debate about whether comics should date or sleep with each other arises yet again. Can two depressed, self-loathing funny people be mature adults about breaking up?

Check out Monica's show: Safe Word Podcast.

Twitter: @MokaVida

This week's episode is sponsored by tragedy because like tragedy, you'll never forget this episode.

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Direct download: 2014-12-17-Monica.mp3
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The legendary Nikki from Tinder returns to The Manwhore Podcast on this week's episode. Nikki rejoins Billy to catch up and chat about his serial killer-like wall of Post-It notes. Nikki also analyzes Billy's assortment of masturbation lubricants and empty cans of Diet Pepsi.

Billy discusses the recent controversial episode of HBO's The Newsroom regarding campus rape and how being right sometimes makes you the assh*le. He also brings up the recent Eric Garner and Mike Brown (and who knows whichever murdered black man) decisions to not indict police officers in the line of duty. It's about to become a long drought for cops looking to get laid.

Nikki brings up her recent dating life and experiences using online dating. Billy recounts her request to organize a gangbang for her. The two also trade random impressions involving asking for more peen.

This week's episode is sponsored by books. Books: to remind other people that you're better than them.

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Direct download: 2014-12-10-Nikki.mp3
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This week's special guest is latex fetishist Kelly Lee Dekay. Kelly talks to Billy about being a BDSM domina and explains the difference between her various slaves. Kelly explains the wonderful origin story behind her latex fetish and her goal to become a fabulous comic book super villain.

Billy gives advice to one listener about whether or not to text a guy back. Despite his morning-after cuddles, this listener is worried about one big problem.

Kelly Lee Dekay is all about letting your freak flag fly! She explains the real truth about lifestyle tightlacing and how her corset fetish lets her realize the kinky lady she wants to be. Plus, Billy learns about fashion icons like Mr. Pearl, Alexander McQueen and Fakir Musafar.

Check out Kelly Lee Dekay online!
Twitter: @kellyleedekay
Instagram: kellyleedekay

This week's episode is sponsored by chicken because inhumanely slaughtered animals taste the same as happy dead animals.

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Direct download: 2014-11-20-Kelly-Lee-Dekay.mp3
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Super meta episode with Alice on this week's Manwhore Podcast! Billy sits down with Alice for one his weirdest episodes with his stand-offish guest. Gangbang planning and hopes of a threesome were off-limits, as well as one other very messy topic that shall go forever unmentioned. They do get to talk abotu BDSM and being submissive though!

Anti-porn feminism is not impressing Billy yet as he reads Gail Dines's book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality. As you've heard him say before, the answer isn't less porn; it's more porn! He and Gail Dines are just not going to get along as he reads her questionably researched book.

Size talk returns in a different form this week. Ladies (and fellas) who like the dick: which dimension matters most to you? Length or width? Or is it depth? Or the 4th dimension of time or Interstellar's 5th dimension that I don't understand? Billy thinks the angle is more important to help you get that nice dep stroke.

Billy chats with the hosts of the hit comedy podcast Keith and The Girl about their upcoming 10-year anniversary. Donate to their Kickstarter for their annual podcasting marathon!

This week's show is sponsored by backgammon because just like the clitoris, not enough men know what it is.

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Direct download: 2014-11-26-Rachael.mp3
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Billy and Amanda reunite 8 years later after a fun bonding night of getting naked with each other as teenagers. The two met on a People to People Leadership Conference, a pre-college program where hormonal high schoolers get together for ten days to learn how to be leaders and flirt with one another. PWYLO: Purple With Your Lanyards On!

Billy shares some crazy stories from his People to People experience. Disneyland. Bleeding pussies. Grinding. And so is the beginning of The Manwhore. Plus, the elusive search for love.

Amanda and Billy chat about coming into their own as sexual beings. Both were once outcasts as they discovered their worths in the dating sphere. She was the typical nerd girl, bringing Pokemon cards to school and dressing up for cosplay conventions. Billy was the chubby socially awkward kid who didn't know how to talk to women. Now they're both rocking blowjobs, hot sex and dating mishaps!

