The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Comedian James Mattern is this week's guest on The Manwhore Podcast. The hardworking hustler is here with words of wisdom on women and relationships. Mattern has a ton of Yoda-like moments on this podcast and you're really in for a treat! He also has a lot of opinions about sleeping with fellow comedians. Hilarious episode!

There may be no industry more incestuous than comedy. James Mattern has f*cked more than a few comedians in his day. On the one hand, they know the lifestyle and keep a similar schedule. On the other hand, you're not supposed to date at the office, right? Mattern summizes, "It's not really sh*tting where you eat. It's more like sh*tting where you snack." Having only hooked up with a few comics myself, I ask him how these always seem to come about. Spoiler alert: alcohol.

Here's a taste of the prophetic thoughts of James L. Mattern: "When relationships are good, it's a Woody Allen movie. You're just firing off these one-liners that are just poignant and funny and smart and clever and it feels so good. And the sex is better with that too. When you have witty banter you have witty banter sex which is just amazing. But it's barely that! We've seen these movies, we've seen these romantic comedies. It has f*cked up dating!"

Asexuals are mad at me! After last week's episode with Bauer, the aces started trashing me about being wrong and an assh*le. However, not many of them actually downloaded the episode. Instead, they read an unauthorized transcript of my podcast and started leaving negative reviews on iTunes, despite never listening. I need your help! Go leave an honest review for me on iTunes today!

Apparently you can fail the Kinsey Test. Yea, James didn't know that either. I tell Mattern the story about Andrea Allan giving me the Kinsey Test and how I failed it. I either answered a question wrong or am "a very unusual person." Plus, that time my guest got eyeballed by the receptionist at an STD clinic. Go get tested people! And use a damned condom!

Both Mattern and I were late sexual bloomers. Today we are both running in full stride! He and I both share a similar, "Look at me now," feeling when thinking about our virgial pasts. It's a great feeling. But my present-day prowess still doesn't prevent me from Tinder Oops! moments like the one I share on this week's episode.

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Asexuals are slowly becoming more and more mainstream in today's social conversation. The asexual umbrella includes labels like demisexual, graysexual, aromantic and more. My guest Bauer runs an asexual meet-up group called Aces NYC. We discussed being asexual, demisexuallity and what labels really mean. This one is not for the easily-offended Social Justice Warriors, but a fantastic episode!

Asexuals are people who do not feel sexual attraction. So why are we talking about this on a slutty show like The Manwhore Podcast? Asexuality is an extremely valid and notable aspect of sexuality—the lack of sexual desire! Bauer and I discuss what life is like dating as an ace (nickname for 'asexual') and how she discovered her sexual orientation. Bauer also shares what it was like coming out to her friends and family as asexual.

Labels are a good thing. They help us communicate to one another what something. At some point, however, labels become too much. Today's Internet culture loves to subdivide and overclassify people and actions with fake labels and gross portmanteus. Whether it's 'mansplaining' or 'sapiosexual,' younger generations rely on clusters of letters to coddle them into comfort. I give my take on labels, their uses and why 'zucchini' is not a term that should catch on!

Bauer goes to bat for demisexuals in this week's podcast. Demisexuals only feel sexual attraction to people they have an emotional connection to. This term is fairly new to digital media consumers but that type of person has existed label-less for a very, very long time. Plenty of people want to be in love before having sex with someone. But apparently demis don't feel like they fit in to society's growing hook-up culture. News alert: the hook-up culture is not the standard! If hooking up and casual sex were such a standard, slutshaming and sexual bullying would be way less of a problem. A lot of us don't "fit in." Don't hide behind a Tumblr hashtag. Go be proud of being yourself!

Bauer tells us what an asexual meet-up is like and I was jealous. Hanging out with a group of people without all of the sexual tension must be awesome! Plus she tells us how she met her current partner as well as her something-something crush on the side.

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No one likes getting rejected. Samantha is no exception. This week's Manwhore Podcast guest calls me out on my crap and reminds me how our short-lived fling ended. There never seems to be a good way to reject a sexual partner but there are definitely some bad ways to do it. Rejecting someone during your podcast's intro monologue is certainly one of those bad ways!

Samantha is now one of my good friends. I think. We discuss friendship this week especially after hooking up. Can men and women just be friends? Of course! Well, kind of. My guest ponders her abilituy to have platonic straight male friends. Also, no one will set me up with one of their friends which is totally understandable.

Chucklef*cker (n.) - a person who has sex with a lot of stand-up comedians. Samantha had the Summer of Comedians in 2014. Pro tip: first have sex with an open mic comedian and work your way up to a guy with an HBO special. F*ck up, not down.

People got mad about Peeple last week. The "Yelp for people" is planned to be a space where friends can review on another—because the Internet has such a tremendous history with being positive. I talk about why this site is both unncessary, terrible and nothing to worry about.

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Sex can feel like such a chore! Claire and I discuss the different ways people feel pressured by today's hook-up culture to have a lot of sex. It's not that sex isn't awesome and that we don't want to have it, but sometimes you get a little burnt out. It's okay to take a break from your boning bacchanalia! It doesn't make you an uptight prude. Tinder, dating tips and what to do with that cuddling erection are also covered on an intimate Manwhore Podcast.

Claire comes on the podcast this week to give me some closure about our 2013 tryst. After two dreamy dates she mysteriously ended things. Her past trauma combind with my overeagerness put her off of dating me. Listen to us chat about giving someone their space and why scheduling a text in your iCal isn't always the smoothest move. Speaking of giving her space: what to do with your spooning boner!

The current hook-up culture is the outcome of a growingly sex-positive society. This is fantastic! The consequence of this is that those who don't care to have a lot of sex feel a silent societal pressure to have a lot of sex. There's almost a sense of "vanilla-shaming" where if you're not kinky and not f*cking a bunch of people, then you must be a prude, uptight, inhibited and sex-negative. This is not the case. There are asexual people, who don't feel sexual desire. There are those who prefer an emotional connection before getting physical (which some would call 'demisexuality' and what I would call a preference). Claire and I both share how this rampant sexual energy in American has caused us to have some sex that we maybe didn't need to have. It's great that pleasurable sex outside of wedlock is (slowly) becoming less taboo and more acceptable. We just have to pracice the same mentality towards the more prudent that we originally asked of them: do your thing and don't mind me doing mine.

I went to a party this weekend to celebrate a fellow comedian's birthday. However, an ex of mine was there with her boyfriend. I was very nervous about attending and I tell you how it went! Also, I explain why I think the German government are a bunch of sneaky bastards!

You want to be into the person you're dating, not the idea of dating that person. Claire shares her worry about my past intentions. Also, I explain why "maybe" is a cruel word that only gives the doomed man a false sense of hope.

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