The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Brandon Scott Wolf is a brilliant man. Like Billy, Brandon is also single and instead of starting a podcast he started his own online dating site: Listen in on how traditional online dating has failed him and how a gag somehow blew up into a viable way for him to find his next true love.

Billy rants about the Oscars and diversity. Before you claim that white people kept winning trophies, remember that Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography were all picked up by Mexicans. So try and relax a little bit. And no, American Sniper was not that good.

Brandon Scott Wolf and Billy Procida are Eskimo brothers: they both love stand-up comedy. The two comedians talk about how they manage their schedules between comedy, sex, love and other things. Plus, we compare and contrast fingering and handjobs.

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Gay rapper Big Dipper is this week's special guest on The Manwhore Podcast. Billy and Dipper sit down to talk about being gay in a genre of music with such rich homophobic history. Billy found this hairy gary bear in a Time Out list of queer rappers and became instantly enamored…with his music. Totally just the music. Not with the whole bear look thing. Mu-sic. Why doesn't anybody believe me?!

Shameful legislation has been proposed in states like Florida and Kentucky that humiliate transgendered people. Bigots, I mean, conservatives--- no, I meant "bigots," have lost the battle at the wedding chapel and have now opened war on public bathrooms. Kentucky wants students making sure other students policing the private parts of other students…for the sake of the students' privacy(?).

Big Dipper has big dreams. He knows he can take his lyrics about sucking c*ck to the mainstream. Check out the AWESOME music video to Billy's new favorite song, "Skank." Follow Dipper on all of the links:

Big Dipper's website

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A teary-eyed Emily (no relation to Episode 9!) sits down with Billy on The Manwhore Podcast and gets a big heavy burden off of her chest. She's worried about consent the night the two of them consummated their drunken Blendr date. Male victims of female rape are real and they discuss what actually went down that evening. Was it actually sexual assault or just a regrettable drunken hook-up? Plus, Into the Woods was kind of rapey.

Emily works as a clown and talks about guys trying to pick her up while she's in full clown make-up. Creepy! Who wants to bang the clown? Not me! But it's not unlike comedians who pick up women after doing sets at the comedy club.

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Emily and Billy discuss gay bars and why Billy's second-favorite bar in New York City is a little lesbian bar in the West Village. Also, what the eff is 'yoni gazing'?! Tune in to find out!

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