Ladies: how do you shave your pussies?

Check out The Drinking Partners Podcast and The Raging Vaginas!

This week's show is sponsored by wallets. Like my former loves' hearts, my wallet is empty.

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Direct download: 2014-11-19-Amanda-Carto.mp3
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Billy hops in bed with Olivia and Olivia's roommate Lauren for the most clothed threesome ever! The three chat about their very different views on dating and relationships. Hear their thoughts about online dating and apps like Tinder.

Guess which one of the gals says, "Get it out of my face!" in regards to oral sex. Meanwhile, the other just loves to give a good blowjob. Billy is perplexed by the confusing state of opinions about casual sex, masturbation and sexting. Although we can all agree on one thing: Fellas, keep your d*ck pics to yourself!

Billy gives the update on his lady situation and gives some advice to an anxious listener who recently had a hysterectomy.

Hear Billy on the infamous Guys We F*cked podcast with his slutty sisters-in-arms Corinne Fisher and Kyrstyna Hutchinson! 

This week's episode is sponsored by fantasy football. Whenever you wanna get bent over, fantasy football is always there to f*ck you.

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Direct download: 2014-11-12-Olivia.mp3
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Feminist pornographer Sophie Delancey proves that blowjobs can be empowering and fun! Billy chats with special guest Sophie, Vice President of The Art Of Blowjob. This Canadian describes what running a small porn company entails and what made her ditch her dreams of singing opera for working in the adult entertainment industry. Plus, she explains why feminism and porn can go hand in hand!

Billy discusses the depressing state of sex education in America's schools. Because of the lack of sex ed in public schools, young adults are learning all about sex from porn. Hear the pros and cons of this on The Manwhore Podcast! For a full breakdown of paltry sex ed requirements, check out the Guttmacher Institute State Policies brief.

Sophie Delancey hasn't only produced porn. She discussed what it was like giving tender, loving blowjobs on-camera. Sophie also describes what it's like dating someone while working in porn. She is also a pretty kinky girl. Hear about how this kinky feminist straps it on to take the dominant role!

If you like blowjobs, check out and get yourself a membership! For free porn, you can see Sophie's very NSFW Tumblr: Follow her on Twitter: @sophiedelancey.

This week's episode is sponsored by waking up late. Go ahead and sleep in! You don't need to write that screenplay today.

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Direct download: 2014-11-05-Sophie-Delancey.mp3
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Billy Procida is joined in the studio/his apartment by comedians Jessica Michelle Singleton and Natasha Pearl Hansen. He has not made out with either of them (yet? ever?) but they are hilarious women in town for New York City's She-Devil Comedy Festival. The three comics chat about gender and comedy. These gals implicitly answer the age-old question: Can women be funny? The answer is: DUH!

Jessica recalls her experiences dating comedians and why slut-shaming stigma causes her to turn down certain road gigs. Natasha gives her perspective on dating while making comedy the priority. Billy just wants someone to love him, comedian or not!

Do women need their own comedy festival? Is the industry ready for funny females? Can the Tina Feys one day outweigh the Kim Kardashians of our pop culture? Christ, we hope so. The three analyze the pros and cons of 'affirmative action' comedy booking.

Billy was on the Lust for Life podcast with comedian James Mattern to talk about The Manwhore Podcast and Billy's slutty and not-so-slutty days. You can listen here.

You can see Billy dance his face off at What The Float on Nov. 1. for tickets. You can see Billy perform on Nov. 4 at King's County Saloon in Brooklyn at 9pm (FREE).

This week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast is (acutally) sponsored by Hot Octopuss. Buy yourself or your favorite man a PULSE. Use the code Whore20 for 20% off your very own gubrator!

Follow everyone on the Twitters! Billy is @TheBillyProcida. Jessica is @JMScomedy. Natasha is @NPHcomedy.

Keep track of their projects on Natasha's website and Jessica's website.

Email your comments and questions to

Direct download: 2014-10-29-Natasha-Jessica.mp3
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Mistress Jay returns for a body positivity episode! Jay and Billy discuss their struggles with body image and self-love. Plus, Jay shares about her experience participating in a talk show's on-air weight loss challenge. Come on, Hollywood. Ya can't let a girl keep a $20 scale?!

Online dating: what do you put down for body type? Is it better to be comfortable with your choice or for your selection to be accurate for those browsing? Jay and Billy battle over the word 'curvy'. They also chat about fat-shaming and when being morbidly obese becomes unhealthy.

This week's episode is actually sponsored by Hot Octopuss. Buy a PULSE for yourself or a man in your life with the promo code Whore20 for 20% off your purchase.

Join Billy at What The Float on Nov. 1. Get your tickets now before they go up. Just $10.

So many wonderful things to share with you. For more on body image, body positivity, weight and sex, check out these Big Love Links:

Billy's struggle with disordered eating on xoJane.
XL Love by Sarah Varney
Health at Every Size |
Gabi Fresh |
Pretty Girl Glam |
Regini |
/r/Chubby (NSFW)


Email your comments and questions to

Direct download: 2014-10-22-Jael.mp3
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Cate and Billy hooked up back in their early days of comedy. Cate returns to discuss her past boyfriends, the good and the ugly. If you want to break up with someone near their birthday, do you wait until before or after?

Cate's ex-boyfriend said he was polyamorous. In reality, he was just an assh*le. Plus, Billy redefines her definition of 'slut'.

Do you pay for porn? You should! Porn star Siri from #TeamBJ wrote a fantastic article for The Kernel about the drastic effects watching stolen porn has on the adult entertainment industry. Fight porn piracy…and pay for your damn porn. Check out the article here! Follow Siri on Twitter: @SIRIpornstar.

Join the Manwhore at the last dance float of the year. Check out What The Float's website for details.

Cate looks like she works in a sex toy shop. Billy is giving away a free secret awesome sex toy for men and couples from his sponsor. Just tweet this link to the show on Twitter and use the hashtag #ManwhorePodcast!

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Direct download: 2014-10-15-Kait.mp3
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Billy drops by Christina's art studio to reminisce on old times. The two met through Craigslist, but not the casual encounters section. Christina recruited Billy from Craigslist for an unsusual art project that took an interesting turn.

Billy and Christina ponder their singledom as they discuss online dating, scandalous affairs and sexting. Fellas: quit it with the dick pix!

Sex is a fun thing to do in a bedroom…or backyard, back of a taxi cab or bar bathroom. Public sex can be both fun and risky (which is part of the fun!). When was the last time you took a risk? Plus, Billy laments about his fantasy football woes.

Support Slut: A Documentary Film by buying a "Define 'Slut'" t-shirt and combat sexual bullying and slut-shaming. Follow @unslutproject on Twitter for updates on Emily Lindin's noteworthy project.

This week's episode is sponsored by sporks. Sporks: for the trendy hipster.
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Direct download: 2014-10-08-Christina.mp3
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Polyamorous person Leon Feingold guests on a very special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Billy and Leon discuss the ethics of polyamory and responsible nonomonogamy. He is also the co-founder of Open Love NY, a poly group in New York. Check them on their website for info on poly meet-ups!

Leon's polyamorous. His girlfriend is monogamous. SITCOM! Hear how their relationship lasts with different dating needs. Billy seeks advice about potentially dating outside of the poly pool. Plus: the difference between polyamory, swinging, open relationships and Republicans.

Polyamory is all about the love. But sex is pretty cool, too! Leon describes putting together New York's first poly building!

This week's episode is sponsored by the word "compersion" because it's freaking adorable.

Follow Open Love NY on Twitter: @OpenLoveNY. Submit your poly questions to Poly Wanna Answer.

Email your comments or questions about the show to

Direct download: 2014-10-01-Leon-Feingold.mp3
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This week's guest is fashionista designer gal Jenna. Billy and Jenna went on an apparently one-sided horror date that caused Billy to receive a spite blowjob. It's important for a woman to have self-esteem but Jenna could use just a little bit of humility. Or Billy's just a giant jerk.

Jenna has given up on online dating and most dating in general. She's sadly not met a guy of quality yet. Plus, it's pretty hard having sex at home when you're living with your parents.

You should join Billy at What The Float! on Saturday, Sept. 27! Don't get fancy; just get dancy! Come dance your face off around the streets of New York City. For info, go to

This week's episode is sponsored by sun tan lotion, because it deserves one last shout out before we wont' need it for 7 months.

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Direct download: 2014-09-24-Jenna.mp3
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Sketch comedy writer Lisa Vikingstad reunites with Billy to bring closure to a short, but intense, courtship between two comedians. Lisa talks about her rule for dating comedians. I mean, it can't be worse than that time she accidentally dated a gay boy in high school.

Craigslist: it's not just for murderers and rapists anymore! Plus, Lisa teaches the listeners an adorably verbose game to play with your linguistic lover.

Billy opens up about his gambling addiction. His addiction was a primary dealbreaker to this potential relationship the first time around. Gambling is an addiction not taken as seriously as drugs or alcohol. So the question is raised: can you date an addict?

This week's episode is sponsored by loud air conditioning units because soon they'll be packed up and tucked into the closet.

Check out Lisa's blog: Making Better Bad Decisions. You can also see her sketch team perform every month at The People's Improv Theatre in New York City. Look for Totally, Yes! on The PIT's schedule.

Follow Lisa Vikingstad on Twitter: @LisaVikingstad. While you're there, say, "Hi!" to @TheBillyProcida and use the hashtag #ManwhorePodcast.

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Direct download: 2014-09-16-Lisa.mp3
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Billy joins porn star Sara Jay! This adult entertainment veteran chats about sexual health, the porn industry and body positivity. Sara Jay is a business savvy adult performer who produces, directs & stars in her own videos for her members-only website and loves her job!

Billy was just in Las Vegas to participate in #TeamBJ. Thanks to Germany's World Cup win, Sara Jay and fellow porn star Siri serviced their Twitter followers and your favorite manwhore took advantage of the free BJ.

Porn star sex and real world sex aren't always the same. But for Sara Jay group sex and ass worship are fun both on- and off-camera! Plus, she explains why monogamy may not be a fit for her.

Want to win a free one-month membership to Sara Jay's members-only website? Tweet a link to the show with the hashtag #ManwhorePodcast by 9/16 and I'll select a lucky person to enjoy a free month of premium porn!

This week's show is sponsored by fedoras. Fedoras: they'll make you look super cool when they don't make you look super creepy.

Check out Sara Jay's website or her merch site. Follow her on Twitter @SaraJayXXX.

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Direct download: 2014-09-10-Sara-Jay.mp3
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Billy reunites with Allie for a fantastic trip down drunken memory lane. Apparently, Billy is Escalade Guy! Allie recounts how they were caught in the back of a black Escalade by her then-girlfriend. Oops. Billy was marked with the Scarlet A with a neck full of hickies because, karma.

Trigger Warning: This episode involves a story regarding a sexual assault. If you have a history of rape trauma, you may want to skip this week's show or a portion of it.

Allie admits to some infidelity in her past. Billy just went on a first date with a woman who admits to cheating on many of her past boyfriends. Would you date a cheater? Have you cheated? Email the show and tell us what you think!

Allie has caught the love bug. The two brainstorm how she can drop the L-bomb on her younger boy toy. My first recommendation? Don't have important talks via texting. Because we're freaking adults. Plus, Allie drives a fork lift at work. Who wouldn't fall in love with a woman like that?!

This week's episode is brought to you by Republicans, because they're the best at screwing people (over).

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Direct download: 2014-09-03-Allie.mp3
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NYU friend Sarah joins Billy to get the low down on dirty talking vs. "nice talking". The two chat about the various online dating services Sarah won't be joining: Tinder, JDate, JSwipe. She's simply content on bar hook-ups.

Billy goes on a rape rant. Oops. Idiot Standford student Chris Herries compares a woman's vagina to a bike in the latest public victim shaming comments. I doubt he knows how to ride a "bike" very well. Plus, Billy updates listeners on his love life.

Do you always use condoms? How often do you slip up? Billy tries to understand what causes Sarah to be undisciplined when it comes to safe sex. Why not ensure your own safer sex with a free Manwhore Podcast condom?!

Are you a squirter? Sarah wants to know. Just make sure you lay down a towel.

This week's episode is sponsored by the NFL: where you can beat your wife so long as you're not high on marijuana when you do it.

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Direct download: 2014-08-27-Sarah.mp3
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Kat is a Tantra practitioner, Burning Man participant and polyamorous lover. Basically, she's freaking fantastical. Kat and Billy chatted about how she came to accept the title of sex worker and how she came out to her parents about how she makes a living. Plus some crunchy hippy existential chatter about Mother Goddess and oneness. Cool stuff!

I am Buddha Steakhouse! Hear me roar! Kat, codename Candy Lion, tells us about Burning Man and how she got her burner name. Mine? Buddha Steakhouse.

How much body hair do you like on a woman? Can women with hairy armpits be sexy? Chime in! Kat feels sexiest with smooth legs, full pits and a little downstairs trim. The burner also shares her favorite uses for period blood. Wait, what?! Yea. Listen. Dig it.

And check me out on Keith and The Girl

This week's episode is sponsored by flip-flops. Flip-flops: At least we're not Crocs.

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Direct download: 2014-08-20-Kat.mp3
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This week's theme song should be, "I (Kinda) Kissed A Boy (And I Liked It!)" Sasha is Billy's first gender queer guest on The Manwhore Podcast. Sometimes she's a girl. Sometime's he's a boy. Sometime's they are everything! The two discuss gender roles and labels as well as Sasha's journey of sexual and identity self-discovery. Billy might have tried to flirt with her. Oops.

The sex party was fun. Next question, please.

Sasha's father used to run a Russian mail order bride service. What?! Yes. We learn that "looking for a wife is like shopping for a car." Gross, but fascinating! Plus, Billy tires his hand at singing the popluar love ballad, "Lola."

Jim Norton wrote a great op-ed piece for Time Magazine titled, "In Defense of Johns." Check it out!

Get your very own Manwhore Podcast condom! Make sure you're subscribed to The Manwhore Podcast and then take a screenshot of yourself writing a review on iTunes (postiive or negative). Email the screen grab and your mailing address to for your very own FREE Manwhore Podcast condom! Thanks to Branson Belchie for the graphic design.

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Direct download: 2014-08-13-Sasha.mp3
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This week's guest is group sex guru Jefferson. Jefferson is a sex educator, sex blogger, storyteller and organizer of New York City's Bukkake Social Club (it's like bridge, but with more semen). We talk about blowjobs, threesomes & orgies. He also gives Billy some tips before he goes to his first sex party this weekend! 

Jefferson discusses what type of women want to be on the receiving end of a bukkake and how he juggles the consent of each individual person at an event. All while trying to maintain his erection! 

Check out this awesome IndieGogo campaign for the pd.ID. The personal drink identifier detects if your drink has been drugged. These Canadians are trying to raise $100,000 to make this invention a reality and you should really support it. A $75 donation will land you your own early version of the product. 

Check out Jefferson's live storytelling show series, Bare, in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and more at Follow him on Twitter at @OneLifeTakeTwo

This week's episode is sponsored by pillows because I can't wait to go to sleep right now. 

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Direct download: 2014-07-30-Jefferson.mp3
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Billy and Michelle record directly after completing a RandomActOfMuffdive. What is that? Go check out /r/RandomActsOfMuffdive for yourself! The two chat about the finer points of cunnilingus and Michelle gives Billy a live review of his performance! Plus, our guest shares some suggestions to the fellas out there wondering how they can better please their lady friends while going downtown.

Hey frat boys: no more fingerblasting. Stop it! And stop trying to go in girls' butts without asking first. This isn't a porno.

Billy wrote a very personal piece on about his struggles his body dysmorphia and disordered eating. "Guys may self-deprecate. We may not like our bodies as is. But we don't do eating disorders." Check out the article.

This week's episode is sponsored by physical therapy, for those times you throw your shoulder out trying that crazy new sex position.

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Direct download: 2014-07-30-Colleen.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:57am EDT

Elexa's boyfriend of 8 years refused to have sex with her. Listen to why she thinks he couldn't give a lady what she wanted. It might be why she's struggled to claim that elusive female orgasm.

My good friend Elexa got real, telling me why our brief dating history was as brief as it was. "I remember wanting to punch you in the face." Hear why she decided we'd "just be friends." Billy gets an opportunity to give her advice as well. What's proper long distance texting etiquette…if you're not a couple yet?

Ever buy a dildo but it just didn't feel right? Now you can make your own customized 3D-printed dildo. Check it out at

Billy gives the low-down on buying jeans with a man-booty and curvy hips.

This week's show is brought to you by bed sheets. Bed sheets: Wash them when you feel like it or when you can't get away with it anymore.

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Direct download: 2014-07-23-Alexa.mp3
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Lee admits that Billy would be a great boyfriend, just not her boyfriend. She presses Billy about his polyamorous proclivities. But emotions can be toxic. Billy's feelings towards Lee caused a great Friends With Benefits situation to end. He was a little crazy lovesick. This Aussie native doesn't apologize for breaking his heart but she does apologize for giving bad blowjobs.

Lee has vaginismus. Learn about this frustrating condition that kept her from having sex for years! Plus, we hear about Blendr. Never heard of it? Yea, that sounds about right.

If you want to date Billy, you need to watch Chasing Amy. You also need to be able to handle his various faults, which he and Lee go over in detail.

Have you read The Ethical Slut yet? Press pause. Go get it. Live a better life.

This week's episode is brought to you by Starbucks, because they let me edit the show inside while it was raining without buying anything.

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Direct download: 2014-07-16-Bimini.mp3
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This is a special episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. Billy interviews "Sherry", a legal prostitute in Amsterdam's historic Red Light District. They talk about the pros and cons of sex work. Sherry tells us about dating as a hooker and how working girls need love, too! Plus, she dishes about a few kinky clients!

Billy went to a nude beach with a couple of friends and it didn't get weird. Seeing your friend's boobs makes for a fun weekend.

Do you think prostitution should be legalized in the United States? Why or why not? Have you ever had sex for money? Chime in.

For more information on sex work in the Netherlands, visit Advocacy Group for sex workers in the Netherlands or Sex Work Information Centre websites.

Email your questions or comments for the show to

Direct download: 2014-07-09-Sherry.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Elle is a fellow NYU Fighting Violet who loves public sex and dating the older crowd. But recently, she's found herself on OkCupid exploring her bi-curious side looking for a lady to hook up with. This hottie sits down on The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love to trade sex stories and give young men pointers.

Elle is in love with "Sergio" in Argentina. Buenos Aires steals yet another young American heart with a study abroad 'roadmance'. Billy recalls learning about Magnum condoms from Degrassi: The Next Generation from a date.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby. Meanwhile, Americans still aren't quite sure what the store sells besides whackjob religious "beliefs". And thanks to the cranky men up on the hill, there's no better time to protest an abortion clinic than the present! That's legal now, too.

How'd you lose your virginity? Elle's probably got ya beat!

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Billy and Amanda get emotional and playful on this week's show. Amanda has been experimenting with casual sex, sleeping with men in hopes they will like her. She also continues to sleep with her ex-boyfriend (who Billy thinks is a total assh*le). If you still go out with your ex after breaking up, aren't you still "dating your ex"?

Billy went to Coney Island's Mermaid Parade this past weekend. Slap the pasties on and let your freak flag fly! He saw quite a few pairs of boobies and phenomenally-costumed drag queens. Keep Brooklyn weird!

Amanda expresses her love of playing with buttholes. Billy shows her something that blows her mind!

Please don't drink and drive, sluts.

Who would you marry from Orange Is The New Black? Boy Meets World? Amand and Billy debate. Plus a fun round of Cast That Porn!

This week's episode is sponsored by air mattresses. An air mattress is a perfect chastity device for those who can't afford World of Warcraft.

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Special guest sex researcher Dr. Zhana Vrangalova sits with Billy to discuss hooking up and alternative sexuality. Ever one-time jerk off your roommate in a heat of passion in college, but you don't identify as bisexual? Yea, that's what Dr. Vrangalova calls "mostly heterosexuality". We talk about being "mostly straight" and sexual orientation labels.

Dr. Vrangalova is the mastermind behind The Casual Sex Project. This community sex story archive lets you know it's okay to sometimes let your freak flag fly or to have some no strings attached fun by normalizing what is sometimes still socially condemned promiscuity. Plus, Billy accidentally slutshamed the whores who aren't poly. Oops.

Billy opens up some more about his spontaneous trip to Amsterdam. Have you satisfied wild urge lately? Try it!

This week's episode is brought to you by TD Bank: America's sexiest bank.

Follow Dr. Vrangalova on Twitter @DrZhana and you can stay up to date with all of her research on her website

That song "Euphoria" is by Motopony.

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Emily becomes an unpaid advocate of hook-up dating app Tinder. She's fallen in love after plenty of swiping and now she tells us why she ditched OK Cupid for Tinder. Online dating presents all sorts of "rules" regarding female sexual aggression. It's confusing! The two also talk about the rules of casual sex for women.

Catcallers: your validation! Emily feels "appreciated" by a good catcall on the street. What about you? Do you find it disgusting or strangely sweet?

Oops! Billy went to Europe out of nowhere. Why? No idea. He broadcasts from Iceland because, the world. Plus, the Red Light District offers up a pleasant surprise! #internationalwhore

Billy and Emily play a new game and agree that, for the good of society, Kim Kardashian needs to be killed! Duke porn star Belle Knox comes up yet again.

This week's episode is sponsored by Orbitz. Orbitz will let you fly anywhere in the world that has legal prostitution. Orbitz: turns on your red light.

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Madeline Lewis is an actress in New York City who has lots of advice to give. For example: never call a woman a spinster! Oops. My bad. Madeline does not like online dating and likes to take things slow. Now she's in an obnoxiously adorable two-year relationship with a man she met at, wait for it: the Ren Faire! Hear how she's not afraid of being a woman on the prowl making the first move. Screw gender roles!

Madeline and Billy talk about virginity and following one's own sexual journey, however kinky or vanilla it may be.

Madeline doesn't need any crazy kinks to have fun sex! No accessories needed. Billy continues to push the phrase "vanilla shaming." It's real. Plus: Cast That Porn!

Lifebuzz lists 10 Old-Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Bring Back. Which ones do you hope your next date does?

New York City comedian Ray Gootz wrote an excellent article for, "The 33-year-old virgin: Life without sex is only torturous if you let it be."

You can see pictures of Madeline in some sexy lingerie on her website I mean, she also has acting reel stuff there. 

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Kathy is classy and Irish Catholic. Billy is a slutty athiest. SITCOM! They both have a fun conversation about fickle dating standards, sexual histories and marriage. Kathy is a young ex-fiance and recalls the red flags leading to the end of her military engagement. The two ponder a world where Catholic priests are allowed to have casual sex. If you saw the Pope on Tinder, would you swipe right? 

Slut shaming continues to plague our country after the Belle Knox incident and Alyssa Funke's recent suicide. Billy rants about the tragic state of sex education in schools. Alice Dreger's article asks, "What If We Admitted to Children That Sex Is Primarily About Pleasure?"

NEW DRINKING GAME! Take a shot every time Kathy says "madonna/whore complex". For your health, I edited out a few of them. Plus another great round of CreepyPMs Theater.

This week's episode is sponsored by prolactin. Prolactin: making you think twice before going for Round 2.

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Ladies would you take a man's virginity? Diana's iffy on it. Diana joins us on The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love this week. She drops some truth bombs on Billy, smashing his fantasy of their past and reminding him of a time when he was kind of a d-bag. They met on a few years ago and reunite on this episode to talk about sex in public, oversharing and the importance of going down on a woman. They both share their "numbers" and play a fun round of Cast That Porn!

Diana also shares a story about having sleeping with a man with one hand…and didn't realize it until afterwards! Plus, apparently zombie-faced Halloween sex can lead to a healthy relationship.

Congratulations to Idaho, Oregon and Pennsylvania on recognzing marriage equality for same sex couples!

This week's episode is sponsored by Godzilla. Godzilla: like an annoying drunk friend, he has the ability to ruin somebody's threesome.

Check out Sounds Like an Earful Podcast to hear me talk podcast oversaturation. Watch the very funny Mike Recine on Conan!

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It was so much fun reuniting with Kaylee on this week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast! This is definitely the most quotable episode so far! Here are some of Kaylee's choice lines:

"My brother is freaking hot!"

"I love a big d--k."

"I just don't want to put stuff in your butt."


And much more!

The article is called 16 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Boys about Sex by Kate Hakala. The Rolling Stone article is called Tales From the Millenials' Sexual Revolution by Alex Morris.

This week's episode is sponsored by popcorn. Popcorn: it almost makes you forget that you're home alone watching Netflix.

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Kimi has called off her engagement, so Billy educates her on the current online dating scene. Kimi's worried about her sexting skills and Billy recalls their cousin-kissing mutual acquaintance. Should incest be a "to each their own" issue? The two also ponder why finding a healthy relationship is so difficult.


Billy's high school reunion went well, even if he did use 94 Weight Watchers points. Fasting ensues!


This week's episode is sponsored by Ikea, because relationships are a lot of hard work and the instructions don't make sense.


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The sexting study mentioned is titled <a href="" target="_blank">"Love the Way You Lie: Sexting deception in romantic relationships"</a> by Drouin, Tobin and Wygant.

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Billy sits down with a very horny Jess on this week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast. Here's someone whose sluttiness rivals even Billy's! Jess admits she's a bit demanding in bed when she's drunk (as her friend delivers us some wine). Billy schools us on fair market value for a happy ending massage. And the two of them debate Jess's No Condoms policy. "The tubes are now tied! Don't worry!"


Billy also stresses about <a href="" target="_blank">buying a bed</a> and an upcoming high school reunion.


This episode is sponsored by peanut butter in bed. When life's got you down, peanut butter will keep you in bed.


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Billy and Jay get kinky on this week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast. This week's show talks about buttplugs, bronies, and BDSM. Pegasisters unite! Jay questions Billy's fluid sexuality which leads to an interesting story about a Craigslist casual encounter. Jay also rates Billy's 'Sub' skills.

As the Lord & Savior Mika once said, "Big girls, you are beautiful!" How much do you value confidence over looks? Who's at fault: surface level jerks or dishonest default pictures? These things and more on this week's episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

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Ep. 1: Tinder Tales and Gonorrhea with an Ethical Slut

Billy sits down with his first guest Nikki, a one-time Tinder hook-up, on the inaugural episode of The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love. The two talk about the new app that might help your oral sex skills (LickThis App). They also chat about the pitfalls of Tinder dating, polyamory, and even play a round of "Cast That Porn". Does every lady's special time really "smell like pennies"? 

If you fool around with someone, are you obligated to have sex with that person? I mean, the guy has to have sex with them if offered, right? This gender hypocrisy and more arise on the first exciting episode of The Manwhore Podcast!

This episode is sponsored by chocolate. Chocolate: it solves any break-up.

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The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventures is by Dossie Easton and Janet W. Hardy.

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